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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. olddude
    Ouch. I've never had any luck moving files around inside the device, and stopped trying. Did you try plugging in and then doing a restart?
  2. olddude
    You try re-tagging it? Or converting to FLAC and then back to WAV. Sounds like something in the encoding isn't playng nice with AK. I have read in the past that some hi-res from one company had playing issues with AK, can't remember what the outcome was. Maybe contact where you bought it and ask for help?
  3. S Crowther
    Yes. Sadly no luck. Back to the agent for repair tomorrow.
  4. CreditingKarma

    Looks like the unit has had a hard life, or the finish wears off easily. I still have my old ak300 that is almost 3 years old and all of the finish is still intact. I am sure AK will take care of you they are pretty good with customer service. Audeze is still #1 in that area though in my book.
  5. szore
    Yeah, the blue coating comes off very easily. I would use the case but the buttons are virtual unusable with the case on. Plus, this sounds corny, but I really love holding the bare unit in my hand; the metal, glass, and the points make it fun to hold. The points are like a stress ball if you squeeze it in your hand! But...On the points and edges, all the blue has come off. Oh, well.
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  6. Kenneth Galang
    the screw problem also happened to me on my se100. I felt the back glass panel shift in all directions, it didnt fall out just moved, and I checked and it was two loose screws. luckily I caught it and screwed it in tight.
  7. FidelityCastro
    Thanks @NovaFlyer
    I know my ears quite well (i play guitar in bands as well), and I honestly wanted to wind up with the SR15 or, worst case, the SE100. But 2 hours in the shop with a bunch of (my) IEMs and even switching out cables - copper / copper + silver etc - led me to the SS SP1000.

    One thing that has made me laugh is that after an hour or two of handling the AK, every other gadget - iPhones, FiiO etc - feels paper thin and light! Really brings home how much tech is packed into those smartphones and smaller DAPs!
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  8. NovaFlyer
    I remember the first time I picked up a SP1K and the first impression was the heft and solid feel. Since I do travel, I decided on the SP1KM, lighter in weight but still great sound.
  9. FidelityCastro
    I think “heft and solid feel” is being very diplomatic! :)
    It’s far too heavy for a portable music player, particularly as the much lighter M has very similar internals (if I remember correctly). I tend to have a camera bag with me, so thought I’d take the chance on the heavier unit. FiiO might come out for occasional ultra portable needs, which is fine for me.
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  10. olddude
    I use my SP1000SS as a portable daily, in a VanNuys belt holster. Same size as my iPhone X (though thicker) and it clearly weighs more. But then how many here have an amp strapped to their DAC and use them as a portable? It's all a matter of choice. "It's far too heavy for a portable music player" is an opinion, and clearly one that many of us don't agree with. I started with a little bitty C3, used iBasso and Fiio and Pono, then a couple of earlier AK's. Had amps on the C3 and the iBasso, too. If it sounds good and I can carry it, I do so.
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  11. NovaFlyer
    @Fidelcastro you are correct that the SP1K and SP1KM have the same internals, DACs, etc

    I view DAPs like cameras, the right tool for the right job; and both can suit individual tastes - DAPs with sound and cameras with color rendering. That's the great thing about this hobby and photography, there are so many options that can meet everyone's preferences. I have an upcoming photo trip to the Canadian Rockies and won't be taking my SP1KM on that trip, nor my TOTL IEMs - will keep it simple and basic with iPhone, DAC, and FiiO FA7 and will get the sound quality I need for that situation.
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  12. olddude
    Well, sure. When I was working as a shooter, if the Hassey was too much I used the Nikons. Now I use my iPhone X more than my Nikons. Musically, though, I use my SPK and my Zeus for everything/everywhere. But if I was climbing around mountains I'd probably go lighter/smaller. Also for cost effectiveness - I'd rather break/lose something lesser. :)
  13. Omega139
    Hey guys, i'm having an issue with my SP1000SS. It just reset all of a sudden (nothing too unusual...sometimes happens). However, now when I try to select a USB mode, both options are grey. Meaning, I can't select a USB mode. I tried resetting the device with no luck.

    Any input?

    Update: So my device randomly reset again, and now the USB modes are changeable. Weird...
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
  14. szore
    I initially had some miscommunications with customer support, but A&K has come through with flying colors, Thank you!
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
  15. DeepSouth
    I appreciate AK's outreach through Jason, but I had some tough times with AK too.
    I felt like I was beta testing the AK SP1000 player, and as much as I had to go through to prove I had a problem it proved I was beta testing.
    I love my AK sp1000, but I had to go through a ton of effort for them to admit my first one had issues.
    My dealer also was not impressed with AK's support.
    AK doesn't make it easy to get support. I like the guy there Andrew, but he wasn't available much.
    I'm not sure, but I think I spent almost 3,500 on a DAP, and it took about 1-2 months to get my replacement. I had an uphill battle, but eventually they decided in my favor.
    I wish I gave Sony a harder look, but my AK won't be going anywhere for a long time.

    They still never corrected my album title bug though.
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