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Bay Area Meet (California) February 11th, 2012 INTEREST THREAD  

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EDIT 12/11/11:


Okay!!!  Please now go to the OFFICIAL 2012 Bay Area Meet Thread:


OFFICIAL 2012 Bay Area Meet Thread (California) February 11th, Saturday





UPDATE (10-6-11)


DUE TO RENOVATIONS AT HOTEL, confirmed new date...booked!


The Plan:  Keep this thread open for a few months to figure out <how big> the meet will be, then open the “official” thread for the next Bay Area Meet in 2012.


The Date:  Now February 11th, (Saturday) 2012!  If enough interest, possibly the 12th too?

  • Depends on the amount of space needed/availability.


Location:  The Burlingame DoubleTree Hotel (again).

  • They are great to work with
  • Easy transportation to and from the airport (SFO)
  • Very central location for the Bay Area folks
  • Variable floor plans
  • Last time rooms were $89/night


Weather: Who knows these days…load in your gear under the front lobby overhang if it rains!


My Hopes:  Friday night mini-meets/Saturday night mini-meets or a social dinner


Possible Plan:  2-day event with the same space we had last year?

  • Effectively doubles the space and time
  • Could allow for more vendors
  • Members could share one day and listen the next
  • Out-of-town attendees have additional bang-for-the-buck
  • More flexible for those with obligations
  • Encourages Sat. night (power) consumption




Bay Area Meet 2011


Bay Area Meet Impressions 2011 

http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/540576/amazing-bay-area-meet-2-19-11-impressions-thread - post_7289787



VENDORS:  Please reply to this thread if you would be interested in joining us and PM me with any questions or comments.


MEMBERS:  Please reply to this thread and state if you would like to share your gear or simply attend.

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Vendors Interested In Attending:

  • Ultimate Ears
  • Schiit Audio
  • AMB Laboratories
  • Bottlehead
  • HeadDirect/HiFiMan
  • Eddie Current
  • DNA (Donald North Audio)



The 2011 Bay Area Meet would like to thank again:

  • Ultimate Ears...who brought FIVE raffle prizes (including a Squeezebox Touch), an Audiologist, and 25% off custom orders (with free impressions).
  • Doc B. of Bottlehead who donated a Bottlehead Crack DIY Amp Kit...
  • Dr. Fang of HeadDirect/HIFIMan who donated TWO RE262's to the raffle (and later donated a pair of RE262's to Susan who helped all day at the meet).
  • My friend Robert Rich who donated (3) of his latest album, "Ylang" to the raffle.
  • NuForce for loaning some gear.
  • Schiit for the sneak peek at LYR and a meet discount.

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Members Interested in Attending:

  1. Mdraluck23
  2. flyingbangus
  3. Particleman14
  4. rjkdivin
  5. renlute
  6. Philimon- Nevada
  7. aameford
  8. cAsE sEnSiTiVe
  9. callous
  10. shipsupt
  11. rroseperry
  12. shane55
  13. Lurkumaural
  14. purrin- Irvine
  15. melomaniac- SoCal
  16. fallingreason
  17. phiely
  18. jazzfan
  19. SanJoseCanJunkie
  20. zeroryu
  21. ironbut
  22. Questhate
  23. EpicPie
  24. bk4music
  25. sennheiserHD
  26. Kevin Brown
  27. krod3003
  28. Cappuccino
  29. Souji
  30. sarals
  31. Mkubota
  32. nkkuma1
  33. Physther
  34. savantacoustics
  35. rhythmdevils
  36. PANGES
  37. tengen
  38. audiowood
  39. migsmack
  40. calaf
  41. calipilot227
  42. raif
  43. Raguvian
  44. Mozu
  45. bmoura
  46. splinter450
  47. VLCAD
  48. gzone3lement
  49. sachu- Oregon
  50. raddogz
  51. alfaudio
  52. Penpal
  53. DjAmTraX
  54. Bobcn
  55. Anaxilus
  56. Zalken
  57. dasmodul
  58. quicksound
  59. Lloyd
  60. cjfrbw
  61. RZn036



<Special Shout-Out:  Please note if you are coming from out-of-town to attend!>

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Lessons Learned:

  • No Hairnets = I’m OK, You’re OK.
  • Organizer should bring something to block the hideous sound emanating from the hotel speakers
  • Loading-in and setting up MASSIVE rigs takes a bit of time
  • Signs for exhibitors = FANTASTIC (Thanks mkubota for 2011…erm, 2012?)
  • Bring the "Bay Area Meet" crate of power cords and power strips
  • This is an awesome chance to talk shop- should we beg significant others for more time this year?


Meets are a great place to:

  • Finally meet other members and set up mini-meets later
  • Get a “rough” listen or introduction to a component
  • Be surprised at something you didn’t know existed
  • Be surprised at something that sounds great or that you didn’t like as much as expected
  • Be able to meet the personalities behind the brands, hear NEW gear, and talk to them
  • Sometimes find a great discount too


Meets are not exactly a great place to:

  • Definitively A/B gear in an anechoic chamber


Possible Benefits and Features of the next meet:

  • Allow vendors to broadcast meet on their Social Media/the interwebs?
  • Vendors in same room this time?
  • An ORTHO area/set-up shared by several members?



  1. The idea is for "us" - all Bay Area attendees -  to come up with an agreed upon short playlist (maybe 12-15 songs) of commercially available music which then could be made available to those auditioning gear at the meet.  (jazzfan post #33)
  2. Still hoping for a "quiet space" or "quiet time"...more than one Head-Fier continues to suggest this!!
  3. A USB Jump Drive with a Reference Playlist.

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Sign us up! With lots of new stuff by then . . .

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I'm in!  I will bring DACs, amps and headphones.

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I'm in. Any other mini-meets happening? I'm selling my prized HD600's though to make way for some speakers but I'm planning on some HD25's in the near future! I also have some HF5's now!

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Very interested. Unless this ends up on a weekend with super-amazing snow conditions, I should show up.

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I'll definitely be there:)

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I will plan to attend and bring some DIY gear as well.  Sorry I had to abandon the last meet for work

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Originally Posted by Jason Stoddard View Post

Sign us up! With lots of new stuff by then . . .

Lots of new stuff from Jason & Mike? Oh Schiit, I guess I'll have to come see & hear.

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Looking forward to it... Located on the other side of the pass. I hope to hear the new Beyer full-sized portables (ie. T70p - I think thats the model#). I would like to see Head-Direct products on sale again including their new ear pad accessories. beyersmile.png

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I missed last year with some bug at the last minute.  Barring that again or some other emergency, I'll be there.  Likely just to listen and hang out, though I could bring a portable setup or two.  I like the current location.

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We'll be there with stuff!

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Here is one for discussion... CEE TEE  and I have kicked it around a little but would be good to get some feedback:


Is one day enough?  


Is two days overkill?  




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