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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. DeepSouth
    My Ipod from a decade ago lor longer has more storage space. It's not a problem unique to A&K, it's the entire DAP market.
    20190421_072211.jpg 20190421_072208.jpg @JasonNYC could you provide a fig. of or tell about back cover fixing structure/mechanism?

    I worry it can fly out because clearly feeling it lose. Anytime I hold as in picture below, when I put them on flat face I feeling sense on figure tips at the boundary of back cover.
    I don't worry double side tape (which stick them together) but worry the sp1k back cover.

    P.s I read on the thread you said users not to be worry. Just need to know why it can not drop out
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
  3. olddude
    Kind of difficult to decipher your post, but if you are stating that you have used double velcro tape to hold your stack together and are worried the weight of the amp will pull the back of the SP1000 off, you might want to wrap the whole thing with a strap or strong flat rubber band. Personally, I think the back should be fine, but why take a chance?
  4. olddude
    You've got an iPod with more than 256gb of storage? My 5 has that. I can't recall seeing an iPod with more, but....
  5. soundblast75
    The finish is bad on the blue one, guessing no difference with black version, still painted, i got a Mitter case now returned, reason being on the original one, good luck finding middle button on the side
    But to my horror, only after a week after buying the dap and not dropping ,scratching etc, i saw 2 corners on top showing whats underneath the blue..a naked android
  6. Omega139
    Unfortunately, it's hard not to agree with you given that my device still randomly resets every so often.
  7. emrelights1973
    Sony wont be better:)
  8. Uncle Monty
    Got an iPod with 1Tb. Don't ask...
  9. Omega139
    I've been having issues connecting to my wifi network. My device keeps saying "The passwords don't match", but i'm certain it's correct. Has anyone else had wifi issues with the SP1000?
  10. olddude
    Sounds like a solid state drive to me. I've got one in my car but not that big.
  11. FidelityCastro
    How is the KSE1500 + SP1000 working out sound-wise?
  12. greenmountain
    I like my Sp1000M with my headphones (Abyss Diana and Audeze isine10) but I am looking for a small loudspeaker for traveling using either the USB out or analog out to be able to share the music. Most what I found as small portable speakers are designed for bluetooth use. I am not expecting anything in the level of my headphones but it should be decent and really portable.
  13. bmichels
    it is brillant. Close to my BHSE + SR009.... sometime (depend of my mood) :wink:
  14. cheznous
    Almost snap.
    It’s interesting the side we choose for the upside.
    I use 3m double side and not a chance it will come off.
    For six months now I have been using the SP1000 and the KSE1200 and I can thoroughly recommend the pairing.
    You have to get the setting correct, line out with 1.25v on SP1000 and the -10db setting the KSE1200 to prevent clipping.
    This has replaced my Layla and even the Utopia as my favourite listening choice.
  15. cheznous
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