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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. kstuart
    Loki is DSD files only, Modi is all other files.
  2. kstuart
    Schiit's Vali FAQ for those too lazy to go to the web site:
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  3. tdockweiler
    Is there anyone that actually makes a wall wart for this that's made in the USA? I bet it'd be $60+ though and basically a waste of money.
    I'm really only curious.
  4. darinf
    I ordered mine at 9:00am PST yesterday. I received a shipping notice today at 11:20am PST. But I guess they haven't been picked up by FedEx yet since FedEx has no record of the tracking number.
    Mine should arrive tomorrow, but I have to leave town before FedEx generally delivers. AARGH! I guess I will have to wait until after the weekend to get it.
  5. AHorseNamedJeff
    I'm waiting on the real life Grado pairing results... Slowly waiting. Also, great FAQ Jason, jolly good read.
  6. AladdinSane
    If this is a good solution for HD600 and Grado it would be a good option for my home headphone world. Waiting for impressions.
  7. kstuart

    Darin I also ordered at 9am and received shipping notice this morning and just now, the USPS tracking finally shows something "Acceptance" in Valencia at 4:49pm (it took over an hour to show up in the tracking).
  8. M-13
    Now that the Vali is in play. Where is my Lyr 2 Jason?

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  9. achristilaw Contributor
    My Schitt is in the mail..... all hail the mail.
  10. mrscotchguy

  11. TheGame
    Just found out I should be able to purchase a Vali on Tuesday, I just hope with all of my might that they are still in stock by then [​IMG]
  12. RMiller
    I tried the same and I failed. Good luck :p
  13. TheGame
    HI everyone, sorry again for posting so soon after my last post but something just occurred to me. If I am lucky enough that the Vali is still in stock this coming Tuesday and I purchase it, I was wondering how I would go about getting the most out of it in terms of hearing it properly through my Creative Titanium HD -> Vali -> Sennheiser HD650's.
    What I mean by that is, I am using a Creative Titanium HD as my Soundcard/DAC, and it is already capable of driving 300ohm cans (according to the spec sheet on it, but I still found I needed an amp to get a decent volume level that I liked, therefore I purchased a FiiO E09K). I eventually want to get a Uberfrost, but that will have to wait for awhile as I am on a tight budget.
    I'm sorry if I am not explaining myself very well, but my question is, when I get the Vali, should I have the volume on the Titanium HD set really low and use the Vali's volume to control the volume to the HD650's to be able to really hear the amp well? If not, how should I set the Vali up with the Titanium HD as far as settings go? I will be connecting the Vali with some pretty high quality RCA cables from the RCA Outs of the Titanium HD to the RCA inputs on the Vali, then connecting the HD650's to the Vali.
    Any suggestions on how I can get the most sound out of the Vali when connected to the Titanium HD Soundcard?
    Thanks for any help/tips and/or advice anyone can offer. You guys rock!
  14. BleaK

    Always max out the volume on your PC(soundcard) and software. I am guessing the Vali would be a nice upgrade and play well with the HD650.
  15. JohnBal
    I think you could get a pair of RCA interconnects and go from the L and R outputs on the soundcard to the RCA inputs on the amp. Should be fine.
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