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NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Feb 14, 2013.
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  1. Steve Eddy
    You're just not worth it.
  2. thefred
    I think Yamaha should make a new product line called "Dr.Gaga" to avoid any problems.
    Actually, combining any of the names that have released their own brand of headphones is quite amusing.
    Have a go!
    Some of the celebrities who have come out with branded headphones in recent years: Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, Ludacris, Quincy Jones, Snooki, Pauly D, Miles Davis...
  3. Maxx134
    Oooooo look more companies for beats to sue! Screenshot_2013-03-12-02-47-44-1.png
  4. thefred
    oh great....
  5. Hutnicks

    Tony Bennett and Julia Mancuso of all people for Koss. Then theres that line of cheapos that has licenced every image from Bowie to Elvis.
    Wonder how they all missed the boat on Lance. Could well have imagined bright canary yellow cans. Could have called em Cheat's:)
  6. roma101

    Yes! And this is what's driving beats crazy. I have the PRO 500 and yes they are worlds apart in sound and quality. While I wish they were a little more incognito and head-conforming style-wise, I still think they look more elegant than any beats can.
  7. zorin
  8. Dangerous
    This type of stuff pisses me off. Like the incidence when apple sued samsung for "coping" their curved edges on their cell phones. Like come on. And I hounestly think it's a good thing for beats to be introduced to some competition, because it will cause monster to actually attempt to improve the sound quality and not have the price so freaking jacked up, like c'mon $200 for mediocre phones! BS
  9. Theogenes
    I generally find it difficult to separate the merits of this case from my loathing of Beats. My utter lack of knowledge on patent law doesn't help much either. 
    I really want Beats to lose at life, not just this lawsuit (as I'm sure I have no understanding of the consequences of such a ruling). 
  10. lyric
    10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago , since people began wearing headphones, there have been thousands of headphones that look like one another. Every era has has its 'look' and there must have been one pair that came first. These patent wars have become ludicrously normal over the past 20 years or so and have begun to permeate aspects of technology that are no longer of functional significance. If Beats are suing on the look of their headphone, that, to me, is an admission that they're nothing more than a piece of fashion.
    Fashion patents? Get real.
    Not that I encourage loose patent laws, but the way we're going in NA and the EU is mind-boggling.
  11. SmOgER
    Right, but as far as I know during those years there wasn't any hypo about overpriced HPs. Patents are nothing unusual in this case.
  12. Owenpri
    Wonder what the Yamaha pair sounds like. [​IMG]
  13. Hutnicks

    A mouthful there. Here is an anonymous quote from "some other board"
    "Y'know, you just can't win with this stuff.

    While working at Company A back in the 90's, another guy and I came up with a simple solution to a problem. We applied for and received a patent - part of the job.

    Fast forward to the, ahh, teen's. Now working at Company B, I looked at a product made by another group in the new company. Lo and behold - I see a copy of the little widget we came up with 10 plus years ago. Actually, there was a half dozen. Per unit.

    So, I take a stroll through the on-line patent office filings and find at least three other copies of the original patent! The new patent holders just reworded the original. A little. With no additional anything. Entirely ignored the first patent.

    Some friggin system."
    Now if that can happen with a physical electronic design, Imagine what is possible within the nebulous boundaries of a "Design Patent". I am hoping the big Y digs in here with an "Where the Hell was This Dre guy let alone Monster when we were builidng our first concert grand" attitude and spends the money to defeat this specious action.
       Cause in the end everyone who ever watched a film knows..........The Japanese do Monster better than anyone:wink:
  14. FullCircle
    I wonder if Pepsi will sue Coke for haveing similar bottles. both are tallish, slim, and use a cap....  and by golly serve the same purpose!!!!!
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  15. audiofreakie
    beats model fever.
    with my eyes closed I will choose Yamaha... LOL...
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