New Leckerton UHA-6S MKII Portable Headphone Amplifier Announced (Update User Impressions Added July 20th 2012)

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by digitalfreak, Mar 25, 2012.
  1. Ultrainferno
    Earlier today I asked Nathan to check with them
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  2. shotgunshane Contributor
    2nd paragraph under sound looks like there should be a link or copy/paste of the opamp spec used in Nathan's sample.
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  3. DMinor
    I keep digging into this amp with my various diymods (with different configurations) and op amps, and I am so impressed with Nick's design and implementation of the DC servo (in response to the 2v DC bias from my capless diymods). I think this is what & why the amp has excelled in my case.
    I have this combo with hi-gain setting at 8 to 9 o'clock, it just blows my mind with anything I throw in with the unreal sound stage, separation and cleanness, speed, airy flow, energy, weight in notes. I never expected the in-ear audio could be this good. 
    For most of my music, the hi-gain setting at 8 o'clock already blast my ears with the EX1000. I am surprised the little combo can deliver this much power to the music notes. I just don't know exactly what have clicked along the pipeline to present this perfection, if I am allowed to use that word.
    Although I have not tried other hi-end daps, this combo is a massive deviation/upgrade from other stock daps I have/had (ipod 5g/5.5g, ipod 7th gen classic, mini 2nd gen, ip4s, J3). In comparison to this combo, the other daps sounded like 2d plain no dynamics. 
  4. shigzeo Contributor

    I'm sorry about that. I forgot to put in the link to the AD8610 spec sheet. It is now fixed.
  5. UELong

    It was a great companion for my IPod C7/160G during those long dialysis days.  I loved the lively drum attacks that were sharpened up and the low and high frequency extension.  I use the 209s since I don't use devices which generate RF interferance.
    Just weighing in.
  6. DMinor
    I hope you are doing OK now.  I have not experienced any RF interference with OPA209 around my iphone 4s. Man that sound stage and dynamics are unreal for in-ear audio. 
  7. UELong

    I did a little playing with a book reading device with wifi connectivity, and could induce a little noise.  That seems to be the big complaint from others about the 209, but, I like analitical sound, which seems to come from these op-amps. 
    And that was the way they were sold as stock at  first.  It was positively reviewed with the 209s a couple of years ago on InnerFi. 
    Can't see myself selling it.
  8. DMinor
    What I found is the analytical signature of this OPA209 paired with a special source can bring exceptional audio results particularly in dynamic range, separation/clarity, airy flow & power/weight to the music notes. I have quite many capless diymods and there is one which just blows my mind/ears with OPA209. I am scratching my head trying to figure out exactly why this one is different from the others. With the others I haven't been able to duplicate the same results using either 8610 or 209.
    Audio is a mysterious animal and results really depend on synergy from the components along the audio path/pipeline. For instance, even for the short LOD cable to my ears the cotton-sleeved pure silver solid wires sound clearly the best. 
    I almost wrote off the 209 when first paired with one of my diymods (direct-out mod) due to lost bass and extensions. Then I was, and still is, completely blown by the massive improvement brought by the 209 when paired with another diymod. 
  9. UELong

    I envy your DIYing skills.
  10. imackler
    The UHA-6S MKII is back in stock at Leckerton! 
  11. lisztian420
    Awsome!! These DAC/Amps are freaking awesome!
  12. HiFiChris Contributor
    Yeah, Nick's Amp designs are excellent. Used to have the MK I as well and am loving the MK.II for years, too.

  13. castleofargh Contributor
    I wish he would communicate more. not necessarily on headfi, but even his blog is stuck at when he moved to work only on his brand. how is it going? is he working on something else? did he start a carrier in the rap battles? those are some of the stuff I would like reading about somewhere ^_^.
  14. DMinor
    I think Nick has set the bar high with his design for the UHA6S. It's likely he has not developed anything new to surpass it. 
    I think the beauty of the UHA6S is the successful implementation of servo. I read that many fine high-end brands use servos to make sure no capacitors in the signal path to muck up the sound. it is this servo that compliments a clean line out from dac without using any caps. 
  15. robm321
    I agree with all of the sentiments. The 6S is truly special and at a very reasonable price.

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