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New model Cowon - Plenue D2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by tiddlywinks, Jan 1, 2019.
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  1. cdsa35000
    I never saw the Cowon team posting and not in the sponsor list either, thus useless quotes/posts.
    Memory will stay at 128GB as is by design, you want more go buy the higher tiers.
    Show them what difference between the FLAC files thats causing crashing.
    You should direct contact them on their webpage if you can, good luck with that!
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2019
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  2. taffy2207
    The FLAC file compatibility issue is a common problem with Cowon players and they address it in Firmware Updates. If you look at other players firmware updates on the Cowon website you'll see it.

    It's frustrating that pretty much every player released by every company usually has problems, sometimes major ones, when released. I'd have more respect for them if the players did what was stated in their marketing material from launch. It'd be nice if we didn't have to wait for firmware updates to address them. All it says to me is that their R & D teams are not that great or that they are trying to release Products before their rivals do when they're clearly not ready to be released.

    It's often the case that they're Hardware ready but not Software ready.

    Adding new features in Firmware updates is great but when a product is at a rudimentary stage and not close to the finished article at launch, it's annoying. It makes me feel like I'm involuntarily involved in a beta test.

    Sadly, it's not a unique problem with Cowon, it's pretty much industry wide in scope.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
  3. Cat Music
    did you really return the P2 Mkii? it's amazing that you didn't like the sound, it's supposed to be better Lol
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
  4. Cat Music
    Is there any DAP that you have heard and that sounds better than D2? (the price range does not matter) :)
  5. someyoungguy
    Yeah, maybe I'm just a brute! lol. But, I've just picked up a Plenue S second hand and am loving the sound. Strange, some players hit the mark for me, some don't, and it doesn't necessarily match with the price. Like I mentioned in the post above, in the Plenue line one of favorite has been the V - one of the cheapest! Likewise previously I've had a DX200, but preferred the DX80. Wasn't really sold on the sound of the SR15 either, even though it's one of the more expensive players I've had.
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  6. Cat Music
    This really is strange! but I like your honesty ... I hope you enjoy D2, it sure is. Unfortunately this is not for me, I have read that the D2 has several software errors following the comments of this thread ... And I can not live with that ... although the sound is great!
  7. rjerwa
    Just received the D2 today. After not so much fun with 2 other units, both starting with the letter “H”, I steered away from all the extra features.... Bluetooth, WiFi et al.
    All I want is good sonics, balanced out and reliability.
    First impression visually is that it’s pretty stark. No frills, no look at me.
    Charging now, anxious to load and listen.
    Any recs on firmware versions?
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  8. silverfishla
    The most recent firmware works fine. In my opinion(and I love the unit) it’s most shining quality is it’s EQ, BBE and preloaded DSP effects. That’s where you will hear what this unit can do. Hope you enjoy it!
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  9. rjerwa
    Really glad to hear your response. I have big hopes for the little bugger. The no glitz aspect gives me the impression it’s more about business than bluster.
  10. Cat Music
    What DAP do you mean by "h"?
  11. taffy2207
    HiBy, probably.
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  12. rjerwa
    Both Hiby and Hidizs

    Ding ding ding ding
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  13. rjerwa
    Thank you. Recent it is...
  14. Cat Music
    ohh !! I hope in the future you get the R6 Pro! most recommend it
  15. Kal El
    I’m looking for comparisons between Cowon Plenue D2 and iBasso DX160 but couldn’t find anything.
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