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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. davidcotton
    There were some small impressions on the inear face book page iirc correctly.  I assume that it'll be akin to the westone w3/4 tuning, ie not as much bass as people might expect.
  2. skalkman
    W3/4? Bloody well hope not! The SD-2's are the reason i sold my W4R's in the first place. There are some impressions in this thread if you can be arsed to look for them.
  3. davidcotton

    I didn't mean that they would be tuned like the 3-4 just that type of difference.  Ie if people were expecting a bass monster from inear they might be dissapointed.
  4. MuZo2
  5. IEMman
    Shucks I just bought sd3. Would have waited to try out sd4 if I had known this is coming out soon. Well I am a basshead so sd3 should fit my taste better I guess.
  6. MuZo2
  7. lookingforIEMs
    I'm trying to wrap my head round this... how can 4 drivers have smaller soundstage than 2 drivers... For a flagship no less...
  8. IvanQ
    Hi people, can anybody answer to my assumption: Sound stage width in SD3<SD2 = AKG K7@@, equal, wider or narrower?  
    It would've been very appreciated. 
  9. HiFlight
    I have owned all 3 and clearly the circumaural Kxx series portrays a more expansive soundstage given properly mastered recordings. I felt that the SD3 and SD2 were quite similar, both having soundstages that are remarkable wide compared to other most other IEM's. Tonally, I prefer the SD2 to either the AKG or SD2.

    Of course those are my impressions only and YMMV!
  10. vrapan
    SD2 maybe has a tiny bit wider stage than 3. Three is bass heavy and can feel a bit more claustrophobic at times but I think it is the illusion from the extra bass that gives that impression. Totally I also prefer the SD2 especially in its re-shelled form!
  11. IvanQ
    So, do I understand it right? SD2/SD3 cannot surpass full size cans like AKG K7@#  in details & width of sound stage. However, in IEMs class StageDivers are above average. 
  12. Mimouille
    So you must be a scientist right? To extrapolate the truth from 1 data point observed through someone you do not even know.
  13. IvanQ
    Please, lets refrain from humiliation. I'm trying to find out by any way about StageDivers, because I need to decide to stay with my AKGs or switch to these IEMs. If U are a rich golden boy who can buy & try everything then give your opinion about a particular product or keep your thoughts with your self. 
  14. Mimouille
    You are being insulting, I was mererly pointing to the fact that you are going too fast in your reasoning...in your best interest. But agressiveness is not something I appreciate so I will leave you to it.
  15. vrapan
    I  cannot compare to the AKG K7xx as I have never heard them. My L2 has a wider soundstage than either the SD 2 or the SD3. However when it comes to detail the SD2 is on a class of its own in my very humble opinion especially after I reshelled it, there is clicks, and hums and tiny instrument reverberations in music that I have never heard before in music. I absolutely love that about the SD2. The SD3 although similar in soundstage seems to drown details due to the amounts of bass. I wouldn't put the SD2 and SD3 together as they sound quite different and suit very different kinds of music. 
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