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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. nova430
    Hi everyone. I'm new to portable music, but not new to audio. For 20+ years I've thought of serious listening as something I do in my music room and then everything else is just background. As I've started to upgrade my backpack gear to the WA-8 and Z1R and done some cable rolling, etc, I'm discovering a cool new music backpack and I love listening to more music than ever!!. I joined this site because I borrowed an AK 1000 and they just shipped my FiiO M15 so I'm getting deeper...
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2020
  2. kenerd
    Greetings from Singapore!

    Please approve my first post!
  3. DCaudiophile
    Hi Just moved to the US have been a music lover and audiophile since the 80's. Current set up 64 Audio a12t with Effect Audio Leonidas II with SR15, previous Beyer T5p, . Sennheiser HD 800.
    in the DC area.
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  4. nova430
    I just ordered a pair of a12t. Also in the DC area. Would love to hear your impressions of the Leonidas II pairing there.
  5. fuzzroffe
    New member! I have headphones by AKG, Grado, Koss, and a pair of Beyerdynamics that need new drivers. I mostly use them with a DIY OTL tube headphone amp, and came here mostly for the DIY forum :)
  6. NovaFlyer
    Welcome from another DC area member. :beerchug:
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  7. DCaudiophile
    Thanks the Leonidas just open everything up everything has gained transparency and clarity, bass is stronger but not overpowering i love them, just be careful installing i had the dealer do it because the pin connectors are super tight on the 64 Audio. I wouldn't recommend buying any adapters from effect audio though i had three in Australia all faulty. I would let you try them I just don't want to freak out about breaking the A12t shell removing the cables. My only complaint with the A12t is the case. i sent an email to 64 Audio and didnt even get a reply which was dissapointing!

    the case is only suitable for their cables and I would say even then it could do with a better design, anyone here have a great case they absolutly love?
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  8. Rocfort
    Really 64 Audio has a different bag that can be used. 20200115_154547.jpg 20200115_154600.jpg
  9. DCaudiophile
    Not sure i want to put my $5400 AU CIEM in a $5 bag but thanks for the pic
  10. GunnarN7
    Greetings from Spain. I was tired of mediocre headsets so I decided to upgrade to a set of decent headphones. For a newbie I considered the ATH-M40x from Audio-Technica to be a pretty good option, and having tested them they're basically what I was expecting or even better. So yeah, happy to be here!
  11. Insnhx
    Hi from Croatia!
    About to order the shanling mtw100 and have some questions about the product. Will leave a review if/when I get them
  12. jacksone
    Hello all.
    I'm Eric and although I've owned my own recording studio and have been recording for years with high end gear, I'm rather new to portable listening gear.
  13. orsa99
    Hi, i'm the new guy. Thanks for all!
  14. psoup216
    Hello all.

    Abridged Player history:
    iRiver iFP-190
    iRiver Clix 2

    Strongly considering getting a SR15 so I'll be grinding through the forums to see how everyone feels about it.

    Current Headphones:
    Sony WH-1000XM3
    iriver IDP-1000 earbuds (my last pair of IDP-1000i buds died 2 weeks ago ☹ )

    I prefer a normal earbud over anything that goes to the inner ear. Suction doesn't appeal to me and in my experience, just doesn't give me enough sound and bass. I'm not a bass junky but when it belongs, it belongs.

    I consider myself to be an above-averagel audiophile (just not a huge "technical jargon" audiophile).

    I'm on the journey of reburning my better CD's to .flac, but otherwise, high quality mp3 is fine. I'm not as familiar with other audio formats.

    I probably fall short of needing a DAC or amplifier for audio quality needs. I figure with my tinnitis, it might cancel out the benefits!

    Nice to meet everyone.

    PS, I reside in the DC Metro area.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2020 at 8:08 AM
  15. godkuma
    Hi, been lurking this forum for quite a long amount of time but just now got around to actually making an account. I'm somewhere between an intermediate and beginner audio snob due to demo-ing way too many headphones. :)
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