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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. blueangel2323
    By the way, what are those IEMs on the right?
    Seal is paramount, but I wouldn't say it's everything. You can't get good sound without a good seal... but even if you have a good seal the sound can be "off" with certain tips. For example, tips with wider bores will act like a horn and increase unevenness treble.
  2. skalkman
    The ortofon tips have always worked for me. And with the BTG Midnight cable my SD-2's just got nicer. 
  3. Kerouac
    @HiFlight ''Bottom line...seal is everything.''
    Yep, this can make a big difference in SQ for sure!
    @blueangel2323 ''By the way, what are those IEMs on the right?''
    Those are 1964 Ears V6 Stage, universal fit. Received them last week...
    More bass than the SD2, and incredible soundstage / instrument separation because of the triple bore. Can you imagine they put 6 drivers in that little shell?
  4. MuZo2
    Seal is not so important. You need to get the iem to reference plane, that more important than seal.
  5. MuZo2
    They are really small shell even compared to sd2.
  6. blueangel2323
    Deep insertion is not possible with my ears, so with universal IEMs I will never get anywhere close to the "reference plane." Even with silicone tips that are a bit longer/pointier I cannot get them to seal. There is a very dramatic bend very shallow in my canal and the tips cannot go past it.
  7. HiFlight

    Likewise! That is exactly why I use the largest, shallowest silicon I can find to get a good seal without the need to enter my ear canal.
  8. Kerouac
    Hi skalkman, nice picture!
    Can you describe the upgrade in SQ that the BTG Midnight cable gives over the stock cable?
    Found out on their website they're not that expensive, from $60 up: http://btg-audio.com/webstore.htm#!/Midnight-IEM-Cable/p/11546451/category=2609075
    Maybe (depends on the delivered difference in SQ) I'm going to order one myself...
    You have this one? http://btg-audio.com/webstore.htm#!/Midnight-CIEM-cable/p/28132561/category=2609073
  9. Kerouac
    I guess the smaller the shell, the bigger the sound [​IMG]
    Thanks for the rinchoi link!
  10. skalkman
    The Midnight gives improved bottom end, smother mids and added bass response. It fattens the sound while still keeping clarity. It does also smooth out some of the peakines some people have noticed.

    I would call that an upgrade, your mileage may very.
  11. Kerouac
    Sounds very promising to me. I can also use an extra mini to mini interconnect, so BTG seems the way to go...
    Thanks for this information!
  12. palermo
    BTG Midnight arrived, I'll keep it in play for a while. :)
  13. skalkman
    Let me know what you think of it. Hopefully it won't be another $100 down the drain.
  14. Kosmonavt
    Ordered the Ortofon tips directly from the manufacturer and they perform great compared to the complys.
  15. Mimouille
    So apparently the SD-4 are coming in November...wonder what they are tuned like.
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