New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil
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fatiguing I never experience it only with Hd800 but all my dac hugo TT and Berkeley Alpha DAC Reference, they sound amazing. I am sure no dac can beat Berkeley Alpha DAC Reference in this time .
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which would sound great, perhaps, in the short term but over time would become extraordinarily fatiguing.

Actually it's more about personal preferences. Sometimes you will hear gear which seems just right, absolutely perfect to you. It may or may not be the most resolving or detailed. But it has everything you want and more. You will never really be fatigued while listening to such gear.
As an example, i had heard the KF LS50s when they were launched and found them too shrill. I heard them about a year later and was astounded by how perfect they sounded and had to buy them immediately. Their match a vintage Yamaha amp i have is heavenly to say the least.
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  X factor:
1) makes you say "Wow", never experienced that before
2) Whoa. never knew that details like those even existed in my music. Scares you/awes you suddenly by serving up new detail
3) Something outstanding which shows up things we considered excellent
Kind of chasing a rabbit and suddenly be hunted by a wolf. After evading the wolf, being crunched up by a Tyrannosaur!

Pass Labs, maybe I'll try tubes next time. I call it "the magic" instead of x factor though.
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After visiting a relatively small Head-Fi meet, I think that critically assessing ANY audio gear is a major FAIL at such big and loud shows...
And the listening fatigue is definitely there as you try to crank up the volume to overcome the ambient noise and other people listening...
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I wouldn't make any snap judgements just yet. I did hear the RYggy stack at the Schiit table and was not too impressed but I honestly think that this was due a couple of key factors: noisy environment and the fact that this was the first full production model newly assembled to make it for the show. I myself am a believer of component warm up and burn in and in my opinion the Yggy really did not have proper warm up (I heard it early morning of the first day at CanJam) time nor has been properly burned in but in saying that it did show signs of being resolving with stronger bass than my home rig (uber Bifrost and Rag) out of my hd800s. I wish I had made my way back to the same stack at a later time just to compare the difference in sound if any but was not able to. However, I did hear Purrin's .99 Yggy towards the close of the day and it did sound much better. Unfortunately, I don't know how much of that sound was being influenced by his modified amp. From what I've read in the canjam impressions thread, those that heard the RYggy stack on the second day had more positive impressions of the sound.

I know it's hard but the first run of Yggy is well underway and per my conversation with Jason at canjam the Yggy should show up on Schiit's webpages sometime next week. Have some patients and waite for some impressions by early adopters and we'll get a better idea of what it's really capable of.

Happy listening all.
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With the possible exception of Justin's BHSE, I cant think of a single component or headphone that is 'all things to all people', and the relatively small number of Head-Fiers who will ever own a BHSE/SR-009/Omega II rig mightn't be a representative sample anyway. I still regard the HD800 as the best headphone I've ever heard but many here find them too analytical : such is life. Even when Yggy is finally released and people get to hear it with 100+ hours in their own environment, I will be very surprised if someone doesnt have an issue with it : it's just the nature of this hobby. The big stumbling block - and I know purrin thinks I overstate this - is that many in this hobby say they want to hear exactly what is on the recording but when they're confronted with some of those recordings laid bare, suddenly its the gear's fault rather than the people who recorded the album or the mastering engineer. 
There will be critics - human nature - but I hope we dont see any flippers from that first batch doing it purely for the cash. Not cool, IMO. Much better off shrink wrapping the unopened box and storing it in gelatin for the next 20 years  :D
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The update on Yggy status as of Friday, April 3, The Yggy is in production ::
5. The production (mass) build boards are delivered to Schiit.
6. Schiit tests the arriving boards.
7. When all boards have returned from the assy house, Schiit assembles them into finished Yggys.
8. We burn the Yggys in for a couple of days.
9. We final test, box, and ship them.
We are now on step 5 of production, although there have been some trivial problems, to wit:
The Input boards had a problem where some of the BNC jacks were 0.03 Inches lower than others (same part number) – problem was fixed with shims.
The transformers required RTV under them for mech strength. Things were delayed a day or two until that came in.
The surface mount stencils came in AFU for the front panel boards. They required rework, again a delay of a day or so for that board.
The good news is that the USB Boards are complete and have been delivered to Schiit.
This means all of the above mentioned boards are now being worked on by the assy house. (4 of 6 total)
I mention all of the details above so you all realize what we go through to build a product. There is a symphony of sorts going on here.
The better news is that the Windoze drivers clusterf**k is probably OK. More will be revealed very soon
So, despite any appearances to the contrary, we are doing everything we can to get this going.
Thanks to all for waiting – we are still in that portion of production where we are dependent on our assy house.
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Thanks for the update, it is truly appreciated. It seems the Yggdrasil, is a construct of chaos theory and thus its assembled slowly:D.
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I'm just waiting for someone to ask what AFU means  

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  It means "Angry Female Ukrainian." 

I guess its possible that SNAFU is no longer used among today's hipsters - its been around since the Vietnam War and probably before that, but I'm an old fossil.
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