1. BMBROWN911

    Moving up

    I've wanted to upgrade to a better headphone amp now for a while and finally have decided to move ahead with it. Right now I'm using a schitt lyr with some HE500's. I'm looking to go a bit higher up the food chain. Originally I was set on getting an EF-6 but here lately I've been curious about...
  2. Operakid

    Speaker amps for headphones

    I have a number of extremely high quality tube and solid state amps for speakers.  I am wondering about using them with Sennheiser HD800 headphones, which I do not have yet (backordered).  I know that my hundred watt transformer coupled tube amps will lost a lot of power at that impedance, and...
  3. Barry S

    Schiit Ragnarok Amplifier

    The Ragnarok officially debuted on the Schiit website today. The initial units will be distributed as part of a beta program, with general ordering opening up after the beta.  
  4. Jason Stoddard

    Oh Schiit, it's the end of the world! Announcing Ragnarok.

    Hey all,   It’s (almost) that time! Ragnarok ordering time, that is.    However, since we are being uber-cautious with this release, as it is the most complex product we’ve made, and has several never-before-done features, we’ve decided to start with a short “public beta” period for a...
  5. Stalker81598

    New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil

    Just announced by Schiit.   Ragnarok is a 100wpc (into 4 ohms) amp and Yggdrasil is a bitperfect dac. Both have balanced XLR outputs.   From the preliminary spec sheet:   RAGNAROK:   "Ragnarok is the world’s first universal amplifier, fully capable of powering everything from...
  6. Schiit Audio Ragnarok

    Schiit Audio Ragnarok

    Ragnarok is the first truly universal amplifier, fully capable of powering everything from IEMs to loudspeakers. With up to 100 watts per channel into 4 ohms, 3 selectable gains, a sophisticated relay-switched stepped attenuator volume control, complete microprocessor management of all...