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  1. anmol
    Need a standalone dap with high sq on a budget Ofc, which one is the best choice.
    zishan's dsd ( stock with ak4495 seq),
    yinlumei d200 (standard which is sold in alibaba),
    walnut v3,
    should i save money for yin lv mei a1 (dk if it is worth the price compare to others)
    or is there any other better choice with ak4497 in a budget?

    YinLvMei D200 link
  2. zato23

    Remove the walnut v3 from your list it has too many problems at this moment (maybe will solved in future )
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  3. Wiljen
    Just looked up the D200 on aliexpress as I wasn't familiar with it and it is listing at $290 hardly in the same class with the other two.

    If you are finding it in the same price range with the Zishan, I'd take a shot at the d200 but I'm guessing on alibaba price is qty 1000.
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  4. Dreamer43
    I want to use 11.11 occasion to buy new DAP. It shall be in range to $50. I have chosen two of them: Ruizu A50 and Benjie T6, what would you guys choose?
    Beside bluetooth their presents the same level, I guess.
  5. zhubajie
    Moonlight Box Z2

    Today I received the Moonlight Box Z2.
    Here is a micro review.


    The device feels heavy, looks extremely well built and gives the impression it can take a hit.
    It has line-out which shout make some people happy.
    It can be charged while playing music.

    It's good I can read/recognise some Chinese characters because the interface was full Chinese and the booklet that comes with it was Chinese only too.
    Setting it to English is easy enough though. There aren't that many choices. It's the 5th option.
    As you can see the interface is the same as the IQQ C18 and Nintaus X10.

    I couldn't find a setting to index the memory (8GB) or the SD card so I first did a firmware update (v1.3 to 1.4).
    (Download link for firmware for the Z6 and the Z2 : http://www.huaqidigital.com/xzzq).
    You just put the image file in the 8GB internal memory and start the device. It starts updating automagically.
    I loaded some music in memory and put a 64GB with .320 .MP2's in and hoped for the best :wink:

    It indexes the internal memory automatically.
    No indexing for the uSD card.
    It shows cover art and all relevant info on the play screen.
    From any other screen a long press on the Return button takes you to the main menu.
    The device is somewhat sluggish in it's response but it is still acceptable (for me).

    I used Yello and Anna Maria Jopek for a listening with the Fiio EX1ii.
    The sound is quite good but the Moonlight Box Z6 is clearly better (and more expensive so it should be better).

    Short conclusion : if you are in the market for a Nintaus X10, a IQQ C18 you now have a decent extra option. I would always go for the Ruizu A50 in that case however.
    It's way better built than the ICC C18, that I can say for sure.

    I paid US$ 52 for it on JoyBuy.

    The collection keeps growing :wink:
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  6. zhubajie
    That's a nobrainer (for me); The Ruizu A50!
    Make sure you upgrade to the latest firmware, all info can be found a bit back in this thread.
  7. mbwilson111
    I have the Ruizu A50 and I love it, especially for how small it is. However it does not suport gapless play which is needed for my albums in which one song flows into the next without stopping in between. I bought it anyway because I have other daps that do support gapless play so I just do not put those types of albums on the Ruizu. If you only shuffle play songs... or if you listen to albums that are only made up of separtate songs then you will be ok without gapless. If gapless is important and you will only have one dap then you might rather choose the Benjie T6. Both are good players and will sound great.
  8. Montree
    Thanks very much for that! I actually prefer this new screen layout to my Shanling M1. On the M1 it is sometimes difficult to read the file info depending on the background Album art. This new Ruizu layout, even with the larger Album art, keeps the file info on a black background which is easy to see. The A50 is a great little player made even better now.
  9. mbwilson111
    Good to know. I did not want to lose readability. I will go ahead and update soon.
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  10. Dreamer43
    Done. I have bought Ruizu A50, now need to wait for shipment :wink: Thanks all.
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  11. ballog
    Hello guys. Anybody here can give a brief comparison of Fiio X1 Gen2 vs either Ruizu A50, Benjie T6 or good budget dap? I bought the Fiio for my son recently. I like the sound quality - i find it better in some ways to my iBasso DX50 (better dynamics) - especially for more modern music. I would very much like to get a cheaper alternative to the Fiio for myself. Thanks
  12. crabdog
    Wow xDuoo Nano is much cheaper than I was expecting. Starting price is $80 with no onboard storage or $90 with 8GB.
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  13. Orac
    Your post here just prompted me to look at this on AliExpress, it looks really promising. Anyone know yet if it will have gapless playback?
  14. kova4a
    To me it seems there's only one versions - 8GB and there is just a combo with ep1 for 10 bucks more and that's not a bad deal as the ep1 is pretty darn good and probably has the best low end I've heard below 50 bucks.

    edit; Also seems to xome with x10's software, which is quite snappy and responsive, but with added eq presets, so not bad
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