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NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Feb 14, 2013.
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  1. GREQ
    I disagree. Although perhaps I should have been more clear, as I was referring to good QUALITY sound, rather than the subjective aspects of sound signatures. 
    Putting aside the quantity of the bass, nothing in the whole sound has anything to do with "what the artist intended" or high fidelity audio products.
  2. Anewills
    Quality sound though still differs from person to person.  Even if something has better "quality sound," still doesn't make it everyones cup of tea, and they still may prefer beats over it.  Again, I'm not saying your wrong and I'm far from a beats fan, but not everyone's after the same thing
  3. streetdragon
    "better" here in head-fi generally means the ability of the headphone to produce a more accurate and wider soundstage, but "better" to some may be having all the sound coming from inside your head.
    It's easy to dismiss something as 'understood'/'of course' to be better because almost all of us agree it is 'better'.
    But if we talk about the headphone's ability to 'better' reproduce the sound more accurately instead then it is a different story than being 'better' to someone's vision of perfect sound.
    Some preferences appear to be 'bad' because their reference points are skewed. Their vision is bassy boomy over the top bass as being high quality. Ours are more of based on what headphones we have heard before and other places. This is also the reason it is not really advicable to jump from ibuds to HD800 and LCD3 in one go, because we haven't built our reference point and trained out ears to fully appreciate the details and soundstage the high end gear has to offer.

    Everyone hears differently. Isn't that why we have so many headphones around and so many discussions about what headphone to choose?[​IMG]
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  4. GREQ
    Ok, just to make myself perfectly understood - I mean "scientifically measurably better sound" - meaning that through science, measurements prove that the technical abilities of a headphone can give a good indication of the 'quality' of the sound - no opinions, no bias, no preference or taste. Just plain old facts. 
    And in this case, the 'scientifically proven quality' of the sound does not justify the price or the misleading slogans attached to the packaging. 
  5. ForShure
    But don't you know? Beats put back the quality lost in modern file compression. That's totally scientific right :p
  6. Hutnicks

    Nothing like an overwhelming bass thump to clear up the mp3 warble:)
    zorin likes this.
  7. droido256

    I made the mistake of:

    Jumping from a old pair of Sony 10 dollar earbuds that were waaaayyy over bloated bass, to a AKG K-701 then trying to drive said AKGs directly from a iPod touch. Once I aquired a cowon a2 and was able to drive the k701s properly a whole new world blossomed. However I shouldn't have jumped to something like that right away, as it took a bit to acclimate. What I was hearing was not noise not defects. It was ACTUAL instruments, it was the clack of drumsticks on cymbals, a bass drum hit that actually sounded like a bass drum, not a dull thud. Actually hear a vocalist's exhale on the microphone. However I picked them poorly(thank goodness it was a good decision) I just saw the 350 dollar price tag and thought "oh these must be divine!(thankfully they were)" Buy! I knew nothing about AKG then nor how to judge a good headphone.
    However first listen to them, I was disappointed, I was thinking ooommmggg 350 dollars, and how big they are they must blow my head off with visceral, subwoofer bass. However I found I had to crank the iPod to max to even get volume, then everything sounded screechy. I was thinking What did I just blow 350 bucks on, I was ready to send them back. Luckily I read up on them and their power requirements, and went for the cowon. Whoooo wow what a difference. I went back to those Sony earbuds to compare them....... And I absolutely hated the earbuds. Sounded like I had felt and pillows shoved in my ears. Now I can't stand low grade headphones, all my older headphones(mostly 20 dollar sonys or aiwas) sounded like crap. Aaaaaannnd now I'm here.

    One downside to the AKGs lol were my badly recorded and low grade music files sounded like crap(they pulled out every defect in the compression that was in there) >_<

    ....... I'm not good at speaking
  8. Theogenes

    I think ya did great, bro :wink:
  9. droido256
    Lol thanks :)
  10. zorin
  11. HairyEars
    Beats bite!
  12. King of Pangaea
    If Fiat has Beats shouldn't Porsche and Ferrari have Senns, and BMW have Audeze?
  13. streetdragon
    I'm pretty sure they have their own respected speaker counterparts since Senns and Audeze don't really make speakers and work with car acoustics.
    (but i bet beats doesn't care about car acoustics, they probably just care about putting a massive red 'b' logo on their speaker grill and keeping the bass knob at +5 for its lowest setting[​IMG])
  14. droido256
    Pfffft it's prolly just the logo really. The typical speakers in the car with the bass like you said and a extra sum of money for the red "b"
  15. ThinkAwesome
    Maybe the sum of money saved from not having to reproduce over half of the frequencies that normal cars have to will balanced out the money for the red "b." :wink:
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