NEW Ultrasone Tribute 7 Headphones Limited Edition

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  1. god-bluff
    Looks to be same headband as Beyer DT440/660/860
  2. SHAMuuu
    I dont know why its so heavy. And that padding in the middle is sometimes comfy, sometimes not.
    At least the Ultrasone looks more comfy with the cushion :p
  3. Malcuso

    Hi Grownmansport, I see you also own the Pandora Hope VI and 650. How would you compare the sound signature of the Tribute 7 to these two cans? Do you prefer either to the Tribute?
  4. grownmansport
    I prefer the Tribute 7s over both.

    Pandoras have an airier and more spacious presentation but very colored in the lower treble and overall are less resolving. They're also less bassy.

    As much as I wanted to like them, I always found the 650s to be quite boring and too mid-focused, only suited for classical and acoustic music which I don't listen to. Tribute 7s are more aggressive and fun and better suited for contemporary genres.
  5. Malcuso

    Thanks grownmansport! I have to agree on the 650. I have them. I use them, but it's rare that I really like them. I've been circling around the LCD XC for a while. I really like these paired with the Calyx M DAP. I heard the Tribute only briefly at shop in Hong Kong, which was my first time to listen to anything Ultrasone, and keep coming back to this as a possibility for a great closed end game headphone. 
  6. grownmansport
    You're welcome.  Have you heard the TH900?  If you're looking for closed end game phones, I would consider them as well.  Very different sound, but probably a better all rounder than the Tribute 7 at half the price.
  7. Malcuso
    Good call. I'll check them out. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Giraku
    I would like to revive this thread as I finally got my Tribute 7 today. To my surprise, these headphones sounded pretty good out of the box though it was a bit veiled. It's quite an opposite experience compared to my Edition 5 Unlimited, which sounded really bad out of the box (sounds excellent after 350 hours). I plan to report back after at least 200 hours burn in.
  9. TWerk

    Ultrasone sound does really, really well on contemporary music. Don't have the 7, but I've always found Ultrasones to excel with pop/EDM/Electronic stuff with their punchy bass and crispy treble.

    Hard to beat Ultrasone bass IMO.
  10. Giraku
    Burn in process now 30 hours+
    Veil is partially lifted but still there. Treble is getting better, but bass is lacking. I checked the sound time to time and found that the sound signature keeps changing quite dramatically.
    170 hours to go.

    BTW, each Tribute 7 comes with a frequency response analysis comparing against the Edition 7. I think it would be interesting to see how variable each individual unit is in terms of frequency responses.
    Here is mine (S/N 589).
    I would appreciate if other owners upload their frequency response analysis.
    Thanks in advance!!

    Last edited: Sep 27, 2017
  11. Giraku
    Now it's over 160 hours and sounds fantastic!!
    Nice deep bass, although extension to sub-bass is a bit limited. Strong but very smooth mid with energetic clear treble without getting harsh.
    No sibilance there. It's musically so engaging. Great for hard rock, metal, and contemporary jazz.

    BTW, any other owner willing to share the frequency response graph??
  12. Zhanming057
    Can anyone confirm that the tribute 7's connectors are the same as the HD700?

    I'm considering ordering balanced cables for my A&K DAP, and I wonder if I can simply pick up an HD700 cable someone and get it re-terminated as 2.5mm trrs.
  13. OG10
    I saw these in the new HBO show. How do these compare to similar priced headphones?
    Will I see any benefit from using these from my HD800?
  14. Giraku
    If you like HD800 and want to migrate to closed cans, try HD820.
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