New Leckerton UHA-6S MKII Portable Headphone Amplifier Announced (Update User Impressions Added July 20th 2012)

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by digitalfreak, Mar 25, 2012.
  1. UELong

    Judging by your sig, glad to see someone else uses the OPA209s.  Can't see me parting with this unit.
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  2. DMinor

    I agree opa209 is awesome, especially when paird with the compatible source.
  3. imackler
    Both this and the Fiio X3ii have the same dac chip. I'd be really interested if anyone has compared the Fiio X3ii>LO>6s-Mkii (as amp) to just the 6S-Mkii (as dac/amp combo)... Before getting the amp, I'd like to hear impressions if there is a positive or negative difference compared to the line out of the X3ii before purchasing. There doesn't seem to be much doubt that the amp section of the 6S-Mkii will be an improvement, but I'm wondering how the dac function compares to other entry level dacs/daps. 
  4. UELong
    I only had the X5I and used the 6MKII as an amp.  It made me realize how great the amp section of the UHA is.  I tried the co-ax connection, but I have quite a few 192k/s files that wouldn't be recognized by the DAC.  I keep it for its amp quality.  If I recall, Nick used to work for TI who make the Cirus DAC chips and therefore should know how to implement it competantly.  Don't suppose this helps much, but, thought I'd try.
  5. Hifi01170
    I have since a few weeks an amb m3 amp with opa627ap. Have to admit i love the sound signature with my full size cans a well as with my iems ex1000, jh13fp.

    I'm now looking for a portable amp providing the experience the m3 provides. Seems like the Uha6 (with opa4627 or opa627) could provide... Or would the portaphile micro provide what i'm looking for? Had also shortlisted de alo rx iem.

    Any help would be appreciated

  6. CEE TEE Contributor
    Calling Nick!!  Still looking for the amp-only SMALLER version of the 6S-Mk II.  Velcro and sticking this to my iPhone works but only with Cargo shorts and is pretty big...[​IMG] 
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  7. AustinValentine
    Yep - something like a revised UHA-4 or a Leckerton Apex Glacier equivalent would be ideal (keeping the crossfeed from the UHA-4 would be great too). 
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  8. imackler
    Let us know what he says! 
  9. UELong

    I have the UHA and the ALO RX.  The RX only works  for IEMs while you can drive other HPs with the UHA6.  The RX is smaller and lighter and sounds good with my Angies.  I used to run the Leckerton with different sources with my 325I and found it up to the easy task.
    I don't think you can go wrong with either, but if it's IEMs you use, give a thought to the RX.  HTH
  10. CEE TEE Contributor
    ^I have both the 6S Mk II and the Rx in-house right now and the Rx seems a bit more laid back than the Leck, but I should quick-switch and A/B side-by-side to confirm.  
    I really like the case (metal/finish/design) and the pot (size/feel) on the ALO Rx.  The gain is pretty good right off the bat for the UERM with no Hi/Lo Gain switch.  (My Leck gain is set to "6" instead of "12" by Nick for me.) The Rx case is not thin though.  Wish it were a little smaller as it is amp-only.  I have been meaning to try my Carbo Tenores on the Rx to see if it "sweetens" them a touch.  
    I think the Leck does a great job of clean/neutral without being clinical or too "smoothing".  Tough to beat the Leck sound-wise so far, been thinking only a smaller amp-only version of the 6S Mk. II might beat the 6S Mk. II.  [​IMG] 
    Oh- Mkubota showed me some thin velcro that I need to buy.  That alone is a cheap way to make our bricks smaller...
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  11. robm321

    Perfect description of its sound.
  12. evanft
    Dumb question.
    Can I charge this with USB while using the analog input?
  13. HiFiChris Contributor

    You can have it plugged in with a wall charger while using the other inputs, sure.
  14. DMinor
    Are you guys talking about the latest Alo Rx (which I have not heard)? But the old Alo Rx Mark 2, which was my first amp bought, was no where near the UHA6S's performance. In fact, after a fellow head-fi'er let me try his UHA6S I sold the Rx Mark 2 shortly after.
  15. CEE TEE Contributor
    ^Latest ALO Rx. More relaxed. Like a tube amp. (I pretend the orange LED is a tube.)
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