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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Gilly87
    Wish In-Ear would make a v-shaped SD series earphone...SD-3 is super tempting, but I know I will miss my TF10's treble...
  2. Samehada
    You should give the Fischer Amps Fa-4 xb a try. You would love them.
  3. Gilly87
    Better than the TF10?
    I've looked at them and I think there was a reason I took them off my list...do they have any FR graphs anywhere? I've realized that I pretty much always wind up disliking phones that have a dip in the 5k region.
  4. Kurdt-bada
    The fa 3e xb were designed as a triple fi 10 upgrade improving more or less the same sound signature, and the fa 4e are an improved version of the 3e xb. u can find some fr graphs in the fischer amps thread, the treble is never sibilant and have great sparkle and detail, so if you love the triple fi 10 the fa 4e could be a good choice
  5. Gilly87
  6. Winter Charm
    I'm still patiently waiting for the Live Pro 4 upgrade, and the SD4's to be released. 

    I want something that has better highs, and based on the description of the Live Pro 4's.... the SD4 would be my dream IEM. 
  7. nazrin313
    If they can improve the treble and increasing the detail with the sd4 then it would be killer..
  8. rookie2009
    Just a little note to say I'm letting my 1month old sd2 iem go.. Only used for a few hours,mint condition and stock tips unused.. A bargain really for a like new iem :)
  9. vrapan
    Anyone interested in making a CIEM out of my shell smashed SD2? 
  10. nazrin313
    how did you manage to do that? lol
    Pics or it didnt happen hehe
  11. vrapan
    Earphone in pocket while wall climbing... very bad idea! VERY VERY bad idea
  12. nazrin313
    lol...owh man...thats destruction!!!! 
    Thats probably the first time someone has seen the innards on the SD series..cool stuff
  13. vrapan
    Well and to think I was not all that curious! :p All I cared about is that they sounded fantastic!
    Might be one of the first pairs that gets custom shelled too.. since nobody is biting I might do it for myself :p
  14. nazrin313
    goodluck buddy...the force is with you on this one lol
  15. vrapan
    Thanks mate! I will need it too when the better half finds out that not only am I replacing them with a CE6, not only did not I not get to get anything back from them, but I am also going to spend more to reshell them :p
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