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Obscure Chinese DAPs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 26, 2014.
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  1. LukaszK
    This Hommie J2 looks promising. I already asked AGPTEK support via email about it but didn't get answer so far.
  2. gazzington
    What’s the best daps for price to sound ratio out there at the moment? I’m very impressed with zishan z2.
  3. bsoplinger
    The whole line of Benjie / AGPtEK in the 8 Gb under $25 configuration is a good contender for a price to sound ratio. But seriously, if you're happy with a pair of old soup cans and a string then $25 can seem expensive. Alternatively if you have a home stereo that costs more than most people earn in a year you wouldn't be happy with the sound from something costing less than a grand so wouldn't consider the ratio acceptable if they recommended say a $200 player.
  4. Wiljen
    Benjie/AGPTek gives you a ton for your money and the UI is improving compared to early models. They still don't have the polish of the Fiio, Cayin, Shanling offerings but for the price difference that is certainly to be expected. I think the other place that the Fiio, Cayin, and Shanling really outshine the Benjie/AGPtek models is in the output stages. I used a Benjie K9 for awhile and when paired with a Fiio E07k it did really well. When trying to use the K9 without an external amp, anything over 16 Ohms was probably pushing it pretty hard and anything over 32 was an absolute no-go.
  5. Roboturner913
    So you have the Agptek Rocker, which is the same as the Benjie T6 as I understand....so what is the Benjie equivalent of the Rocker V2?

    About ready to pull the trigger on one of these. I'd rather go with the Benjie model and save some money but if it's worth it to spend the extra on the Rocker V2 I'll do that.
  6. bsoplinger
    As far as I know the answer to your question is the Benjie T6. From what I've seen the case was changed to a more round edged design. That's what makes a V2. Same components inside and newer firmware. But since the updated firmware can be installed on the older square edged version the shape of the edges of the case is the sole difference. I have version 1.2 of the AGPtEK firmware (which is the V2 version) running just fine on my V1 Benjie version bought for $40-something on 11.11 from an aliexpress.com seller just fine. I'd prefer that the case had rounded edges, but I wouldn't pay the $20+ price difference (currently $69 at Amazon USA) to get the rounded case.
  7. Roboturner913
    Awesome! That's kind of exactly what I was hoping to hear.
  8. actorlife
    I bought the 320 last week for the 4.0 BT/speaker feature. I'll post some thoughts when I get it in a week or 2. I bought mine on ebay for under $25. Look back a couple of post to see the link.
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  9. Riviera72
    hello, this is my first post, i just received my f.audio fa1 and i am very disappointed. I have several dap and it is by far the worst, I do not know if my dap is defective but I have some question I have a dozen decouteur and he has misere a driver my grado hf2, hey he does not drive my he560, even thing with my beyer dt1350 it is normal? my colorfly c10 and my pioneer xdp play much better. there is also a popping noise. I tried whit balance able the sound is less strong? I would have thought the opposite ..
  10. Riviera72
    excuse me I'm french I use google translate and it's poorly translated
  11. Dobrescu George
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  12. Purple_Star
    I've bee told shozy has a number of great upcoming daps. I wish the above dap had a small OLED screen
  13. Dobrescu George
    Megamini? Or Shozy Alien+?

    Megamini has a nice screen, but I think it is best it is not OLED. I have a Cowon J3 from over the ears, and the OLED part clearly got broken after one year, it was visible to the naked eye that the screen was having ghosting and burn-in
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  14. superuser1
    Shozy Zero with a screen??
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  15. Aenlandril
    I just bought an AGPTek H50 off Amazon, and while it sounds great I've also found some bugs so far.
    I saw the firmware update post on the AGPTek website but the instructions are incorrect, the audio tools software doesn't let me select a .HEX file. Anybody else using this and managed to get a firmware update going?
    I like the size and shape but I've already found two cases where it completely locks up. I wish these were more hackable, I'd love to do custom firmware on them ):
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