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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. wje

    Jay, my man, thank you. It gets a bit crowded when a whole post with pictures gets quoted. There are some good options, though. One can respond back just quote the text, or use the spoiler tag to conceal the text and pics of the post you are quoting or responding to. This prevents members from having to scroll through a long and repetitive post to see the next active one. But, it's all good.

    I have a few more thoughts on a phase 2 of some additional mods that I would like to apply to the underside of the PCB and will get started on those tonight.

    More good stuff to come ...
  2. jaywillin
    but, alas, i have not yet learned that secret, that sorcery !! , lol
    seriously, how do you apply the spoiler thing ??
  3. wje

    I agree with essentially all you have said. I have had hybrid amps before, tho. In fact, the last one was the Little Dot I amp with an op-amp upgrade and the tubes were upgraded to some special Voshkod tubes. While I did like that LD l+ combo, it still fell a bit short in sound performance compared to the LD I+ though. The Vali is quite a surprise though, and really has exceeded my expectations. I do not currently have the Magni, but have in the past.

    I still think that giving the Valid a try is well worth it though. I had claimed that the LD I+ would be the last hybrid amp I would buy as I would stick with solid state amps. But theVali w as quite an eye opener for me.

    Much more music as well as various combinations to listen too though. Too much music. Too little time.
  4. JoeKickass
    Thanks for the good read!
    This is the part that most interested me however:
    "The valves are extremely microphonic and will "ring" if they are struck so rubber grommets are used to help damp the tubes. This does work and removes all audible noise from mechanical vibrations."
  5. Mshenay Contributor
  6. Stapsy
    Last time I checked this is the Vali thread, not the compare the Vali to some other hybrid tube amps of a similar price thread.  At no point did ame5051 say that this was the best amp ever or any other such  nonsense.  He clearly stated his impressions of the Vali with his headphones.  If you wanted to know if he had heard other amplifiers you could have just asked instead of being so confrontational. 
    No offense, but you are the one who has derailed this thread with your stupid comment.
    Anyway, thanks for the impressions ame5051.  I have found the Vali to have the same effect on the treble of the HD800.  It is able to correct the tendency of the HD800 to get a little harsh.
    ame5051 likes this.
  7. GBechz
    I've been reading this thread and considering getting Vali for some Mad Dogs. But I was in a local store recently and tried some Bowers & Wilkins P7. The store did not have any amplification, but the headphones showed reasonable potential. Can anyone comment on them paired with Vali?
  8. UmustBKidn
    Thank you. That's the article I was trying to find, some time ago when microphonics were being discussed. I saw those grommets on there and thought that would be a potential solution for the Vali. I could not put my hands on that link though. Glad you found it. Will be curious to hear if anyone tries this, and the outcome.
  9. purrin
    Tried with MDR-1R. The amp's noise floor can be heard just a tiny bit. Otherwise no too shabby.
  10. Redcarmoose
    This thread is such a good read. Really the essence of HeadFi. Cheers to all.:)
  11. wje
    Tapping on the top of the Vali can be an issue.  Hopefully, during our regular listening, we don't have to interface with the amp in such a manner.  Then again ...  Actually, if one needs to own an amp in a rough environment, then solid state should be the only option considered.  Plus, a rubber-ish case like the Bithead amps seem to have a rugged exterior.
    I've been reading the additional follow-ups on this thread and amp quite curious about the use of rubber grommets.  I may try that mod, too, to see what the results are.  It will be late though, as I'll be sequestered from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. tonight.  I might be able to get by a Home Depot on the way home and check them out.  I'll grab measurements in a few moments on my way out the door.
    As much as I've cued into the sound of the Asgard I amplifier - which is quite good, by the way, the Vali just has something there which is quite unique in the sound.  Really unique.  My suggestion to Schiit.  Spend a bit more R&D for the Vali 2 and bump the price of $40.00 to cover the R&D and some additional small parts required and you'll truly have a solid killer of an amp for a screaming price.  For those who have noted having desks with glass tops, or some of not the most solid surfaces, I'm not surprised that you're experiencing such noise issues.  Before tightening things down on mine, I have it sitting on a 250 Lb. desk that really doesn't move at all.  But, at that time, I could wrap on the desktop and get the microphonics to start humming along.
  12. jim723
    Great postings and really enjoy reading all the responses, except for a few harsh ones. I agree there is no need to criticize other people's opinions. We should appreciate their efforts for sharing their experience and knowledge.
    I just ordered a Vali from Schiit. Looking forward to trying it with some of the new headphones I just bought during the Black Friday sales.
  13. yourboss

    Start reading before you post, for a start. He said it was the best for the money. And that it is a bargain. A person who is not stupid would infer that it has to be better than most at a similar price. How can he comment on that without experience with other hybrids at the same price point?
  14. mcandmar
    Just a thought in relation to microphonics, does it make any difference if the tubes are vertical or horizontal?    If i had one i would be tempted to drill two holes in the lid and stand them up vertically.
  15. ssrock64
    A lot of informative, subjective opinions peppered with tech talk and the occasional person who's offended by subjective opinions?
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