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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. bmichels
  2. FidelityCastro
    I just joined the club. I spent almost two hours trying the SR15, SE100, SP1000M and SP1000 SS and Cu, with four different sets of IEMs. The SR15 and SP1000M were first to go, then the SP1000 Cu. Final shoot out was between the SE100 and SP1000 SS - and my FiiO X7ii that I’ve been using for two years, as I wanted to make sure I wasn’t completely swayed by GAS alone.

    Having tried all of those, no regrets about getting the SP1000 SS over the SP1000M; I just prefer the SQ for my ears, music taste and IEM pairings. Time will tell if size and weight are annoying. If I really need something smaller occasionally, the FiiO is still a great product. (I didn’t like the blue either but I think they have it in black as well now).

    Oh, and the only reason I got to the shootout stage to go back to A&K was the long, long, long-awaited inclusion of Tidal offline. The added advantage of Masters/MQA helped the decision to go with a Totl DAP that would squeeze the most sonic benefit out of that feature. Well done A&K (bloody FINALLY lol).
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  3. Progisus
    Good choice!
    Where is the room for the amp : kse1500 ?
    (If I am not wrong identify the shure's case)
  5. szore
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  6. bmichels
    The KSE1500 amp is fitted under the SP1000

    BRIMAR and SP1000-KSE1500 side.jpg survival kit 2.jpg
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  7. szore
    Anyone else have terrible A&K customer support experience? I can't get anyone to talk to me or even answer the damn phone...
  8. NovaFlyer
    Congrats! The 1K series is awesome, no matter which version.
  9. olddude
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  10. szore
  11. szore
    Watch your screws! screw.jpg
  12. TYATYA
    It looks like a mistake in assembly. Screw wasn't set in (no trace inside thread hole)
  13. t69p
    @ szore, grr bad info :frowning2: , hope your item is still under warranty

    @ all, I just purchased the last album "higher" from Patricia Barber, it's in WAV 24/44 format. This album cannot be played on my AK SP1000 and AK380, it's mention unplayable songs has been removed. Any idea, I can play this album on my mac, my QP2R and my Samsung s10. Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. JasonNYC
    @szore Our customer support manager told me he spoke to you by phone yesterday morning after you and I spoke via PM and he sent you a second follow up email that you confirmed you received. I was surprised to see this last night, as I thought you had been taken care of yesterday morning. I sent you a follow up PM last night and never received a response from you. Please let me know what is going on so we can resolve this.
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  15. S Crowther
    My sp1000 just died. Was moving a file from one folder to another when it froze. The unit started heating up until it was too hot to hold. I turned it off and it cooled down but now will not restart.
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