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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Music225
    Glad to , sure do , thanks !
    If this mean anything to you , please consider be more gentle when criticizing some one . First , it hurts people when they get disrespected . Second, think about how you feel when you are at the receiving end . Third, do they deserve it ?
  2. Music225
    I'm sorry to annoyed you by clearing up confusion and proving my points . Remember who started it ? 
    I didn't mention it , but since now you dare to speak  , I have to say that I noticed you gave reputation for the act of skallman disrespecting other member for no good reason at all , which says a lot about you !
  3. nazrin313
    Ok... About the SDs...
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  4. modulor
    For those interested, I contacted Otojoy about used/demo models and they got back to me yesterday.  The rep said they have one SD-3 in stock that was a demo (in like new condition) and is for sale for 20% off list price.  Just send an email to info@otojoy.com and inquire about demo unit availability if you want to pick this pair up.  I was primarily asking about the SD-2 (to compare to my SD-3) but they don't have any returns of those at the moment.  They said they have a 30-day return policy with a full refund as long as they are in 'like new' condition, so that is another option to consider.
    Still loving my SD-3, just curious!  I'm going to give them a bit more time but I'll be writing up my impressions soon [​IMG] 
  5. emusic13
    Ordered myself a pair of SD-2 yesterday. Cant wait to receive them :D Hope they are a nice complement to my ASG-2.
  6. aLm0sT
    How does the SD-3 compare to the 334?
  7. nazrin313

    Read somewhere these 2 have the same type of signature. Probably the 334 is a more polished version. But issit worth the price difference? Sd3-590 shipped vs 334-1400 +shipping.. Ure choice
  8. Cannikin

    I'm not familiar with the various cable options folks mention -- can you list a specific make/model and a US supplier, please? Thanks.

    Also, can someone please list the specific model number for either the Ortofon or Comply tips compatible with the SD3, preferably available on Amazon US? I'm having a difficult time identifying exactly which tip is correct, especially since Comply's web site doesn't list the SD3 in their compatibility chart!

  9. nazrin313
    you can thank me later lol... (jokin)
    here you go bro, enjoy...http://headphonelounge.com/silver-iem-cables/
  10. Cannikin
  11. skalkman
  12. Cannikin

  13. modulor
    I wasn't sure if those were genuine or not, but I have confirmed and acquired sets from tips4tips:
    It's about $17 shipped to the US (took about 4-5 days IIRC) and you get two sets of each size, which is a great value.
  14. davidcotton
    Another option for cable without memory wire is the cosmic ears linum cable, it's a little pricey at £50 but could be worth a shot. 
  15. reiserFS
    Oddly enough Tips4tips hasn't shipped my Ortofon tips yet (been 3 days since purchase).
    Edit: Tips4tips just send me a mail saying that my tips have been dispatched, much appreciated!
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