New Ultrasone Edition 15

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Giraku, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. halcyon
    I'm going to wait for the Ultrasone Edition 17 Deluxe Premium Plus with less harsh mids/highs.

    Sorry, couldn't resist :-D
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  2. Giraku
    Haha, that's a good one. :o2smile:

    But seriously, recent Edition line HPs like Tribute 7, Edition 5, and Jubilee don't have the notorious overly harsh treble (Edition 10 was the worst).
    So let's see how they turn out.
  3. Giraku
    Spec. Updates:
    The wood housing is made of American Cherrywood.
    The back plate is a punched stainless steel panel.
    Comes with 2 detachable cables (1.2m and 3m) with LEMO connectors, just like Edition 8 Ex and Jubilee.

    Picture of the newly developed GTC driver (from

    Some more pics from
  4. eternal-marc
    I am a huge fan of Ultrasone. But they are love or hate. Nothing in between. For me, they are the top. But really aggressive performance, very professional. If you like the studio sound. In ears from Ultrasone are zillion times better for me than any Jerry Harvey... If I will get in touch with these I will let you know guys. Give a try to Romeo or Black Pearl - those are fascinating sound.
  5. Currawong Contributor
    Ultrasone obviously has a lot of talent, but due to their strong focus on aesthetics, their designs end up not being very competitive sonically with other headphones in their price range. I might see if I can't borrow a pair for review though.
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  6. Giraku
    New info about the release date on a Japanese website (PhileWeb):

    Edition 15 will be released on December 20 in Japan.
    If you pre-order, optional Ethiopian sheep leather pads (JPY 23,000 = ~US$200) will be included in the package for free.
    A FR plot will also be included (like Tribute 7 and Jubilee 25).
  7. Beagle
    Given the price, and what Ultrasone sound is actually worth, they should include an LCD-4 for free.
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  8. LaCuffia
    The Signature Studio and Signature DJ are a couple of the best sounding closed back headphones I’ve heard, at any price. I’ve never tried the Edition models so not sure if the bad rep stems from them. One thing I do know is Ultrasone sure knows how to make them look nice.
  9. Giraku
    LCD-4 is more expensive than Edition 15 (~US$3500). So I would say LCD-MX4. :dt880smile:
    I know they are really love or hate type of cans...
    But seriously, since Edition 5, the sound quality of Ultrasone Edition line is getting better and better, at least to my ears.
    I love my Tribute 7 and Jubilee 25 along with Edition 5 Unlimited. :wink:
  10. endgame
  11. eternal-marc
    This looks really interesting. I agree they are love or hate. I remember I was using Painkiller from Judas Priest as a reference track and for the very first time I tried Ultrasone it was with this track and with Romeo. For the first minute I was like, wait a second, what is this ? I hated it. But then I started to understand the way Ultrasone plays and now I'm a huge fan. It's very very studio sound, aggressive and precise. I would say it is definitely a professional sound rather than a mainstream sound. If that makes sense.
  12. musicman59
    I personally was not wowed by the Edition 5 Unlimited but really liked the Jubilee unfortunately not for $6K. I just got the Edition 8 EX and really like them.
  13. stenog
    I can add to this. I have the Signature Pro and it's a very fine closed headphone, one of the best I've ever heard. It's very fast and very precise with details and soundstage that matches it. In Europe it should be possible to find it for around 600 euro, new. Difficult to find a "better" closed headphone for that price. This is only my opinion, of course!

    That said, i won't buy this headphone, way too expensive...:)
  14. jude Administrator
    I had a chance to hear the Edition 15 at the Fujiya Avic Tokyo Headphone Festival this past weekend, and I was very impressed. While I agree that some Ultrasone models can be polarizing, my first impressions suggest the Edition 15 will have broader appeal than perhaps any high-end model Ultrasone has released so far.

    My first impression was that the Ultrasone Edition 15 had a very nice balance across the audio spectrum, and sound that breathed quite freely, openly -- I didn't feel like I was hearing any of the hemmed-in effects of the enclosure like some implementations of their S-Logic platform can do (for me). Maybe this Ultrasone platform (at least somewhat related to the Edition 5, from what I can tell) is ideally suited for an open-back design. Maybe it's the new driver. Maybe it's the new velour pads. Probably it's all of these (and other) things.

    By the way, the Edition 15 sounded substantially better to my ears with the velour pads than with the Ethiopian longhair sheep leather earpads. This was a bit of a bummer to me, as that Ethiopian longhair sheep leather they're using on those earpads is of otherworldly quality and feel -- if you've felt them (like on the Edition 5, Edition 8EX, or Tribute 7) you know what I mean. Later in the show, I came back to visit the Ultrasone exhibit with a gentleman from another headphone manufacturer, and he was asking the Ultrasone team about that leather, as he said he'd never felt any leather with that kind of perfectly uniform supple hand before. Ah well, it's the velours that I'll be listening to with the Edition 15, and with those velours I think they may have their best sounding headphone to date.

    With the leather pads, the Edition 15's tonal balance took on a bass-heavier tilt and imparted some of the enclosure effect -- in other words, it wasn't as balanced tonally, and it didn't breathe as freely and openly as with the velours.

    The Edition 7 / Tribute 7 had been my favorite Ultrasone models, but I'll be rushing to hear the Edition 15 at the next possible opportunity.

    One last thing, and this is usually of very minor importance to me: The Edition 15 is also a gorgeous headphone to look at, and my photos below don't do justice to the design and build quality (click on the photos to see larger sizes):

    Ultrasone-Edition-15_DSC01180.jpg Ultrasone-Edition-15_DSC01183.jpg
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