New iRiver AK70

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by anakchan, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. Just saw this on iRiver Japan's tweet. Seems like an AK Jr-like player called AK70? This is coupled with the Mojo, & looks nice too.

    Apparently retails for $599 according to :-

    Photos shamelessly taken from iRiver's tweets :-

    And this one taken from Fujiya's tweet (size comparison to the Jr)

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  2. Levanter
    Some specs from their FB page - 
    - 2.5mm balanced out (also 3.5mm line & optical out)
    - 64GB internal memory + 1 microSD slot
    - DLNA based AK connect App (Wi-Fi)
    - USB Audio digital out (Dop 2.8/5.6MHz, PCM Max 384 kHz)
    - 29% lighter, 17% smaller, 1.9mm thinner compare to AK100ii
    - Powerful, more than ever! (2.3Vrms output level which is 35% higher than AK100ii and same as AK380)
    - No bundle case, but three different color accessory case available. 
    - US$599
    - available in July 2016

  3. AnakChan Moderator
    At least in my opinion this is almost certainly for those Mojo fans with the option to go standalone if required. The form factor is almost matching (AK70 a little longer) & with USB out support is kinda telling.
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  4. a10101100
    Looks interesting! any idea about the DLNA wifi? for NAS streaming or?
  5. kimD
    Very interested, luckily didn't purchase AK300 last weekend, so this guy AK70, i can wait it on hand [​IMG] 
  6. TokenGesture
    Can you stream Qobuz with it?
  7. bmichels
    USB Digital out !  Finally an A&K DAP that can connect to a WooAudio WA8 [​IMG] 
    As for QOBUZ streaming, I am afraid that this is still not the case since A&K's Web Site only mention Groovers' streaming service [​IMG]  
  8. kimD
    Yes, good shape for stack up with mojo :D
  9. TokenGesture

    Then I'm out
  10. andra555
    i heard the overall spec is similiar to the opus #1, interesting to see AK at this price range, like the small form factor also.

    btw really shocked to see uchida aya's song playing there :D
  11. regit
    Why oh why 64 + 1 slot? Otherwise an ideal transport.
  12. kimD

    Entry level, otherwise they need you buy for AK380
  13. bmichels

    +1. My "very Old" AK100 Rev1 has 2 slots and this Is very convenient: with 2x200Gb microSD I have now +400Gb of music In my pocket !
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  14. raypin
    mmm.......exactly!!! Perfect companion for the Eclipse. I am sooooo verrryyyy verrryyyyy interested in this new AK. Does it come in gold color? Would love it in gold............................AK 70 + Eclipse + Utopia. Excited!
  15. reginalb
    The product page on their web site makes it look very "minty" in color. I like it.
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