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IC: Feb 2014 Bay Area Meet  

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Hey everyone,


I had a blast last February at the bay area meet and I wanted to start a thread to gauge interest for another meet on the weekend of the 15-16th of Feb. 2014.  February is usually a dreary, uneventful month so it would be cool to have something to look forward to.


There is always a lot of great gear and plenty of community involvement with these Bay Area meets, but I wanted to get things rolling early so we can lock-in the venue on our date and make it easier for everyone to plan.




Official meet thread here:


Old signup form.

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It's never too early!  I'm already planning to make the trip back from the UK again.  

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Man, if we have members flying in from the UK I really have no excuse not to come.  Its early but put me down as interested.

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You can count us in as long as there is no a major conflict once you set the date...

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I'm in. This year's meet was pretty amazing and I suspect we'll see even better turnout in 2014. 

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if I am in the bay area around that time, I would like to come meet up with all you fine folks. 

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Oh wow... so early. But of course I'm in!

I won't have a lot of gears to bring, but it would be fun to hang out with friends again. And I know not everyone can make it to the August 10 meet that's coming up, so I hope I won't miss their gears (and them, of course!)... much.
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I'm in.

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I should be able to make this one. Count me in!


Been missing out on alot of head-fi actions lately... XD

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Count me in. Will be good to see all of you again. 

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I definitely will come, although i have never had an experience like that before, but i think it will be great
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Ahhhh, the usual suspects!  Heck yeah, I wanna go!  Count me in.

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I am in

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I'll probably be there, too.

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