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Ocharaku 音茶楽 thread

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  1. shigzeo Contributor
    Ocharaku are now a big name. Well, among the small contingent of audiophiles who like headphones, and just so happen not to mind earphones, and just so happen to aim rather high with their wallets despite their purchases bearing breathing holes, lacking neck cinches, and being carried by almost no one. For that group, Ocharaku earphones are big news.
    Flat4 now has three models. SUI, like a hairy proto-human, came first. Those who like it really like it. Earlier, KAEDE blew my sweaty toes dry. Its fans are even more rabid. But it is now sold out. The successor is the completely able KURO. Reviews will pour in soon, I'm sure. 
    Donguri is just damn cute. When it is released in Autumn, expect the Tokyo headfiers to be all over it. 
    Considering that Mr. Yamagishi, the man behind the brand, has been behind many many audio innovations through several decades, I think we can expect more goodies from Ocharaku. I hope he keeps it small, keeps it real, and keeps the kitsch to which Japanese companies are so prone, at bay.
    Mr. Yamagishi, you've made fans. Consider this thread another whiff of whuffie. Have a puffie on us. 
    Please PM me with notable English or translated reviews of Ocharaku products. 
    I've written the following:
    1. Ocharaku Flat4 KAEDE in review
    2. ohmage to the Ocharaku modded Audio Technica CKM55
    3. ohmage to the Ocharaku Flat4-KURO
    Ocharaku has a few threads going on here:
    1. Ocharaku Flat-4 KAEDE
    2. Ocharaku: Flat-4 SUI - the sound of tea
    3. Ocharaku Donguri
    1. Headfonia - Tornado Equalized Audio Technica: Ocharaku CKM55
    2. Headfonia - Brutal World Class Acoustics: Ocharaku Flat-4 KURO and KAEDE
  2. tomscy2000
    I appreciate Mr. Yamagishi's appreciation of tea!
  3. shigzeo Contributor
  4. Mimouille
    I had never noticed the first two characters were music and tea (I do no read Japanese but these are the same in Chinese).
  5. cooperpwc
  6. shigzeo Contributor
    Yes, in Japanese, the first and last put together are music: 音楽. Tea put between them, the final pronunciation is different and the meaning changes vastly, but it's pretty clever. 
    音 sound 
    茶 tea
    楽 enjoyment or comfort 
  7. tomscy2000
    Kanji FTW! 「楽」 is written a little different from the Chinese 「樂」, though identical in meaning. Like Simplified Chinese, the Japanese have modified some Kanji from the traditional Han Chinese characters for its own purposes. I always have fun guessing what certain "neo-Kanji" characters mean, because there are no analogues in Chinese. Trying to read old Korean text written in Hanja is interesting, too.
    Back on topic, seeing the KURO always makes me think of Yamato's TA-Q-BIN... [​IMG]
  8. Sopp
    Surf Monkey likes this.
  9. EveTan
    I'm quite curious. How is his tea?
    any tea experts here?
  10. Carlsan
    From Google translate:
  11. Carlsan
  12. productred
    I can officially sign up as a fan of Ocharaku and Yamagishi-san's creations. I only have the Sui now in my arsenal but I'm among those who, well, REALLY like it~ Its reproduction of timbre is dead-on accurate and, tho a bit dry sounding, is rather balanced (just a very very mild V) to my ears out of an AK100. The bass is punchy AND very controlled. Some may find it a bit too fast without too much decay, but that's how I like my music to be, quick, snappy, clear, no-nonsense and accurate.
  13. productred
    One thing I'd like to see improved though is the Ocharaku can............although it looks great, it's not a very practical portable solution for carrying the earphones around - it's too big to fit in any pocket and the earphones knocking on the wall of the can (not lined with foam or anything) produces an annoying noise.
  14. PasserByA
    I've just got a pair of used Flat-4 KURO at a decent price,SQ-wise ,it just blew my EX1000 away and this suits me much as I've been looking for a replacement to my EX1000,however,it's still a bit darker in ,I think, mid-high region and vocal that I found it sound a bit too dark compared to EX!000,I tried to EQ it out,but the result's a bit not satisfying,could this be the lack of "synergy" of my setup?(Fuze-> XP7 clone->Kuro/PC->Supra USB 2.0->M-stage w/DAC-> Kuro)
    BTW,sony has just released XBA-X3,the "successor" to EX1000,at similar price point of my Kuro,I wonder how would they compare...
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