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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. Nic Rhodes
    aren't computer DSD tracks either downloads or modded PS3 rips?
  2. wes008
    Yes. The "modded PS3 rips" are actually rips from SACDs. 
  3. vegards
    Running Schiit modi and vali with the HE-400. It is great, but on high volume the highs get tearing for my ears, but I've found that using the forward config for foobar2000 makes it really lively so I don't up the volume as much.

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  4. Sweden
    Been listening to the Vali mostly with HD800 and I agree that this is a great combo.
    Not the final say in resolution, soundstage size and holographic imaging or the type of tube euphony I feel the HD800 benefits from but I'm mighty impressed for what I paid. It has a really nice quality of being smooth enough without masking too much of the HD800s capabilities. Concero HD + Vali + HD800 + TB Isone and bass EQ = Total Eargasm
    Need to listen a bit more with the LCD-3.
    And it have been totally useless with the in-ears I tried.
  5. Mshenay Contributor
    Loud volume is bad for your hearing... which is why the highs are tearing at your ears... I'm glad you found a safer alternitive to listening at such a high volume! 
  6. Bigglesworth

    I dunno, maybe this little Schiit doesn't have the power you need to get good treble performance at high volumes with ortho's? I'm half joking, but looking at the specs says it doesn't quite have the power to properly power orthodynamic headphones....might want to step up to a lyr, mjolnihr, or Soloist. Remember, just 'cause something can get loud doesn't mean it is a "good" loud. Clipping on an amplifier usually sounds pretty loud and you hear it most in treble impurity.
  7. MickeyVee
    Agreed.. Vali with HD800 is not to bad at all.  Tried it directly from my MacBook Air HP out and it's quite listenable for causal listening.  Tried it with the DragonFly and it was too sharp and fatiguing.
    Out of my MacMini fed by the Rega DAC it's quite nice.  A little on the rough side (compare to my WA7) but quite dynamic and full - but we're talking the HD800 here. It's the first entry level amp for me that's a keeper!
  8. purrin
    This is normal with the HE-400. The HE-400 has a little mid-treble peak. When run with amps which don't roll of the treble and at high volume, it's going to be tizzy. You can always cut 10kHz a few db with EQ.
  9. imackler
    So anyone heard the Vali w/ both the HD600 and HD650? Which is the better combo with the Vali? 
  10. purrin
  11. OmarCCX
    Would I be crazy if I bought this for my GR07?

    I have a -12 dB Attenuator so too much volume or channel imbalance wouldn't be a problem (plus I can control the volume output from my A5+).
  12. eccom
    A 12 db attenuator would result in unity gain, but I'd guess you'd still be just at 8-9 on the amp. It would be necessary to control the volume from the dac and without the attenuator it would be useless due to the noise level.
  13. karlsonklam
    - does Vali have a lot more inherent noise than Magi?  - XDA2 has a nice attenuator - just wondering if some IEM can be used if Vali's gain is kept low.
  14. FlySweep
    Interesting.. I liked the 600 w/ the Vali.. but I like the 650/Vali pairing a whole lot more.  I'm also finding out that I prefer the 650 (much) more than the 600 (and I've raved about the HD600.. it's wonderful.. but I feel the 650 is more refined in every way.. and scales better.. even with 'mid-fi' gear).  I hear more of what the Vali is capable of off the 650 (and vice versa).
  15. RMiller
    Got my Vali today, #300... was a bit worried pairing it with Sony MA900 after everything said here, but no problems for now, there's a slight whine when I plug in the headphones, but it goes away faster than I can find the song I want to hear :D Granted, apartment I live in is not the quietest, but no complaints really :)
    Gets worse with closed headphones and short cable though, every tug of the cable makes it ring if it's directly transfered to jack, MA900 has very long cable so it doesn't affect it much it seems.
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