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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. jinx20001
    i too am in 2 minds about either the westone w40 and SD-3. i like big bass, but i dont like it if i play it loud and it distorts and ruins the mids. ue900 does this at real high volume. i want nice big bass but clean mids and nice highs also are the SD-3 the ones to get? w40 seems to be getting nothing but good said about them really but im getting the feeling ill enjoy the SD-3 better. oh and i need them to isolate good.
    ive had lots of in ear monitors, shures, UE, westone, the lot and cut down big time recently now i just need one set to get my by with great sound, its the w40 or SD-3 what should i get?
  2. McCol
    I was curious about these iem's as I sometimes like a warm bass like earphone for listening. Been using the IE80 on and off for years and still love the sound signature they produce.

    Received them Thursday morning and I'm afraid to say they were boxed back up and returned later that day. Listening from the DX90 they sounded muddy with no real texture or solid slam to the lows. Highs were more veiled than what I thought they might be. It almost seemed to me that somebody had placed a sheet over the nozzle to muffle the sound(they hadn't!!). Fit was good but was also disappointed in the overall package, no box or paperwork jus the tips, wipes and phones in a pelican case.

    Not saying they are a bad set of earphones just not too my taste. Was a bit gutted as I had high hope for these after reading some of the impressions on the thread.

    Ordered the Fischer FA-4E XB from a different sire which arrived this morning and the difference is night and day in regards to the mids and highs, but wont go into that on this Stagediver thread.
  3. emusic13

    To be honest, I would have given the SD-3 some more time at least especially since you had to wait to receive them. It takes time to get used to a new sound signature. I think the SD-2 would have suited you more based on your signature though. As for packaging, it is meant as a stage monitor I wouldnt have expected it to be boxed up fancily. Anyway congrats on getting Fischer. Thats one I would like to try someday :)
  4. McCol

    I would normally give more time to a new earphone but i just knew it wasnt for me. I can see why people might like them but just not enough detail in the sound for me. I did do quite a bit of listening to a selection of tracks i always try out first.
  5. vrapan
    I just got my re-shelled SD2 from Cosmic Ears . Apart from the incredible job CE have done with the shell they sound even more detailed and with a bit more tightness and punch in the bass from the universal. Not sure if that is due to the new cable or the better fit but they are incredible now. 
  6. nazrin313
    pics bro pics!!!!
  7. vrapan
    I will get up some once I decide to take them off of my ears :) they sound sooo good.
  8. nazrin313

    Grats bro..hahah shows ever disaster ends with a happy ending
  9. vrapan

    Indeed, Phil sent me an email shortly after I posted here told me they swapped the components on the crossover so this is not only a custom shelled SD2 but also a tweaked one :) So the improvement might also be that changed component!
    It really is SD2 through and through just better! Couldn't be happier.
  10. nazrin313
    Owh man that is cool...
  11. eldovernando
    added 1 more driver??
  12. vrapan

    Where did you get that from?
  13. eldovernando
    i ask you bro..how the sound after reshell?
  14. vrapan
    Oh right, no no new driver just different crossover components from what Phil said - and it was nothing I asked, he did that out of his own initiative.
    I've been listening to them now for around 10 hours or so and they are a step up from a universal SD2 there is no doubt about it. I am just a bit unsure how much of it to attribute to a better fit, the Linum cable and how much to the different crossover components.
    The first and most prominent difference is the bass. There is more of it for sure, it has more impact and fullness it is not as lean or dry as on the universal SD2. Listening to Son Of Flynn the presence of bass is a lot more noticeable than before, same goes for stuff like Rolling in the Deep or Royals, you can feel the bass a tiny bit earlier, having a bit more texture and it is more more interesting. Never toe tapped on It's Time from Imagine Dragons before but I have now. It is not the bass from an SD3 not even close but it is a step up and in the right direction fleshing up the sound a bit more than a universal SD2.
    Vocals are the second thing that I noticed having improved, both more lush and sweeter and less clinical.  They manage that while being in a way cleaner yet intimate. Listening to Lana Del Rey - which is on rotation for me all the time - is where I have noticed it most. There are textures and details in her singing I have never noticed before especially when there is not much sound in the background her voice comes through more mellow and smooth than before. Black beauty or Yayo for example.
    Finally I could swear that I can hear litle things in songs here and there that I don't think I could before. That however might only be because in the absence of my SD2 I was using a pair of SD3 which tends to drown details in loads and loads of bass so the amount of detail coming through the reshelled SD2 is a revelation once again.
    Frankly it was worth every penny, both in terms of comfort and sound. 
  15. palermo
    You've taken right decision. I use linum BaX on mine, and still struggle with various ear tips to get what I want, fast and deep bass, lush airy midrange. Paired to DX90, the lower register does not tight, even it sounds punchy. the upper midrange still need expand the roll off to get more airy. So I think the stock universal SD2 seems hard to get what your describe. Haha,
    Sorry, what dap or amp do you pair of?
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