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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. Transformatron
    I use a hole punch on electrical tape to make little dots
  2. hmorneau
    I just got my Vali,
    First impression after 30 minutes listening with the T1 with a couple of track that I listen often, it's good, very good for the price, but there is lot of details missing. Maybe my DAC is not revealing enough. But on the positive side, it's more forgiving on badly recorded track. Bass are much slower too and there is less "impact". 
    I don't have much ringing, it do it for like 20 seconds when you turn it on, then it's quiet. If you touch the volume hard enough, it will ring for 5 - 10 seconds. There is little to no white noise (background noise). 
    Also I feel that the amp "clip" sometime when there is big impact sound.Maybe it's the "tube sound", I'm not sure since it's my first tube amp and I only have the auditor to compare with.
    Anyway, I will give it more burn time.
  3. jexby
    sorry, it's been so long ago (in music hours) that anything I write would be misleading.
  4. Mshenay
    I can help you with the M Stage! I owned an M Stage and IMO, the oDac m Stage combo I had sounds VERY much like my current HM801 PB1 combo, so when my vali Arrives I'll let you know how the two compare 
    My w1000x [modded] is a very sterile and intimate phone. She does a nice job of reflecting her amp and source very nicely, I'm hoping the Vali will give me the warmth I had with the M Stage, but with the NFB 10ES2 Dac, I'll get and retain more details than my old M Stage oDac combo
    Pretty confident I'll be happy. I've also got a 75ohm Resistance Extentsion cord in bound for me, to add some extra noise resitance to the Vali with my sensitive Audio TEchnica 
  5. thegunner100
    Yep, I currently have electric tape over my power LED. @AxelCloris, Based on my memory of the aune t1's amp section, I found that the UHA-6s mkii's was better with the hd600. And in that case, I would think that the Vali is better than the aune t1's amp section as well. Maybe I'll get to go back to my friend's place later this month to do some real comparisons via hd800 + dx50. 
    I actually feel kind of bad for suggesting my friend buy the Aune T1 some time back... It kinda sucks >.> (imo)
    I've taken the Vali home with me this weekend, so I'll have a better idea of how the vali fairs with the dx50. Sounds decent so far; definitely more satisfying than the uha-6s. 
  6. MattTCG
    I've tried to sell my Vali but no luck. It's a very decent amp but it just doesn't improve on the lyr or A2 IMO. I guess that I'll give it some additional burn in and see what it sounds like. 
  7. Mshenay
    I as going to sell mine but you know what... EFF IT. I actually need another desktop amp for my Office, got a new/old job and well I need an OFfice Rig now <3 thinking the vali will fit very nicely into that rig! 
    Which means I'm KEEPING it hurray. Let's hope it gels nice with my sensitive Wood Backs [I got a 75ohm Resistance INterconnector to help curb some of that possible noise]
    That said she shiped out today <3 Good work Schiitt! Looking forward to reviewing the SCHIIT out this 
  8. MickeyVee
    Got home after work today at about 4pm today and no Vali.  What! I ordered on day 1.  Then about 1/2 an hour later, a knock on the door and it was Canada Post with the Vali!  So it's been running for a couple of hours using the WA7 DAC as the source and I have to say it's pretty impressive with the HD800. Went through some Patricia Barber, Deadmou5, Lindsey Stirling, Sinatra and Dire Straits. So far, so good.
    It doesn't have the sheer guts, power and impact of the Lyr or WA7 but I'm finding it very musical and a lot of fun.
    Other than agreeing that it may be a good entry level match for the HD800, I'll hold off on any further impressions until I get about 100 hours on it.
  9. olor1n
    What exactly do you find lacking in the Vali compared to the Lyr?
    I'm going off memory here as my Lyr is long gone, but I did live with that component for some time and am very familiar with its qualities. The Lyr never wowed me with the HD800 like the Vali has. With the Lyr (irrespective of tubes*) it was apparent that the HD800's ability to resolve the dac was being stifled. The Vali on the other hand presents pristine clarity. Its only deficiency (evident in my brief time with it) is the slightly flabby bass that doesn't extend quite as low as the Mjolnir.
    *Lorenz Stuttgarts, Amperex Bugle Boys (60's O-getters), Orange Globes (70's Herleen A-frames), Cryo Russian tubes that the rolling thread initially raved about and some RCA black plates.
    edit: I'll spend more time with the HD650 today. I was impressed on my initial listen but my random playlist did yield a glimpse of what some have complained about. I pegged that to the recording though, as the very next track was sublime.
  10. purrin
    ^ It comes down to other sides of the chain: DAC and headphones, and how well the resolve. You've always had good DACs from what I recall. And the HD800 is a resolution monster.
  11. olor1n
    Yeah it is somewhat "lacking" in the slam department. However, the layering of textures in busy passages, the smoothness coupled with the clarity and the illumination of fine details (star of the show) makes for a compelling listen.
  12. MickeyVee
    It's really, really nice for low/mid level listening but I can easily drive it to distortion.  There are some songs where I just want to crank it and the Vali doesn't respond in kind where the WA7 just laughs and delivers. I love the phrase 'compelling listen' and the Vali certainly is. My terminology is fun and musical.  The amp just gets out of its way. (I absolutely hated the Magni.. what I'm getting from the Vali is what I was expecting from the Magni when I had it) Nice job Jason & Schiit crew!!!
    Purrin.. thinking of adding an external DAC again.. considering the Bifrost Uber (again), the Arcam irDAC or the  Rega DAC (though I've been drooling over the McIntosh D100.. way out of my snack bracket).  I assume that any of these would be suitable. I like the idea of the Arcam and Rega for their warmth.  Thoughts?
  13. Soundsgoodtome
    Does anyone know if the warranty from Schiit is transferable from owner to owner?
  14. Radioking59

     Their answer is no, but I'm guessing they will work with you as long as it hasn't been modded in anyway.
  15. Soundsgoodtome
    Well...definitely impressed with the 1min e-mail reply. Do these guys have a life? Lol

    A definitive "Nope" from Nick T.
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