New iRiver AK70
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Just a follow up from my previous comment regarding faulty playlist. I tried everything including clearing all music from the player. It's condition worsened to the point that when I switched it on it would freeze on the loading screen. I went through an intermediary HIFI shop (not the company I bought it from) and they sent it to Astell and Kern, estimating a 4 week turnover. 2 months later I was contact by the shop to come pick up the player. AK had sent me a new one at no cost. I'd had the player for 2.3 years, so it was out of warranty. I've had similar experiences with Cowon in the past, but I was expecting it. Happy customer here.
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Hi, I'm new to this thread. I'm trying to boot my AK70 after 2-3 years of not using the unit. It now doesn't turn on and doesn't seem to charge when I plug it into the computer via USB. There's an empty battery symbol blinking and that's about it. Has anyone experienced the same?
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Hello. Anyone know if AK70 mk2 leather cases will fit AK70 mk1?

And I've got two additional questions.

I am using latest software and latest Tidal. In Tidal app gapless is not working. And when using bluetooth headphones (Panasonic S500, probably via SBC) earphones controls are not working with Tidal app - for example when Tidal is working and music is playing, presing play/pause causing start of playing current queue track from regular player (not pausing currently played Tidal track).
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