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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. Mshenay
    >.> I bought mine 2 days ago I hope it got this treatment
    and I have the w1000x, on paper the match isn't ideal. 42ohms on my headphone 6.5out on the vali for about 1/6 ratio... not ideal but not horrific. Ppl seems to have success with GRados so its worth a shot. That and I'm looking into a 75ohm impedance adapter from a cable building buddy of mine... I trust his judgment as he's selling me his spar cable, as he owns 2
    I assume my Thursday my Vali might be here, I got a shipment email I think the Friday I got it [maybe saturday] that it was shipped. With 3Day shipment from usps. ALthough mine may sit in the cold for a day depending on who's home to get the package
    still great to hear you guys addressed the issue in house! Hopeing your solution works better than expected
  2. SMG52
    I contacted Herbie's Audio Lab about the tube microphonics issues, and here is his response in case anyone would like to give these a try:
     All of our Schiit Vali customers that I know of use a HAL-O Mini Jr. damping instrument on each of the tubes. Either titanium or PTFE; both work equally well; with the titanium version which is a little more compact you need to be careful that you don't short out any circuitry (the PTFE version is non-conductive). [url=http://herbiesaudiolab.net/jr.htm#mini]http://herbiesaudiolab.net/jr.htm#mini[/url] Vacuum tubes are not the only internal parts susceptible to microphonics--virtually every electronic part, especially the capacitors, are subject to microphonics and micro-vibrational distortion. Upgrading to four Herbie's Baby Booties in place of the little stock feet and placing a SuperSonic Stabilizer on top will address micro-vibration with the component as a whole, in addition to damping just the tubes, and is recommended to bring out more of the inherent potential of the Schiit headphone amp. [url=http://herbiesaudiolab.net/bbootie.htm]http://herbiesaudiolab.net/bbootie.htm[/url] [url=http://herbiesaudiolab.net/stable.htm]http://herbiesaudiolab.net/stable.htm[/url] As for a do-it-yourself solution to damping these tubes, placing a bead of Permatex Blue RTV Silicone Gasket Maker (available at auto parts stores) should help some, perhaps considerably, and will not harm the tubes at all. Thanks for the inquiry. Best regards, Steve Herbelin Herbie's Audio Lab
  3. Mshenay
    I might try the Halo Jrs and the Bootie feet... I will admit listening to the feed back... I did giggle a little. That said, for $5 for the feet. and what about $30 for a set of those Halo things... not a big deal imo.
    Might order the Feet first if I have any issues. my Audio GD unit is pretty resistant to mircophonics. Placing my Vali a top of it should stablize it pretty nicely, but again $5 isn't a big investment if I get any issues
    That said, this is a tube and I've always experinced very minimal noise and mircophonics with both of my past hybrid tubes, so as always I'll shoot out some feed back when the unit arrives, and if and when I get the Feet or the Halo things
  4. Trogdor


  5. Mshenay
    I mean those Mini Halo things for the Tubes inside. Pff I'm still useing cheapo Mono Price Coaxial cables atm lol, I've never had any issues with any mircophonics from any of the Mini Price Cables I've gotten... and I've gotten a LOT... need tu update my profile actually 
  6. SMG52
    Just to mention, Herbie's Audio Lab has a pretty generous return policy, so minimal risk. (Always a good thing!)
  7. ssrock64
    No shame there. I only have one set of "premium" cables in my entire setup (running between the ODAC and my pre-amp); the rest is just off-brand stuff that I've judged to be thick and quiet enough for audio duty.
  8. Mshenay
    I MIGHT invent in some FANCY calbe one day, but as for right now, Mono Price is super thick, super well built and cheap as dirt so I enjoy em. I use em for evetything atm! ANd I've used a lot of cable through the years, non of my Mono Prices have failed me thus far! 
  9. FraGGleR
    I'd rate my microphonics issues as below average thus far.  They are there, but nothing too bothersome and certainly manageable.  Just out of curiosity, I looked inside and my right tube was actually still attached to the foam, but the foam had come up from the board.  The left was slightly raised, but still attached.  I pressed both down firmly, and the foam seems to be holding now.  I haven't noticed any real improvement in microphonics.  Probably because the foam had stayed attached to the tube and was damping it as much as it was going to.
    Jason, I know that this would void the warranty, but would dropping a little silicone caulk on top of the tubes potentially help with the ringing?  Would it hurt the tubes and their ability to dissipate heat?  I am thinking just a pea-sized drop or a small band around the middle.
  10. Stapsy
    Absolutely nothing wrong with Mono Price cables.  You are always going to be better off buying better hardware (DAC, Amp, Headphones) than cables.  Unless you have an uber $5k+ setup I would save that money and put it into the rest of your rig.  I know lots of people with many thousand dollar systems that use Mono Price cables.
  11. darinf
    I looked through the vent holes of my Vali and both tubes have the foam stuck to the tubes, but the foam is not touching the circuit board. Both tubes are almost touching the case, but not. 
    I seem to have what I think it pretty bad microphonics.
    Any word on whether opening the Vali to push down the tubes will void the warranty?
    I think it's a tough call for Schiit since they don't want to have to deal with a problems as a result of users opening the case and breaking something, but they also don't want people sending back their units just to stick the tubes back down.
  12. Jason Stoddard
    Nope, won't affect the warranty at all. I wouldn't have suggested it if it would. Sorry for the trouble!
    Schiit Audio Stay updated on Schiit Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Schiit/ http://www.schiit.com/
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  13. SMG52
    I was told by Nick T. (tech at Schiit) via an email moments ago that opening the amp and pushing the tubes back down onto the foam will not void the warranty.
  14. Mshenay
    awesome good to know :D know I just have to find my super duper tiny Screw drivers. Hopeing the new Adhesive they are trying will work... if not I might try those little Booties. Jason, if we wind up buying those Mini Halo things sold at Helio AUdio [for cables but apprently for Mini tubes as well] assuming ofc we don't FORCE them on there, would that void the warrenty as well? ANd ofc, if you guys have an upgrade in plan for the future, like you did for the dacs. I for one would be happy to wait for an upgrade of sorts.
    Ethier way still excited to get mine... got ahold of my buddy who's at my old place. Hopefully he won't let the tube sit in our cold mail box to long! 
  15. DaveUpton
    I am using the uPower with it, yes and a KingRex uCraft USB cable. Not sure how much of that affects things, but that's the current setup.
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