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New IEM. Re-252 or DBA-02 or IE 8 or Triple-fi?

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  1. sarabjitlehal
    Hi all,
      I am looking to buy a new pair of IEM's. Currently have a Re-Zero which i listen to plugged straight out of my creative mozaic. Plan to do the same with my new iem's (straight out of the mozic or a sansa clip+, no amp ). Which one should  I go for out of these four-
  2. proedros
    you remind me of me
    have a zero(bought 1 month ago)
    decided to buy an upgrade just cause i wanted to
    was between 252/dba02/ck10
    finally went for 252 (finding a new pair for 150$ made the deal real easy in my mind) , maybe i am wrong but my guts said these would fit me better than the dba02 (which everyone here seems to like them)
    actually asked 3 people here who know their stuff(wont say who these 3 were)
    2/3 said go for the 252
    so 252 it was
    ck10 turned out to be too expensive for my pocket,so maybe this will be upgrade nr 2 (since it received quite a lot of praise)
  3. sarabjitlehal
    And oh, I mostly listen to country, classic rock, jazz and rock & roll
  4. Bennyboy71
    252  - got mine today and they are brilliant.  Too early for me to commit to rankings, but am very very impressed with fit, comfort and sound.
  5. Photofan1986
    Ahh! Benny, I'm glad you like them! The RE-252 are really on top of my iem list, and are certainly one of my favourites. I have a hard time deciding which from the SM3 and the RE-252 is better, but from my experience, the SM3 is better for outside use (more warmth, better isolation) and the RE-252 is better for critical listening at home.
    Looking forward to your further impressions and comparisons to your HF5! [​IMG]
  6. Photofan1986
    To OP: those are all good choices, but you have to know the differences between those phones: the Triple-fi have a punchy detailed, more fun than neutral, but not as much as the IE8 (the most bassy of the bunch, by quite a margin). The RE-252 are very neutral, yet extremely capable phones. But they're not much "fun" (well, that is a subjective notion, as I really like them and enjoy them, often even more than IE8, which tends to cover many things with its massive bass). I haven't heard the dba-02, but they seem to be quite close to the Triple's sound sig (correct me if I'm wrong, someone^^), but with a much better fit and they are cheaper, too.
  7. DKaz

    The DBA is nothing like the TF10 IMHO.  I sold my TF10 after buying the DBA.  TF10 is more bassy with recessed mids.  DBA is very linear in repsonse with more sparkle.

  8. rawrster
    I agree. They have completely different sound signatures. The closest to the DBA-02 would be the CK10 imo. From the descriptions of the RE252 I've read the DBA-02 should be closer to the RE252 than the TF10 but that's from guessing. They are however difficult to acquire due to lack of availability.
  9. Photofan1986
    Oh, ok! Thanks for the precisions, guys [​IMG]
  10. esanthosh
    I don't think DBA-02 sounds like RE-252. RE-252 is very smooth across the spectrum. If I have to put a description, I'd call them "natural", especially the mids. DBA-02's presentation can be considered a bit aggressive compared to 252. My ears are not as well trained as some of you are. So, feel free to correct!
  11. proedros
    i love how much love the 252 gets here
    makes me even happier i got them
    and OP , we have the same music tastes weird (except for the country,that is)
    anyway it's Your money , your choice but if you get dba let me know your 2 cents...Feels like talking to myself here [​IMG]
    and everybody's opinion here counts the same
    if you run across any 'knowitall' forum members , don't trust them too much
    Never trust someone who says he is in possession of the ultimate truth ,for he is the least awakened of them all
    Happy hunting your next pair of IEM's
  12. sarabjitlehal
    Thanks everybody!
    I have the option of auditioning the re-252 and the dba-02.
    252 seems like the fav. here. I am gonna give both of them a good listen and then pick one of them (for now) [​IMG]
  13. sarabjitlehal
    Got The Re-252!
    Thanks everybody and special thanks to those who suggested the 252. They are Fabulous with my mozaic and also with my iphone 3gs.
    Spent some one and a half hour listening to them at the dealer's and also listened to the Dba-02 ( a friend has them). It was not a hard choice to make at all for me!
    I am no expert in these matters but hey it seemed to me that the Dba were all treble (i was using my mozaic and the iphone because that is what i am gonna listen to them with!) With my kind of setup (no amp) I would not even think of uttering their names in the same sentence, let alone compare the two!
    The 252, to me, has good enough bass and very nice mids. Overall i love the the sound signature of the 252. Will recommend them over the dba any day!
  14. sarabjitlehal
    Here is a pic of them with my trusted mozaic! IMG_0162.jpg
  15. mvw2
    The RE-252 is a stellar product that is incredibly overlooked.  Part of is is fitment.  I think a lot of people are scared that they'll never get them to fit in their ears.  In some ways, that is a challenge depending on your ear shape.
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