New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil
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Isn't it..

"Good things come to those that wait"


"Patience is a virtue"
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 what OTHER amp have you tried with the hd800 and what was your experience ?


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Forgive me if I'm a little bit behind, but I thought the warm up issue that was present in the 0.96 / 0.97 versions or whatever they were was meant to be sorted out by the final production version? But a lot the impressions from SoCal seem to be preceded by something like "It was on the first day of the show so it wouldn't have had time to reach it's potential yet". Then I read yesterday someone from Woo saying another r2r dac that came out a while back came without a power switch because it really needs to be left on since the warm up time is just too long. So now I'm guessing the final version of the Yggy will be the same? If that's true, and a warm up time of a day or so makes all the difference, and you were showing it for the first time to quite a vocal and tight community, wouldn't you have one in the workshop plugged into a UPS then unplug it, drive to the show with it still running on UPS and plug it back in when you get to the show? :p Seems stupid, but if the warm up thing is true, you wouldn't wanna be Schiit demoing this product knowing that everyone at your grand unveiling who tries it pre-warm-up is going to be disappointed...

Don't get me wrong, I have no idea how it works and maybe it takes the listener a day to warm up to the yggy rather than the other way around, but I have heard people claiming all sorts of things like saying it needs to be on for anywhere from 4 hours to 6 days before it will perform at it's peak... What's the actual real proper answer to this?
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If that was my philosophy, I would probably have a $100 pair of cans, and probably not be on head fi talking about a few thousand buck dac...

Touche old man. It seems that those who are ignorant of the correct information will ridicule those asking a genuine intelligent question. Ridicule is the refuge of the ignorant!

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