New Member Introductions thread
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Hello and welcome to all the new people. What a diverse community we have :)
I'm a bit surprised the Moderators don't jump in and answer questions for new people.
One person asked where the rules are located, so here's a link:

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Hey everyone! Bassampd here! I am a huge basshead that loves to try and listen to about every genre out there, not too recently did I find out about hifi audio or FLAC, so I've been listening to lossy mp3 mostly.

Now I'm pretty much updating my whole library with lossless tracks. Lemme tell ya, it's a real eye opener to hear the same music you listen to come alive with details and pure sound!

IEMS: Shuoer Tape

I've heard of the qc issue with the tapes and I may have found a possible solution which I hope benefits everyone who has them

Hope the best for all the other noobs here!
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Hello everyone! I am a music-lover and I am currently buying DACs for my setup.
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Hi everyone. I'm new to portable music, but not new to audio. For 20+ years I've thought of serious listening as something I do in my music room and then everything else is just background. As I've started to upgrade my backpack gear to the WA-8 and Z1R and done some cable rolling, etc, I'm discovering a cool new music backpack and I love listening to more music than ever!!. I joined this site because I borrowed an AK 1000 and they just shipped my FiiO M15 so I'm getting deeper...
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Hi Just moved to the US have been a music lover and audiophile since the 80's. Current set up 64 Audio a12t with Effect Audio Leonidas II with SR15, previous Beyer T5p, . Sennheiser HD 800.
in the DC area.

I just ordered a pair of a12t. Also in the DC area. Would love to hear your impressions of the Leonidas II pairing there.

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