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NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Feb 14, 2013.
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  1. jazzman7
    +1 on both of the above posts.  The Pro 500s sound great, look a bit goofy, and are a misfire in terms of their market.  I use them often despite their looks -- and funnily enough, they are a stay-at-home headphone for me because they simply aren't durable on multiple fronts.   
    Yamaha should have gone with a mix of leather and metal instead of pleather and shiny plastic -- then they would be compared to Momentums and B&W P5s and other luxury headphones that have a similar sonic character.  This would be closer to Yamaha's roots, anyway -- think "musical instruments" all the way. 
  2. Blinxat
    related. :D
  3. Hutnicks

    Now that right there should get some form of post of the day award.
  4. areinike
    Dr. Who?  classic ... almost like Yamaha was asking for it.  That's what you call publicity, my friends, good or bad, I bet their sales have gone up.
  5. miceblue
    I have inadvertently discovered a conspiracy.....just kidding.
  6. Father Schu
    Is the BBC suing Yamaha too?  [​IMG]
  7. zomgpront
    Seeing as Dr. Dre's Beat's company is seeking $75,000 (at a minimum), the settlement shouldn't go much higher than a low 6-figure payout.  $75,000 is a slap on the wrist.  Im guessing their case was mostly for publicity. 
  8. ThinkAwesome
    Hopefully the publicity backfires when everyone realizes that the Yamaha's sound better. *dreams*
  9. GREQ
    Next beats will sue this German drugstore (this is their own-brand shower gel that they frequently re-brand/re-name every few months with new smells/colours etc)
    I've never seen such blatant copyright infringement in my life [​IMG]
  10. BlueRain
    Yeah, I see that but they look better than the Soul to me.  
  11. streetdragon
    I wonder if they're any updates to the lawsuit... it's been a while now.
    ForShure likes this.
  12. BassDrop
    Too similar to beats...why yamaha whyyyyyy... They look sleek but they could have taken the inspiration from beats and go on their own design from there. that is just too similar to beats line
  13. WhiteCrow

    okay, they have to use the same company that makes the blanks then dolls them up. they just look WAY WAY to similar.
  14. Kizu
    Oh Jesus, I really dont like dr. beats plastic headphones :s Anyway for Yamaha this is a step backward
  15. roma101
    Hold them, listen to them, and then decide.
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