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Bay Area Meet (California): February 19th, 2011

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Bay Area Meet  February 19th, 2011

DoubleTree Hotel, Burlingame: 9am-5pm  (8 set-up/4:30 break-down/5 dinner)  


Room Size:  1900 sq. ft. (divided by two "airwalls" to try and help with noise)

Tables: 6 feet x 30 inches each


Sponsors/MOT Participation:  

AMB, Neko Audio, Schiit Audio, Bottlehead, Ultimate Ears, Head-Direct/HIFIMAN too.  (NuForce loaning some gear.)  


Also: Audiologist (Courtesy of Ultimate Ears)  

Current plan:  At 11am we will have an "ear health and care" presentation.  11:30am-2pm = free impressions for UE to keep on file (good for about two years), costs $50 for an extra set of impressions for your own use.   (There should also be some Head-Fi discounts of UE customs announced.)


Payment?  (As the meet has grown and suggestions have been sent to me...2/13/11 update)

Please bring a donation for the room (suggested $10-$20).

Optional:  We'll have a raffle called @ 3pm...$5 tickets.

(5 Logitech items from Ultimate Ears and a door prize from Doc B. of Bottlehead will be awarded!)


Lunch?  The DoubleTree has a nice restaurant and validates 3hrs parking.

Dinner?  5pm.  Max's Restaurant is just a couple of minutes drive from the meet.  I'll hand out a map.


Will have Name Badges.   No Hair Nets (you know who I'm talking toblink.gif).   Power Strips?  Bring ‘em!        


Rooms are normally $99 per night right now, but call in (650)344-5500, ask for reservations and mention the code "LWD" and you will receive an additional 10% off your room (so $89 per night).


















(COURTESY of  renlute, who has been a great moral support to this meet and provided the following info...)




You can get to the event from long distance via 1) BART,  2) Caltrain, 3) SamTrans bus, or 4) your car. Airporter buses to SFO are another option.


1) BART terminates at the airport, Garage G, near the International Terminal.





Then find a hotel courtesy shuttle bus to the Doubletree Inn. That should be free.




2) Take Caltrain from SF or San Jose or points between to Burlingame and catch a Burlingame Trolley to the hotel for free:




I just rode a Caltrain yesterday from the airport (SSF station, not Burlingame) to Palo Alto and it set me back $6.50.


3) The thrifty head-fier can take a local or express bus from north or south, from points between Palo Alto and San Francisco. You need exact change.





4) Car. Hotel parking is more expensive than some parts of San Francisco. I drove to the event last year and paid about $10 for a few hours. All day maximum in the hotel's self-parking lot is $16.00.



Original Thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/507583/bay-area-meetup


renlute’s IC thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/502393/interest-check-sf-bay-area-california-summer-2010


Link to the previous 2/27/2010 Meet: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/461831/norcal-san-francisco-bay-area-meet-2-27-2010


Link to amb's Pics of 2/27/2010 Meet:  http://www.ibiblio.org/tkan/audio/headfi_20100227/

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Please sign in on this thread with the equipment you plan on bringing.


(Feel free to just come and listen + meet other Head-Fiers too!)


List as of 2/18/11  (In Order of Roll Call throughout the thread)



2.  MikeMalter

3. FLACVest

4. Shane55

5. renlute

6. AMB (Ti Kan of AMB Laboratories)

7. aamefford

8. n3rdling

9. tdogzthmn

10. shipsupt

11. mikeymad

12. calaf

13. glitch39

15. kodreaming

16 daigo

17. gzone3lement

18. Philimon

19. murmaider

20. walfredo

21. gooky

22. bobcn

23. Kevin Brown

24. Mdraluck 23

25. colonelsanders

26. thundeer

27. cbaty08

28. rroseperry

29. Horio

30. rjkdivin

31. purrin

32. RTF

33. gallardo88

34. WesMiaw  (Neko Audio)

35. planecrazy


37. rockcod

38.  Jason Stoddard AND Mike Moffat (Schiit Audio)

39. Frank Cooter

40. vitok33

41. doc B. (Bottlehead) (by PM)

42. SanJoseCanJunkie

43. prolixv

44. geek101

45. shabta

46. LinuxWorks (by PM from AMB earlier)

47. VL (Vincent of Ultimate Ears)

48. DeusEx

49. Observer

50. particleman14

51. Elluzion +1

52. neilvg


54. Bigguy

55. DjAmTraX

56. Hellrzr

57. epocs

58. tengen

59. henree

60.  rock monster

61.  darckhart

62.  TMoney

63.  Nankai  (Fang of Head-Direct/HIFIMAN)

64.  Anirudh0802

65.  SilentOne

66.  klanse

67.  iamvincent

68.  Lurkumaural

69.  migsmack

70.  ironbut

71.  Bigrock2150  (TechHeroMods)

72.  rhythmdevils

73.  backtofront001

74.  v1gorus

75.  jazzfan

76.  Sp0rkG0d

77.  cclragnarok

78.  pcf






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MAJOR UPDATE 2/14/11:  Hotel revised diagram after trying to fit the tables in the room.  3 now in Foyer.


"Shasta Room" added for Ultimate Ears/Audiologist plus Head-Fiers!


"Tahoe Room" Will have Bottlehead, Head-Direct/HIFIMAN plus Head-Fiers!


"Yosemite Room" Will have AMB Laboratories, Neko Audio, Schiit Audio plus Head-Fiers!









                                                 edited 2/18/11 (11:11pm)

Head-Fi 2-19-11.jpg


1.  AMB (Ti Kan of AMB Laboratories)

2.  Linuxworks

3.  WesMiaw (Neko Audio)

4.  rockcod

5.  FLACVest

6.  gzone3lement

7.  MikeMalter  (tentative)

9.  Jason Stoddard or Mike Moffat  (Schiit Audio)  

10. MikeyMad  ironbut

11. FrankCooter

12. bobcn

13. Shane55

14. Philimon

15. aamefford (90%)

16. purrin

17. calaf

18. epocs

19. Vincent (Ultimate Ears)

20. Audiologist (TBD)

21. doc B. (Bottlehead)

22. tdogzthmn

23. SanJoseCanJunkie (10-ish am)

24. particleman14

25. Amphead

26. n3rdling

27. Mdraluck23

28. mkubota1

29. Nankai (Fang of Head-Direct/HIFIMAN)

30. Hellrzr

31. Horio

32. TMoney

33. iamvincent

34. Bigrock2150 (TechHeroMods)








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(This list was published by SiBurning, and was built upon lessons learnt by the NYC crew, thanks guys)


Personal Hygiene is important.

* Wash your hair and your ears--and behind your ears.

* Avoid the use of products like hair gel, hair spray, mousse, etc. Seriously, some of the headphones you'll have the opportunity to try cost more than a good used car. I don't want your hair gunk on my headphones, thanks.

* Clean out your ears so you can hear better.

* Don't forget the deodorant (THIS goes for Oldtimers as well). Baby powder & cologne are not adequate substitutes.

* With all the gear & other members, it gets warm in the room. Dress accordingly.


The most important thing of all is to have fun.

* Meets are Great, so be prepared to have a great day with fellow Head-fi members.

* Bring whatever gear you want. If you don't have any, that's OK. Just bring your ears.

* You can try whatever gear you want but be polite, ask permission, don't be a gear hog, etc.

* If you have any questions about gear, look for the owner and ask. Or just ask whoever is listening (after they're done).

* Everyone is very friendly and will be glad to answer you.

* Do not be shy.

* Mingle.

* You will find everyone to be very friendly & helpful.

* Most of all enjoy yourself & take the opportunity to hear gear you normally wouldn't get a chance to, or are thinking of buying.


Get organized.

* Take a mental (or written) list of what you want to hear. If you do this before the meet, leave some time to look around and listen to some surprises.

* You'll be overwhelmed with the amount of gear that will be at the meet.

* Read the impressions thread afterward. You'll realize you missed listening to something you wanted to hear.

* Time Flies at these meets.


Remember that you're trying out another member's gear.

* Treat all gear with the utmost respect.

* Ask if you're not sure how to operate any gear, or you're just curious about the system setup. Some gear requires headphones to be plugged in at all times, some gear doesn't like it when you unplug headphones unless the volume is turned all the way around. Don't just assume that everything works the same way. Just ask, it can save a lot of heartache.

* Respect the owner's wishes.

* Give it all the velvet cushion treatment.

* If you have any doubt or questions, ask.

* Do not place headphones on top of other gear--if you're not sure where to put it, ask the owner.

* Do not remove any gear from a setup without the owner's permission.

* Do not remove any cables or make any other changes to the setup without the owner's permission.

* If you do take gear away from a table, or borrow cables, adapters, or power strips, try to remember where you got it from, and bring it back when you're done. In all the excitement, it's easy to forget where you got that 1/4" to 3.5mm headphone adapter. 

* If you listen loud remember to lower the volume for the next person.

* If you don't know or are just curious about something, ask someone. Anyone. Someone knows, or knows someone who knows.





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Will be bringing the following equipment:


  1. WA22
  2. +++++ Rectifier: Emission Labs 5U4G
  3. +++++ Drivers: Tung-sol 6SN7G BGRP
  4. +++++ Power: GEC 6AS7G
  5. Sennheiser HD800 with Cardas cable and balanced connectors.
  6. Wadia i170
  7. PS Audio DLIII w/L4 mods
  8. iPod full of all kinds of lossless music
  9. PS Audio P600 power regenerator


This is my first meet and I am looking forward to it.

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FLACvest will be bringing the following equipment:


1. his Netbook:

1a. Mediamonkey 3 Gold

1b. Rockbox Installer 3.7.1 and 3.7.1 post, dailies which have Pictureflow WPS Button integration (neat stuff)!, BioEQ Equalizer all ready to insatall for Fuze v2 ppl!!! and OTHERS

1c. tethered 3G TMobile wireless broadband for downloading and uploading of THINGERS, namely ROCKBOX INSTALLATIONS and stuff onto microSDHC Cards or SDHC Cards for folks.


2. Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9A Sovereign Wooden Headphones (Padauk wood), with a damping mod scheme inspired by the Orthodynamic Crowd which has enhanced Resolution, and Bass response and shaved off some mids...


3. Soundesign 349 HiFi Headphones, these 70's era metal cans may be related to an old pair of GOOD sounding Sennheiser, (UNCONFIRMED) which they resemble physically to a tee. Good bass, Great treble, EQ's well.


4. Bravo Audio Tube Amp, this Class A Tube Amp is pint size but packs romantic tube punch with a 6922 tube. It Glows Blue with an LED!!!


5. iRiver H140 with SysConcept Fiber Optical Interconnect. Will be hooking this up to CEE TEE's D12, for a listen at the state of the art: optically fed FLAC files to a D12 housing Wolfson WM8740's in dual mono configuration buffered by a low distortion opamp and fed to an amp stage which is rollable, hopefully with one of HiFlight's Topkit's installed. Possibly with stock.


6. Sansa Fuze with functioning WPS Button callable Pictureflow firmware, enjoy the evolving state of rockbox firmware on the Sansa Fuze v2 with FLACvest! Listen with the Pictureflow module, and the BioEQ equalizer and crossfeed setup. Get your rockbox install tricked out.



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On board & bringing the following.


1. Dell XPS Studio i7 Laptop - Win7-64 bit

2. JRiver w/ all files ALAC (lossless) at 16bit/44.1khz or 24bit/48khz. or uncompressed .wav @ 16 / 44.1 or 24 / 96 w/ Toslink out to...

3. DAC1-Pre @ 24 / 96.

4. iPod Classic with Apple Lossless files only (see above).  (Bringing, but just as source for other equipment testing).

5. AH-D7000

6. ATH-M50

7. DT880 / 600 Ohm (2005 version).

8. No IEM's unless specifically requested to do so.




EDIT: BTW, big thanks to CEE TEE for keeping the flame alive (and all the legwork you've done ! ), and to everyone else who has assisted... and will assist. Cheers!

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CEE TEE for President!

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Marked on calendar -- I will attend!

Gear list TBD, will post later.

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On board as well, work and family willing...


Bringing (unless random sales and purchases change the list a bit)


1) Denon D7000's with J$ pads, otherwise stock

2) Headroom Ultra Desktop Amp

3) Headroom Desktop Power Supply

4) Mac Mini G4 and / or Macbook Pro

5) Cheap optical and USB cables

6) Nice Headphone Extension by highflying9

7) Headstage Arrow G3.0

8) Headstage DAC cable

9) Fischer Audio DBA-02 (bring your own tips!)

10) Possibly another portable source (currently use an iPhone 3GS, but sharing it at a meet just doesn't feel right) - I'm sort of in the market for another iSomething.

11) Very Unlikely, but maybe - Peachtree Nova


Edit - Wow, it looks much more impressive than it really is!  Combine 2 and 3, pull out the cables and portable rig, and it really is a laptop, a pair of Denons and a nice amp...

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If SoCal doesn't set anything up in the meantime (don't think they will) I might have to make the drive up from LA.  You guys always seem to have lots of nice gear.  I'd probably bring the Blue Hawaii -> Omega and O2 mk1 and the Menace -> R10 and LCD2.  We'll see, depends on how big this meet gets :)

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Repost of what I said in the other thread:


I'm interested.  Also I can bring my K400, K500 and Bottlehead Crack with Speedball if anyone wants to hear.


I'll bring my NAD585 too which is a decent source.


Update- I have a Braun KH500 Headphone that is un-terminated but I can bring anyway.  I feel bad that I never got around to ordering a TRS plug for it.

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This is my first meet.  I am new to this hobby (obsession?) so I don’t have much to bring, but I will bring what I do have in case some others are looking at some of this entry level gear. 


  1. iPad – I’ve got plenty of music, but my choice of anything lossless or even much better than 256 is going to be limited… I am just starting to build a collection of quality stuff.  Camera kit for digital out.
  2. Ipod Classic
  3. Pico Dac/Amp
  4. Headroom Micro Amp/Dac Stack (2005)
  5. Headroom Total AirHead
  6. Denon D7000 (Stock)
  7. Shure SE530
  8. Grado SR 80


I’ll also bring along my photo gear so I can get some shots of the meet to post!!


Looking forward to this!!




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For the first-timers: If you have gear to bring, great.  But don't feel that you have to bring gear to attend.  Lots of people come to these events with nothing, just to see and listen to what's there, and to meet/greet others.  It's also common for one to bring your favorite headphones and walk around the room to try it on different rigs.  Ask the rig owner first before touching the equipment, of course.

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Hoping to attend, as I'm often riding in the Amb rocket to the event. :) My only qualms are............will there be a speaker friendly listening room at least for 4 hours?, because I should have a pair of home built speakers finished and dialed in by then. If so..............


the ubiquitous HP laptop > the venerable gamma2 > the not to shabby t-amp > my new home built 2-way towers


I don't want to annoy though. :)

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