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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. MickeyVee
    My Vali seems to be getting better and better.  I really didn't do any critical listening for the first 100 hours or so but did like its presentation.  I got a ringer but it really didn't bother me as it settled within a minute but did have some residual and consistent low level ringing in the right channel.  So, I took it apart, gently lifted up the pads, used a plastic coated paperclip to slightly bend the leads and then laid down the tubes again. This did work to substantially reduce the ringing for me. YMMV.
    Over the last few days, other than the subsided ringing, the SQ quality seems to have gone from good, to very, very good.  Black, dynamic, extended but most of all smoother on top (it's still grainy at times but I am using it with the HD800). From day 1, I found the Vali a compelling listen but seems to be enjoying it more now. I'm pairing it with a newly acquired Naim DAC-V1 and switch between using the Vali and the amplifier in the Naim.  Initially, it was no contest, the Naim smoked the Vali in liquidity, detail, soundstage and dynamics.  Not so sure now.  Maybe both the Naim and Vali are continuing to break in. We'll see as time passes. 
    Although I still prefer the Naim for its smoothness, the Vali (being a little more forward and edgy) continues to surprise and that's a good thing.  Given that I'm using it to drive the HD800 is truly a credit to it.  Pretty much the best bang/buck money I've spent on HeadFi yet.  Makes me wish I still had dome of my previous cans to see what they would be like with the Vali.
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  2. benjaminhuypham
    Looking forward to seeing your impression (really curious), I just ordered Dt880 600 ohm today, and it will be arrived tomorrow. However, I do not have Vali/Modi, can you ship yours to me? just kidding ^^ 
  3. pdrm360
    Very interesting!  How is the Vali in compare to the WA7? 
  4. Demoninja
    I'm definitely interested in trying out the Vali, I currently have an Audioengine D1, do you think it'll be worth it to sell the D1 and get a Modi as well or should I just use the DAC from my D1. Money isn't really an issue, just wondering if there'll be any synergy benefits or anything of that sort by going with the Vali/Modi. over the Vali/D1
  5. jmttdr

    I will be trying this combo out on Friday. Asked the exact same question but didn't receive any response. I'm driving a pair of 650's
  6. MickeyVee
    I didn't have the Vali for long before I sold the WA7 so from memory, the WA7 has more guts/power (i.e. sheer volume), better dynamics,  and soundstage. I think the WA7 is a step, not a huge step, but a step above. The WA7 also was dead silent and really is a sexy beast. If Woo ever does an improved WA7 amp without the DAC, I'd consider it.
  7. fabiobueno
    Got my Vali today! :D
    First I should say. The manual is awesome. Maybe some people have more experience with Schiit and already know their jokes. However this is my first Schiit ever, and it was really reassuring to know there were no dead bodies in the packaging. Hope they keep the high standards [​IMG]

    A Porsche coupun would be nice, tough. Just as a little plus.
    Now, what would be a post about the Vali without talking about rin... HEY WHAT RINGING?!? I Think I got lucky here (EXTREMELY UNUSUAL FOR ME). I was a bit apprehensive as I ordered mine in the beginning of december (hooray for Brazil's customs legendary (lack of) speed!).

    Once I set up my unit and turned it on, the first thing I did was tap it... tap it... TAP LIKE CRAZY AND WHERE'S MAH RINGING OH WHY THIS SCHIIT DOES NOT RING?!? WHY??? I had to almost spank the poor little thing to have like 10 seconds of that ever-so-blissful ringing O.O
    Alright, the sound. In the last few months I've been using my HD800 with ODAC and O2. And to be honest I never heard that much difference between the Objective combo and my laptop onboard sound.
    I've been listening the Vali for almost 2 hours now and gosh I wanna throw the O2 out of the window. It really breathes life into the HD800. Drums and bass have more impact. Depth, presence and realism increased a bit. Very nice.
    Listening to Dream Theater self-titled album (HDTracks version), it was like the cymbals were right next to me. I'm used to get this kind of feeling from binaural recordings, but never from a stereo recording. If this thing really gets better with some dozen hours of use... oh wow. I can't wait to hear.
    Last, the cons: It gets way more hot than the O2. So I can't leave anime figures over it like I used to do with the O2. Oh well. Nothing is perfect, I guess.
    I'm thinking now if the Gungnir would be a nice upgrade over my ODac [​IMG] 
  8. fabiobueno
    I read some posts saying that the Vali and HD598 are actually a great combination!
    Unfortunately my HD598 is borrowed now, so I can't test it myself.
    Tried a SR125i and it sounded pretty good, tough. I never imagined that headphone could produce such bass O.o
  9. Belenga
    I'm thinking of ordering the Vali from Brazil too. So, fabiobueno, which delivery method did you choose? And were there any surprises ($) from customs?
    Many thanks.
  10. fabiobueno
    I used USPS Priority Express International. A bit more expensive, but does have tracking... (I lost some packages without tracking in the past, so I just can't risk myself anymore) 
    No surprises from customs... they taxed in 60%, just as expected [​IMG]
  11. Demoninja
    Awesome, let me know how it turns out for you. I'll probably be getting a Vali regardless though aha.
  12. ejwiles
    I'm listening to the Vali/Modi through my DT880 250 Ohm right now.  I am still burning it in, but it sounds really, really good.  Mine has no issues with ringing, plugging the headphones in seems to be what causes the most, but it is very faint and gone within 15 seconds.  There is also no noise without music playing, even when it is turned up all the way.  I think you're going to be very happy.
    EDIT:  Meant to quote 00Dan.
  13. Spiral Out
    I got mine yesterday and am listening to DT 880 250 ohms as well. I let it burn in today while I was out and  have been listening most of the evening. I think I have close to 20 hours on it now. Overall the sound is much, much smoother and cleaner than when I listened to it last night. I can't wait to hear what it sounds like in a couple of days!
  14. infernoRS
    I've been looking for a proper amp/dac combo to buy for like 5 years, I bought the HE-400's a while ago after my old HD 555's failed after a long, faithful service, so it would be a good time to do that now. The Vali grabbed my interest immediately when I saw it (damn salesperson even dared to suggest a 1800€ Burson combo lol) and I've been thinking of combining it with the Modi. Would that be a good choice for the HE-400's? I would love some warmth to the tone and guess the Vali should do that. The other choices are pretty much the Magni+Modi, O2+ODAC and FiiO E09K+E17 combos.

    Like I said, I like a warm tone, but it should have a strong, tight bottom end and clear, powerful mids and tops too. Hope that's not too much to hope for at that price point. The cans sound fairly good on my Denon AVR-X1000, but that's in the living room and I use them mainly on the pc; now with an old Pioneer stereo amp that's a bit lacking. 
    So please, could you give me some recommendations. I could probably spend a bit more too, but I could afford those without hesitation. Please remember, though, that I live in Finland, so not everything is available here and some stuff are very expensive to order too, especially overseas.
  15. TheDuke990
    I read in another forum that the combo HD800 and Vali is not really perfect because the Vali cut off the strenght of HD800. Mids, treble, speed and clarity.
    At the moment I'm using an O2+ODAC combo and I'm absolutely happy with it because the combo is so damn neutral. But I'm tempted to do something crazy by ordering a Vali [​IMG].
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