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Obscure Chinese DAPs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 26, 2014.
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  1. Dobrescu George
    Woah, I meant Shozy Alien :beyersmile:

    I know they have a DAP and that it was well received

    They also have Alien+, which has a screen :smile_phones:
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  2. Montree
    The Agptek H50 is the same as the Ruizu A50 and if other players from the same company are a guide the firmware would work on either. I have successfully updated my A50 from the Ruizu website without problems but I never had any trouble with it anyway as it has never locked up.
  3. Aenlandril
    Alright that worked for me, I renamed the file to "AGPTEK_H50_I"... instead of the filename you need.
    I have another problem that i was hoping new firmware would fix, any artist names that are too long for me get cut off. For example, "BADBADNOTGOOD" turns into "BADBADNOTG", however some other parts of the UI can show larger strings and it just scrolls it. Do you have this issue? Is there a fix?
  4. HarryTheCaveman
    This looks like it could be the perfect DAP for me if it really does have 20+hour battery and not completely insane UI/UX. I asked the seller if it has gapless playback and if it can be controlled with an inline remote and got this promising reply:

    Unfortunately there's only been 4 orders with no reviews placed yet and they won't be getting red back in stock for 3 weeks as it's Chinese New Year. I was dangerously close to getting a Sony NW-A37 but hopefully some reviews for this come in and change my mind.

  5. Montree
    I use the Folder Menu and the filenames are truncated like many players that have a simple file system based on the Fat 32 format. The file names on mine are truncated at 23 characters.
    On the “Now Playing” screen where the information is taken from the tags the information scrolls for longer names.
  6. bsoplinger
    Have to agree that this does look promising. The first time it was mentioned I wanted to just go ahead and get one but I'd just gotten burned by the Xduoo Nano D3 and disappointed by the Nintaus X10.
  7. Baljortar
    Hello guys.
    I was wondering about the output impedance of the zishan z3. As far as I know, the ziahan z1 had like 100 ohm of impedance (a monstrosity), it coulcohave changed to the z3 model but i don't know. Does anyone here have the z3?
  8. nadezhda 6004
    Hello everybody,
    I have Aigo MP3 108 DAP and there's a problem with a volume control wheel. It works fine to increase the loudness but it's a hardship to decrease the volume. I was told that the problem is with the encoder and it should be oiled/lubricated. Has anybody oiled the DAP encoder wheel? If yes please share the experience.
  9. HarryTheCaveman
    I realised it's actual name is Amoi C1 and after some reverse image searching I found this with about a hundred 5 star and a single 1 star feedback. I'm getting increasingly excited/glad I haven't spent 3x the price on the Sony I was eyeing…
  10. Roboturner913
    I've seen/played with that one courtesy of a friend at work and it looks neat. It's not my particular cup of tea, I already have a Clip+ so not looking for a small player. But I do appreciate the scroll wheel being on the front of the device and it sounded really good. Punchy bass, slightly rolled-off treble, sounded great with some heavy rock (Mastodon, The Sword)
  11. bsoplinger
    Do you remember if it had gapless playback?
  12. deltecdpa
    Get the new items the Xunsound XS01 and F Audio S1! Here together with Ruizu A50, front and back IMG_20180209_212415.jpg IMG_20180209_212234.jpg
    Here with same carrying case, provided with both XS01and S1. Buttons and display looks same. S1 is screwless, with acrylic finish on front and back very well made. Edges not rounded but not too sharp. XS01 has rounded edges in height, but on top and bottom edges are rough and quite sharp, where the removable panels are. So I want to look inside XS01... IMG_20180209_211344.jpg IMG_20180209_131630.jpg the
    Opamps are Opa627ap, and notice the embossed writing under the play/pause button, says PALY/pause haha.

    First observations... both no have gapless playback, S1 have Bluetooth, equalizer (so so quality, and anyway I never use EQ) and an "in" jack that I don't know for what, and resume play working well.
    XS01 is more audiophile, no BT and no EQ, two out jacks, a PO out very powerful and a LO out made for sensitive, low impedance phones, actually too weak for my Ultimate Ears ue900s, so I go with PO (that I can't use at max volume, too high!)
    The UI is simple on both, S1 is little more complicated due to the lack of power on-off menu and back buttons, the central button works as power on-off by long press, play-pause by click and menu access by short press (around half second) while the left button works as Back (the right button is delete song when in the track list)
    A drawback in XS01 is rew-ff, it depends on track lenght... the longer is the now playing track the faster is rew-ff speed! In case of long tracks, 30-60 or more minutes, rew-ff may skip several minutes every second making it uncontrollable, and elapsed time indicator become wrong... Another downside of XS01is resume play not supported... is selectable in menu on or off, but if is set off when turn on the player restarts from the first track in the folder ; if set on restarts from begin of track that was listening to, not from the point where the track was interrupted. Hope a firmware update...
    Display clear with white writing, not blue as it may appear on pictures.
    Very first impression on SQ... S1 is very good, XS01 is great, that makes forgive the downsides!
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  13. Ivan TT
    Hi all!
    Does anyone have an account on Baidu by any chance?
    I need to post some F.Audio FA1 bug fix requests on a dedicated discussion there, but cannot create an account.
    Please PM me if you do, thanks in advance!
  14. endia
    LO is not made for sensitive, low impedance phones, it's Line Out for external amplification, fyi..
  15. deltecdpa
    Hi, as I can see LO can be used as Line out but being variable not fixed I think is also for phones. At max volume with my ue900s I may use LO when I want listen low level, just can't listen loud. So usually I use PO, carefully as its too loud at max.
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