NEW Ultrasone Tribute 7 Headphones Limited Edition

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  1. grownmansport
    Now that I've spent a little more time with the Tribute 7 I can post some (maybe still premature) impressions. They've got about 100 hours on them now.

    Overall these are keepers for me.  They are very energetic, intense phones with a thick full-bodied sound. Bass is satisfying and the mids and highs are beautifully rendered. Treble is crisp and accurate, reminding me of balanced armature iem's at times. The aluminum earcups are beautiful and luxurious. The added heft is not a problem for me comfort-wise.

    Now for some brief comparisons:

    vs. Signature DJ:

    Both are bassy and intense. When it comes to the lowest of the low sub-bass, Sig DJ has more of it. Whereas the Sig DJ's bass hits a little harder, the Tribute 7's bass is more textured and nuanced. Tribute 7 has more mid-bass which makes them sound warmer. Treble is more detailed on the Tribute 7. Instrument separation and imaging are better on the Tribute 7. Tribute 7 is the better all-rounder. Some may prefer Sig DJ if EDM is all they listen to.

    vs. Edition 5 Unlimited:

    They are similar in terms of clarity and resolution. Bass is tighter on the Tribute 7. Tribute 7 sounds thicker and warmer. Ed 5 has a more laid back presentation with a larger soundstage whereas Tribute 7 is more energetic and speedy. It will come down to personal preference, but overall I think both are the best of what Ultrasone has to offer.

    vs. Edition 8 Ruthenium:

    Ed 8's bass is loose and unfocused compared to Tribute 7. Ed 8 sounds completely deficient in the mids and have zero warmth. Tribute 7 sounds much warmer and fuller. Treble on the Ed 8 is sibilant compared to Tribute 7. Tribute 7 wins here on all accounts. I personally was never a big fan of Ed 8 - it always sounded like something was missing from them and the soundstage/imaging feels kind of unnatural.
  2. jpelg Moderator
    I have always found Ultrasones benefit from at least 200 hours of burn-in time to get to their 'final' signature.
    Curious what your favorite amplifier is with your Ultrasones?
  3. grownmansport
    So the sound may continue to evolve since I only have about a 100 hours on them now.  I'm personally a little skeptical when it comes to burn-in, but I like to give it the benefit of the doubt and let new headphones burn in a little.
    I strictly use portable sources which is one reason I keep getting drawn to Ultrasones because they're easy to drive.  I do most of my listening either straight out of my AK120II or AK320 via AK380 amp.  Not a big difference between the two, although I might prefer the AK120II sound signature a bit more.  I also have a ZX-1 running through a PHA-3 which is a very good combo, but they've taken a back seat ever since getting the AK's.
    On another note, was listening to the Tribute 7s in bed last night and was remarking to myself how real everything sounds. Percussions are very dynamic and it's as if you're in the same room with the drummer.  Voices sound as if the singer is actually there beside you.  This sense of realism is not something I've felt with any other headphones.
  4. gelocks
    They look great.
    As an Ultrasone fan (cheaper stuff - fave is my "no-longer-white" Sig DJs :wink: ), I appreciate your impressions. It seems they never stray from their "house" sound. Some might hate it, some might love it. As long as it doesn't have ear-piercing highs, I'm up for trying them. These though, a little out of reach $$$-wise. I expect that at this price, these might process sound on par with the newer Focal/MrSpeakers stuff. Still, it seems no other company is bothering making really good closed-back headphones (I have the Ether-C Flows on order... we'll see how that turns out...).
  5. prod67
    I got number 047 just today)))
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  6. grownmansport

    Congratulations! What are your impressions?

    I find that they excel with rock and metal like no other headphones. The synergy is not the best with R&B, hip hop or anything electronic. I think this is because to my ears the bass on the Tribute 7 emphasizes the frequencies represented by live instruments vs. synthesized bass.
  7. prod67
    I burned it about 100 hours.
    On this line changes became less pronounced than in the beginning,
    Brightness has become very pleasant.
    Very good for acoustic music. But rock is even better. Electronics is also not behind.
    The scene has a normal size and that's just fine for closed headphones.
    I use them with AK380 + AK380Amp.
    I think that at the moment Tribute 7 - perhaps the only closed portable solution that quality level.
  8. grownmansport

    Glad to hear you're enjoying yours. I think they have such a bold and visceral presentation I haven't heard from any other headphones. I use a similar setup as you (AK320 + AK380 amp).

    I also ordered balanced cables for them. My understanding is they use the same connectors as HD700. Can't wait to hear what difference that will make.
  9. Raketen
    Just love the color on these, from when I first saw them on the Fujia Avic poster IIRC.

    Also fan of the Signature DJ though I went back to all IEMs again. My one complaint with those was I thought the mids could have used a little more body so I wonder if shift to midbass would help (then again I would maybe miss the DJ's low-end which was goldilocks for me).. I will probably never find out but thanks for sharing impressions Prod and Grownman :beerchug:
  10. prod67
    I got a custom cable from SergstAudio (very small company). And I am corresponding with MoonAudio about Black Dragon cable. Most likely I will take both of cable for comparing. The first has already received, and it brings a great body and gave naturalness for higher frequencies. Stranded copper wire.
  11. fhuang
    i just got this headphones today.  i'll try all my amps but i bet my old trusty rp010b would sound great.  i'll get back to you(guys).
  12. grownmansport
    Congratulations on your purchase!  Look forward to your impressions.
    I think that theyhave a very unique sound signature with unapologetic mid-bass and overall energy.  Lately been thinking that the treble is tame by Ultrasone standards, but it's still very refined and detailed.
  13. fhuang

    My experience with ultrasone(see my profile), usually takes a lot of time to sound good. right out of the box, it's very nice already
  14. SHAMuuu
    Did they upgrade that headband and just kept the retro looks?
    I have 2 cans with these same headband in the dt line
    and I am afraid to even fold them. I never fold them b/c of the stories of the ultrasone dj headphones, plus other beyers dont fold so dont matter.
    Or is it just the few that complained and most are fine?
    When I saw the headband on such a limited edition i shuddered, because the dt with these are 80US$
    wonder how much a replacement headband would be from them
    really hope its a better one than their lower line from years past or that is just strange in a way.
  15. grownmansport
    Yes the headband is the same cheap plastic one they use in all their older lower end models, except it's covered in synthetic suede. I guess they decided on that to keep it similar to the original Edition 7. I haven't had any issues with it and am okay with it since this is a niche product aimed at E7 worshippers.

    I have to say the blue aluminum earcups are gorgeous though.

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