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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. MuZo2
    Because it fits so perfect in Concha , I think you might not have the actual fit to the reference plane.
  2. lookingforIEMs

    Thanks for the rant. A much needed one. Though u have to consider that they cost over $500 in my country. At that price id rather save up more to buy a new dap rather than wait that long.... waiting that long should be reserved to my holidays when all ill have on my mind is audio. I can't do that now cos of school. Maybe you can have the patience and understanding but I certainly cannot. Plus an extra cable (yours in particular) would cost around another 200. Total would exceed 700+. The sd3 COSTS 700+. So that's why I have this mentality. Simple weighing of odds.
  3. lookingforIEMs

    Hmm I should play around with the fit the next time I get to hear one
  4. Boffy
    Got my SD2 reshelled at Hidition!
  5. skalkman
    My cable went for $121 shipped to Sweden. My SD-2's as they are now didn't cost me more than $600. Keep in mind that i bought the cable six months after getting the SD-2's themselves. And if you want to even get some kind of neutural reponse out of the SD-3's you will have to shell out another 2-300 USD on a silver cable. The SD-2's are the far more sensible option by me, the only real reason i got my BTG Midnight was that the stock InEar cable turned radiantly green within 5 months (keep in mind that it did go through cable-hell; heavy rain, snow, hail, sub zero centigrade temps and so on). The oxidized stock cable does sound more neutural but i can't stand looking at it.
  6. lookingforIEMs

    Huh what wth stock cable sounds more neutral? What's the stock cable made of? It looks like silver to me but silver doesn't green..... or does it
  7. skalkman
    Silver oxidizes to a grayish brown/black. The stock cable is made out of copper that has been silver plated, so it's the copper that is oxidizing to a radiant green, not the silver. My BTG cable is solid unplated copper and it gives a little of a darker signature.
  8. lookingforIEMs

    Hmm you certainly can convince me to get one in the future.... hmm... I might either buy one and burn in for a long long time OR I might just buy a second hand one from some people I know so I can both get it cheaper and fully burnt in..... wait does it support ciem standard pins? I might use my Plussound cable with it
  9. rookie2009
    Just to mention here folks since you are talking about cables.. The black cable is now shipped with all stagediver iems as of around 2 months ago instead of the silver coloured one,so depending on where you buy from and if they have newish stock,you should get the black one with the iems... just a heads up [​IMG] 
  10. emusic13
    Anyone know where the link to the SD-4 is?
  11. headdict
    Interesting thread so far. From what I have read I reckon the SD-1 would be the best for a flathead like me. Any opinions?
  12. blueangel2323
    My SD-2 is stuck in customs. The wait is killing me. lol
  13. daniel_hokkaido
    Part of the reason I ordered the inears..delivery from germany came yesterday. compared to my er4s I find them to def have more bass and lusher low end to mids. Biggest difference 
    though was the more soundstage height and depth. bingo! At 40 ohms Im driving them with my apex glacier. Seems to have plenty of power for them...I found it struggled with the 100ohm er4s. 
    Def a more sensible upgrade than getting the Chord Hugo. 
  14. emusic13
    Wait till you get them. The wait will have been worth it. Since I got them, I haven't even touched my ASG-2...
  15. skalkman
    All Stagedivers use the normal 2pin (C)IEM connector if that's what you're asking. They do pop up in the FS forums form time to time so keep an eye out and you might get them for a steal. They are however well worth the asking price by me.
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