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OFFICIAL 2012 Bay Area Meet Thread (California) February 11th, Saturday  

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WOW!!  Thanks to EVERYONE who came and helped with an amazing meet...just seeing everyone and everything made it worth it!


I need a little more recuperation time (before proper thanks) but please go to the 2012 Meet Impressions thread!!



CEE TEE (2-12-12)




Official 2012 Bay Area Meet Thread!


DATE:  February 11th (Saturday), 2012


TIME:  Set-up is 7:30am.  Meet is ~9am to 4pm.  Out by 5pm. (2-8-12)


LOCATION:  The Burlingame DoubleTree Hotel (again).


ROOM SIZE:  Hallway lunch/rest area + 1900 square feet split into 3 areas- VENDORS, MEMBERS, QUIET MEMBER rooms.


COST:  No charge but raffle tickets = $5 each to recoup room expenses.  (If ~200 tickets are sold, we're good this time around!)




AUDIOLOGIST:  10am-4pm (CONFIRMED 2-4-12)


WEATHER:  Not sure, but there is an overhang over front door for loading in.


SPECIAL ROOM RATE:  Call in and ask for the "LWD" rate.  (1-24-12)


LUNCH:  DoubleTree Restaurant validates 3hr parking, some choices close by.  (Or bag it, tables in hallway for us.)


DINNER:  Max's again on Saturday at 5:30pm...


  • Will have name badges and signs for vendors/members.
  • Will have Power Strips/Power Extension cords in case you forget.




2012 Bay Area Meet Interest Thread:

Bay Area Meet (California) February 11th, 2012 INTEREST THREAD


Bay Area Meet 2011

Bay Area Meet (California): February 19th, 2011


Bay Area Meet Impressions 2011

Amazing Bay Area Meet 2/19/11 Impressions Thread!


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Vendors Attending:

  1. Ultimate Ears
  2. Schiit Audio
  3. AMB Laboratories
  4. Bottlehead
  5. HeadDirect/HiFiMan TTVJ Apex Amps (Per our request, thanks Todd!)
  6. Eddie Current
  7. DNA (Donald North Audio)


Head-Fi 2-11-12.jpg

EDIT 2/1/12:  Congratulations to Dr. Fang!  HeadDirect/HiFiMAN will no longer be able to attend, because a baby is due around this time!  He is generous enough to send the new EF-6 amp/HE400/HE6 to our meet, however.

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Members Interested in Attending


Use this thread to list equipment you will be bringing.   Please specify "regular" or "quiet" room.


(Feel free to just come and listen + meet other Head-Fi'ers too!)



  1. flyingbangus
  2. Particleman14
  3. rjkdivin
  4. renlute
  5. Philimon- Nevada
  6. aamefford
  7. cAsE sEnSiTiVe
  8. callous
  9. shipsupt
  10. rroseperry
  11. shane55
  12. Lurkumaural
  13. purrin- SoCal
  14. fallingreason- Seattle
  15. phiely
  16. jazzfan
  17. SanJoseCanJunkie
  18. zeroryu
  19. ironbut
  20. Questhate
  21. EpicPie
  22. bk4music
  23. sennheiserHD
  24. Kevin Brown
  25. krod3003
  26. Cappuccino
  27. Souji
  28. sarals
  29. Mkubota
  30. nkkuma1(gogators)
  31. Physther
  32. savantacoustics
  33. rhythmdevils
  34. PANGES
  35. tengen
  36. audiowood
  37. migsmack
  38. calaf
  39. calipilot227
  40. raif
  41. tuberock
  42. Raguvian
  43. Mozu
  44. bmoura
  45. splinter450
  46. VLCAD
  47. gzone3lement
  48. sachu (+1) Oregon
  49. raddogz
  50. alfaudio
  51. Penpal
  52. DjAmTraX
  53. Bobcn
  54. Anaxilus- SoCal
  55. Zalken
  56. dasmodul
  57. quicksound
  58. Llloyd
  59. cjfrbw
  60. RZn036 + a few
  61. FrankCooter
  62. rockcod
  63. daigo
  64. Elysian
  65. wiatrob
  66. 1337P337
  67. bmanyay
  68. ac500
  69. leoleo0104
  70. mtkversion
  71. quicksound
  72. jeffreyfranz
  73. jtiis
  74. Raideen
  75. Vansen- Nevada
  76. amjohnstone
  77. utep10
  78. Bigguy
  79. shabta- France
  80. juman231- SoCal
  81. IcedTea
  82. DeusEx
  83. n3rdling- SoCal
  84. Asr- Colorado
  85. Iron_Dreamer- Sierra Nevada, CA
  86. luvandp3ace
  87. blessingx
  88. sp0rkG0d +1
  89. Johnny Moondog
  90. Grahame
  91. mavfan1
  92. mikeymad
  93. yfei
  94. amjohnstone
  95. Artie17
  96. olsonc84
  97. vitok33
  98. sin

99.  was ist los?

100. uzi

101. m38

102. darwinyo +1

103. Rockofeller

104. attilahun

105. RebelLuShen

106. jun41

107. Jrossel1

108. rivalyoung

109. captouch

110. cired

111. KiDYoMi +2

112. robm321


<Special Shout-Out:  Please note if you are coming from out-of-town to attend!>

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MEMBER Room Diagram: First Draft was 1-23-12

Head-Fi 2-11-12full.jpg


8.   Lurkumaural + Questhate 

9.   gogators (formerly known as nkkuma1) + sachu

10. Mkubota1 (Some TTVJ Apex amps here or over with Apex Pinnacle at Table #5)

11&12. shipsupt 2 Tables (babysitting Project86 loaners and CEE TEE stuff too)

13. Clayton SF 

14. mdraluck23  daigo  +  HeadDirect/HiFiMAN EF-6, HE-6, HE-400 (Thanks, Dr. Fang!)

15. linuxworks + particleman14

16. Epic Pie w /Jaben loaners



17. bobcn + cfrbw

18. calaf

19. Gzon3lement + VLCAD

20. purrin + anaxilus

21. n3rdling

22. jazzfan

23. Frank Cooter + 1/2 mikeymad

24. ironbut + other 1/2 mikeymad

25. wiatrob (smaller table)


Google Docs Gear List LINK

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(This list was published by SiBurning, and was built upon lessons learnt by the NYC crew, thanks guys)


Personal Hygiene is important.

* Wash your hair and your ears.

* Avoid the use of products like hair gel, hair spray, mousse, etc. Seriously, some of the headphones you'll have the opportunity to try cost more than a good used car. Don't want your hair gunk on my headphones, thanks.

* Don't forget the deodorant (THIS goes for Oldtimers as well). Baby powder & cologne are not adequate substitutes.

* With all the gear & other members, it gets warm in the room. Dress accordingly.


The most important thing of all is to have fun.

* Meets are Great, so be prepared to have a great day with fellow Head-fi members.

* Bring whatever gear you want. If you don't have any, that's OK. Just bring your ears.

* You can try whatever gear you want but be polite, ask permission, don't be a gear hog, etc.

* If you have any questions about gear, look for the owner and ask. Or just ask whoever is listening (after they're done).

* Everyone is very friendly and will be glad to answer you.

* Do not be shy.

* Mingle.

* You will find everyone to be very friendly & helpful.

* Most of all enjoy yourself & take the opportunity to hear gear you normally wouldn't get a chance to, or are thinking of buying.


Get organized.

* Take a mental (or written) list of what you want to hear. If you do this before the meet, leave some time to look around and listen to some surprises.

* You'll be overwhelmed with the amount of gear that will be at the meet.

* Read the impressions thread afterward. You'll realize you missed listening to something you wanted to hear.

* Time Flies at these meets.


Remember that you're trying out another member's gear.

* Treat all gear with the utmost respect.

* Ask if you're not sure how to operate any gear, or you're just curious about the system setup. Some gear requires headphones to be plugged in at all times, some gear doesn't like it when you unplug headphones unless the volume is turned all the way around. Don't just assume that everything works the same way. Just ask, it can save a lot of heartache.

* Respect the owner's wishes.

* Give it all the velvet cushion treatment.

* If you have any doubt or questions, ask.

* Do not place headphones on top of other gear--if you're not sure where to put it, ask the owner.

* Do not remove any gear from a setup without the owner's permission.

* Do not remove any cables or make any other changes to the setup without the owner's permission.

* If you do take gear away from a table, or borrow cables, adapters, or power strips, try to remember where you got it from, and bring it back when you're done. In all the excitement, it's easy to forget where you got that 1/4" to 3.5mm headphone adapter. 

* If you listen loud remember to lower the volume for the next person.

* If you don't know or are just curious about something, ask someone. Anyone. Someone knows, or knows someone who knows.

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Logistical Information









(COURTESY of  renlute, who was been a great moral support to the last meet and provided the following info...)


You can get to the event from long distance via 1) BART,  2) Caltrain, 3) SamTrans bus, or 4) your car. Airporter buses to SFO are another option.


1) BART terminates at the airport, Garage G, near the International Terminal.





Then find a hotel courtesy shuttle bus to the Doubletree Inn. That should be free.




2) Take Caltrain from SF or San Jose or points between to Burlingame and catch a Burlingame Trolley to the hotel for free:




I just rode a Caltrain yesterday from the airport (SSF station, not Burlingame) to Palo Alto and it set me back $6.50.


3) The thrifty head-fier can take a local or express bus from north or south, from points between Palo Alto and San Francisco. You need exact change.





4) Car. Hotel parking is more expensive than some parts of San Francisco. I drove to the event last year and paid about $10 for a few hours. All day maximum in the hotel's self-parking lot is $18.00.

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Had a great time last year. Looking forward to doing it again. Please sign me up.

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Wonderful, Frank!  Are you kidding?


How much room do you need based on the same-sized tables as last year (with you I never know)...bigsmile_face.gif


(Feel free to PM me.)


P.S.  I'd like to be there when you fire up your system.  Please?

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I could bring a Manley 300b neo preamplifier(with 300b and 482b tubes), a Stax SRD 7 transformer adapter for Stax phones (yes, Stax works great with the Manley), and a pioneer cd player, and Stax 507, Stax new SR3, and Ultrasone Edition 8 headphones.


That  would  be two large components and enough room for a  couple of headphones.  Probably not as high standard as some rigs, but the Manley doesn't show up around here  often.

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Thanks for setting this up Cee Tee. Let me know if you need help with any set up. I live about 15 minutes away and work 3 minutes away (my building is between the Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn hotels in Burlingame). 


Looking forward to trying out some DNA amps. 

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@cjfrbw:  I think the speaker world has known about pre-amps but the headphone world needs to try out some more of this tube magic (I have heard a STAX set-up benefit from the 300B tube treatment).  Please do.  Will give you some space!


@Questhate:  Thank you, I would love for a few good guys to <arrive early> and help load in those folks bringing the heavy gear that makes our event really special.  If you are able to show up and help us load in, very cool!


And so it really starts rollin'...beerchug.gif



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I'd like to bring my NFB-10SE, Q701, T50RP, T20v2, HD 424. Maybe they'll all be wired for balanced operation by then.
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I had a lot of fun in last year's meet.


I will bring the following:

PS Audio PerfectWave DAC

SPL Phonitor

Denon AH-D7000


I might consider bringing:

JH Audio Pro 5


I look forward to this meet!

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Originally Posted by CEE TEE View Post

@Questhate:  Thank you, I would love for a few good guys to <arrive early> and help load in those folks bringing the heavy gear that makes our event really special.  If you are able to show up and help us load in, very cool!

Okay, that sounds good. Sign me up for that. 


I'd also be willing to provide rides to any of the out-of-towners that aren't familiar with our roads or public transportation system. Just shoot me a PM and we can arrange something. 


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I'd also like to volunteer for shuttle service. I brought a couple of students down from UCB last year and would be happy to help out again.
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