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Schiit Ragnarok Amplifier

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by barry s, Aug 19, 2014.
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  1. Barry S
    The Ragnarok officially debuted on the Schiit website today. The initial units will be distributed as part of a beta program, with general ordering opening up after the beta.
  2. chengka7
  3. MustelaNivalis
    That "sounds" really good. I hope to see a reliable review on short term, because at these prices just buying one in good faith is no longer an option for me. In Europe Schiit is hardly mentioned in the popular magazines. I would love to see the Ragnarok and Yggdrasil appear in for example WhatHifi.
  4. screwdriver
    cant wait for the impressions from users ..... subbed
  5. churro
    +1 ^...
    I desperately need an upgrade from my little E12.
  6. Barry S

    Man, that's a jump!
  7. churro
    This is why I cannot hope to be selected for the beta program. My setup is too weak to be taken seriously... gawd $%#&.
  8. smitty1110
    Hey, could be worse, you could be broke. Or on fire.
    I don't have speakers, so I don't qualify, and I'm more interested in Yggdrasil in the first place.
  9. churro
    Broke... and on fire.  ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ
    But generally how long does something like these try-outs last? Dido for Yggdrasil release?
    I saw the original (est.) release date post for Late 2013 on Rag. Hopefully it's not another year. But if it is, kudos to Jason and the team for the effort to epicness.
    p.s., in case anyone missed jude's first impression on Schiit's Ragnarok (back in May): http://www.head-fi.org/t/667711/new-schiit-ragnarok-and-yggdrasil/1680#post_10525684
  10. smitty1110
    An earlier post from Jason in one of the other threads (I think it was the company history thread) stated that he doesn't expect this early beta/soft opening to be very long, it's mostly just being used as a final real-world test of the product. I would expect it to last no longer than a month, maybe two worst-case. As for Yggdrasil, there's been nothing about that recently. I expect that details will be released during RMAF, since Jason said that Yggy will be making its debut at that event. I'm just hoping that it gets released before summer of next year...
  11. preproman
  12. Audio Jester
  13. Sorrodje
    Subbed too [​IMG]
  14. jackskelly
    Subbed thrice [​IMG]
  15. smitty1110
    Make sure you sub to the announcement thread and the original ragnarok and yggdrasil threads, there's some good discussions going on over there.
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