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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. szore
    A&K customer support have come through, so It is all good.
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  2. DeepSouth
    It took a while for me, but In The end ak came through for me too.
  3. olddude
    Some titles just come out strangely. It seems to be caused by punctuation, but it's not consistent. I'm came out fine but can't didn't. Though in this case Friday I'm came from a different album than did Why Can't. And the hyphen made it wonky but other albums I have are fine with hyphens. Once in a while I've had a question mark do this as well. I've had maybe 10-20 albums out of many many hundreds do this, and I simple re-tag if it bothers me.

    SP10000K Screen.png
  4. JLG12
    Can i use an external SAMSUNG SSD like T3 with OTG cable on SP1000M ?
  5. Dionysus
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  6. FidelityCastro
    Most things on here are an opinion, and I was being tongue-in-cheek. You will notice that I still bought the SP1000 despite its heft, and I’m enjoying it thoroughly - can use it for weight training in the gym as well :wink:
    Agree with you about many people strapping amps to DAPs, thereby making a larger / heavier combined package. I used to do it myself, and sometimes still do strap the ALO CDM to a DAP, although prefer to have a bag with me when I do that. I like not needing to add anything to the AK to enjoy it though.
  7. BlendS
    Is it normal for an SPK or SPKM to get warm after playing a few tracks? I notice my unit starts to get warm after 20-30 minutes or so.
  8. kel77
    Depends what bit rate files you are playing. Sp1000 gets warm when you play DSD. I do not notice this when playing flacs.

    The sp1000m gets warm much easily probably due to the smaller footprint.
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  9. emrelights1973
    today I try to run Qobuz, far better interface than Tidal and more stable.... I am counting days for Roon, unfortunately the mconnect is slow and nor working properly... I need to get up and change the songs, It is a 'vinyl' streaming experience.....

    sp1000 is a very fine streamer/dac in a big boys stereo system..
  10. lithiumnk
    I guess roon support will be announced at High End Munich 2019.
  11. emrelights1973
    I have two ak connect players , one HD one normal, one got deezer only one only Tidal....

    İs there a way to add Qobuz ?
  12. blackwolf1006
    Am I the only one that think AK to level up there game and make a player with more than 256gb. The samsung S10 comes with up to 1TB. A 3500 player should offer some thing simular., right?
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    Probably. Storage is the last thing I care about, personally. There is no shortage of high capacity flash memory. When it comes to a DAP, I'd rather they focus on audio fidelity and device usability. Everything else should be second to that.
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  14. szore
    Exactly. I have a 400GB card in my 1000M and it is plenty.
  15. olddude
    When Fiio was preparing its X7, one of the biggest arguments among users on Head-Fi (because Fiio threw open a discussion here about what kind of device to make) was storage size. Some folks wanted 1-2 full-size SD cards, some folks wanted more internal storage size, some wanted 1-2 microcarsd slots, and on and on. Some wanted to carry every file they had on their device (never mind that finding files became problematic). The more memory, the less battery or other components could fit... or the device had to be made bigger. As mentioned above, AK is for playing music at the highest reaches of sound quality. Micro cards are getting bigger and bigger. Most people who buy AK devices favor sound quality over anything else. If storage size is your major need, then you need to buy a device with larger storage size. Personally, AK's move to streaming is worrying me, as I care only about sound, not access to on-line music. However, so far that move hasn't impinged on why I am willing to spend the money I do on AK devices. Keep in mind as well that most DAPs are made for the Asian market and non-Asian market needs are not primary when DAPs are designed. For you fellow Americans here, with only American cellphones available to you, take a look at what the Asian market offers. Oppo alone has a vast number of phones I've never seen here. In fact: https://www.oppo.com/en/
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