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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Gitbags
    Just received my ortofon tips from tips4tips (Ordered last Thursday, posted yesterday). I dont find them quite as comfortable as stock but like the way they seem to space out the bass and mids (sd3's) reducing bass bleed. All in all worth the £7. [​IMG]
  2. modulor
    I was eyeing that too...well, after eyeing a pair of Cosmic Ears I'm considering [​IMG] but yes, their cables look amazing: http://www.linum.dk/products.aspx
    I agree, while I found the XS (red core) Sony Hybrids were the most comfortable, the S Ortofon tips sound the best.  I'm getting used to the new fit.
  3. palermo
    I am a new fan of SD2 over my current Heir 4ai with es-linum cable. But have not purchase yet, until the tiny version (SD2-s) ready on local store.
    I tried es-linum vocal #8000056 to fix the midrange hollowness on my 4ai, and I think it works. I still curious though with es-linum BAX version, hope the soundsig will suit well to SD2.
  4. emusic13

    Just received my SD-2s today!
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  5. davidcotton
    NIce, any initial impressions yet?!
  6. vrapan
    Anyone has any idea how the silver headphone lounge cables compare to the linum ones sold by cosmic ears?
  7. emusic13
    So far to me, the soundstage seems wider than my other iem the ASG-2. There is not as much midbass. I find the bass on the SD-2 is quite detailed with more subbass and not sounding as bloated depending on the source used. Liking them a lot so far and the fit is as good, if not more comfortable. The iems are very well built and the stock cable is a thing of beauty. I've never seen silver cables that look almost as if they are a platinum like color. It looks to be triple-braided too and is very flexible, especially compared to my double-helix cable.
  8. nazrin313
    Fit and isolation wise for me, being a universal, is world class. Feels like it was tailored fit for my ears. All my other iems doesn't come close
  9. emusic13
    Is it me or does it seem really hard to change the cable of the stagediver? 
  10. nazrin313
    it is really hard...lesson learnt for me is that I have to use my finger nails in between the monitors and the sockets and slowly loosen the cables. 
    First time I pulled it out, I actually broke a lil piece of the recessed socket off, which really pissed me off 
  11. skalkman
    The left ear piece pops of like it's supposed to but the right one sits like a motherf**ker.
  12. nazrin313
    yeap, not surprising its the right piece of my sd3 which got damaged.
  13. emusic13
     I still cant get the cable out. Not gonna try anymore unless I have to then I guess. Both cables in the earpieces sit like motherf**kers.  No cable upgrade for now haha. One day, one day...
  14. andyDiamond
    Folks, which cable will fit sd3 the most? Copper, silver plated, pure silver?
  15. emusic13
    I would assume silver since it is the material with the most conductive properties/least resistance for a pure signal path and would not color the sound as much.
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