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  1. randytsuch
    Thinking about buying a low cost DAP during the 11/11 sales.
    Is there anything better than a colorfly c3 for less then $30? Could push the budget a bit though.

  2. nadezhda 6004
    Where did you see C3 for $30? Could you share the link?
  3. randytsuch
    OOS :frowning2: Guess I should have bought it when I first saw it

    Around $50 at ali.
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  4. zhubajie
    Moonlight Box Z6

    Today I received the Moonlight Box Z6. Here are my first thoughts.


    The device feels quite heavy and is built like a (good looking) brick.
    The box contains the player, a screen protector, a charging cable, a leather cover and an all Chinese manual.
    When turning it on the first time it seemed to have some trouble and it was slow. Maybe I was too impatient because after that everything was quite fast (except the building of the library).
    Initially the menu was in Chinese but setting the language to Engish is easy enough as they cleverly put "/language" after the Chinese text in the settings menu.

    When you put in a card it starts to create the Music Library : Scan phase, Analyze phase , Sort phase. It took ages for the 64GB card filled with 320kbps .mp3's and some .flac files.
    After scanning everything is shown without cutoffs or doubles and the album art is full screen and looks great.
    It shows english, chinese and japanese track and artist names without problem but for some reason it puts a space between every character in russian tracks. Too bad because a large part of my collection is russian pop music.

    The interface is more or less like the other players I have and is easy to operate.
    When playing music you can long press (touch) the play button to go to the the "Music Playback" menu where you can alternate between cover art, lyrics and a detailed list of info about the track : Artist, Title, Album, Track, Genre, Format, Sample rate, Bits per sample. You can move through these screens by the menu button.
    Also when you are in a different menu, long pressing (touching) Play brings you to the "Music Playback" menu too.
    Showing album art works up to 600x600 pixels (I think) and is a bit slow The quality of the album art, and the screen for that matter, is great.
    Apart from that the bottom part always shows a selection of info like time played, total time, kind of file (flac/mp3, etc), track name, volume, etc.. I really like how they've done that.

    I played some tracks and it sounds great. Yello's Kiss In Blue sounds heavenly.

    There's also a newer firmware version so I'd better first install that....
    (Download link for firmware for the Z6 and the Z2 : http://www.huaqidigital.com/xzzq).
    ...A little later after the update (which was straightforward and quite fast)...
    Device info :
    Z6 HiFi Player
    Hardware version 1.1.2
    Firmware version 1.00 2017-07-27A​
    After updating it directly asked to select a language. That's better.
    It then started to update the library again.
    I didn't find any other changes after the update but t.b.h. I hardly looked at the old menus befor the update.

    Some notable menu settings.
    • Volume balance setting
    • Volume at power on
    • Max volume
    • Lossy music equalizer with user mode
    • notify light on screen saver on/off (the touch screen buttons slowly go on and off)
    • Touch led display (led off on touch screen release or press)
    • List re-scroll on/off
    • Key operation mode (1 or 2, don't know what that does yet)
    So far I like the Z6 a lot. The included leather cover is very nice too. Thin, elegant... I love it.
    I have been listening to Anna Maria Jopek last 30 mins and I'm completely happy with the sound of this player. (if you don't know her music you are missing a lot!)
    I used the Fiio EX1ii with the Z6. They are deliciously neutral IEMs and they are my favourite a.t.m. On a side note I also have Etymotics ER4's but the Fiio's are better for casual listening and quickly removing them from your ears and putting them in again. They also don't don't close you off from everything.

    Oh, and it's US$ 88.- on JoyBuy.

    Edit 8 nov 2017 :
    Every time you switch the device on it wants to do the Analyze and Sort phase again. This is somewhat irritating.
    I also noticed that if you select a genre and start random play from there the random play only plays the songs in the folder the track you selected is in :frowning2:
    It advises you to use exefat and that it will be faster (the screen disappears very fast so I missed it before). I might try that and see what happens.

    Edit 9 nov 2017 :
    I have sent a mail to the maker of the device with the question if they will consider changing this in the next firmware version.
    Yesterday evening I charged the Z6 until it said it was full and gave it plm. 15 mins extra.
    Today, when switching it on it was one bar from full. After plm. 3 hours of use, playing 320kbps .mp3 files at volume 80-86, the device showed only one bar. I'm gonna let it play until it's empty and give it a good long loading session tonight.
    .... a few hours playing later : still one bar and the player is still playing.
    .... now already playing over an hour on empty so we can safely conclude the battery status isn't very accurate.

    I hear some soft pops/ticks between tracks sometimes. I'm not sure what''s causing it. It might be the tracks, It's no problem to me.

    NICE : After switching the device on and the (ehm, relatively) quick rescan you can simply touch play and the player resumes from the same position on the same track where it was at shutdown.

    I still like the sound of this player enough that I can live with the imperfections.

    Edit 10 nov 2017 :
    (not really) Famous last words...
    I wouldn't dare to say it has the best sound of all my players but at the moment I think it's the most pleasurable sound together with the Fiio X1ii's. It's hard to decide when you have so many players.
    To me it's worth the US$89.99 I paid for it (JoyBuy).
    I might not buy this as my only player but I sure as hell happy I bought it.
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  5. cattlethief
  6. randytsuch
  7. NeonHD
    Anybody here own or ever used the ONN X5?


    I was so close to buying the Xduoo X2 until I saw an Ad for this DAP around the same price as the X2 and now I'm intrigued by its color display and ability to sort songs by artist/album.

    Can anybody tell me how it sounds? For example is it more on the analytical or colorful/vivid side, does it have emphasis on bass and upper highs, how is the soundstage, is there any hiss, etc.

    And if anybody also owns the Xduoo X2 over even the X3 a comparison between the two would be nice.

    The only thing I'm concerned about is the volume key, it's only one button so how are you going to change the volume with that?
  8. zhubajie
    Have you searched Google or Head-Fi?
    I mean, just typing "Onn X5" in Google pointed me to this review on Head-Fi.
    I also found a video review.
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  9. NeonHD
    I've already researched quite a bit on this DAP, but haven't found any in-depth comparisons with the xduoo X2. Just wanted to hear some opinions from people in this thread if they own the Onn X5.
  10. griff06
    I have this dap. I find the sound to be quite artificial in the mids and highs. But it does surprisingly power my Allessandr MS1 and ProSonus headphones reasonably well.

    The UI is abysmal though. It regularly switches to ramdom play and/or repeat on song (over and over) untill you go into settings and change it. It does revert back on occasion though. The EQ only works if you press the right hand button after use, just coming back out of settings resets it . Its really hard to quickly turn the volume down if your on the go. Infact the only way to turn the volume down quickly is to pull the earphones out (you have to get back to the "now playing' screen and then press the back button till the volume -bottom right of screen - lights up, then you use the back and forward buttons to change it.

    I think there will be better options than this out there. Its quite a frustrating device!
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  11. crabdog
    Yep everything I've tried in the lower bracket has frustrating aspects, you just can't expect too much for the price. Having said that I find the Benjie X1 to be the best of the lower tier DAPs but it's far from perfect too. Things improve a lot once you get up to $50-$60 like the Benjie T6 or RUIZU A50 and I'd strongly recommend people jump up to that bracket unless they're really strapped for cash. I use the T6 for my workday beater now. The A50 was hijacked by my wife and she has no plans to give it up. That's fine with me though, I think the T6 is just slightly ahead on sound quality but the A50 wins for UI and usability.
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  12. crabdog
    xDuoo fans rejoice:

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  13. mbwilson111
    Wow...that photo is making me want it. Do you have a review unit?
  14. crabdog
    Nope, no info on this unit yet just the picture. I have a feeling this one is going to be super tasty.
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  15. mbwilson111
    So...your intent was to torture us! :)

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