Obscure Chinese DAPs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 26, 2014.
  1. HungryPanda
    It does look rather nice
  2. hqssui
    Just saw this listed in Penon Audio - F. Audio S1. Looks very similar to Hisoundaudio Rocoo series. Claims 35 hours battery life and has bluetooth as well.


  3. Wiljen
    I'm done with Xduoo, between QC issues and firmware problems that they never resolve, I'll stick with companies that care about their customers.
  4. Slater
    Yeah, but maybe this dap won’t have any QC issues or firmware problems? :)
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  5. Wiljen
    Lemme guess, you still believe in the tooth fairy and the Easter beagle too?
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  6. Slater
    Haha, just joking around. I feel the same way lol
  7. groucho69
    How can there be no Easter Beagle?

    easter beagle.gif
  8. Houba
    I had the X2 for a short period, it wasn't half bad. I can't expect more for 50 bucks :)
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  9. mbwilson111
    I choose to remain optimistic about the new xDuoo...for now...
  10. Houba
    Just wait for serious reviews...
  11. mbwilson111
    That is the plan. Of course I do not really NEED another dap. I like the look of the layout. I like buttons. No idea what the price might be.
  12. groucho69
    Of COURSE you need a new DAP, and DAC, and amp, and buds, and IEMs and cans and a money tree...
  13. mbwilson111
    If I plant some coins will a money tree grow?
  14. groucho69
    Try notes
  15. NeonHD
    Jeez, that does sound kind of frustrating to use, and I thought the X2 had the worst software. Maybe I should just go with the xduoo X2 just to be safe.

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