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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Cannikin

    I have an X5 and the StageDiver 3s, and yes, they are spectacular together. Plenty of bass, even without adjusting EQ.
  2. Migou67
    @Cannikin Thanks the X5 will be my next DAP as soon he is available again ! 
  3. Cannikin

    Thank you for recommending headphone lounge for silver cables! I did purchase an OCC Silver custom design from Ted and he did a brilliant job -- FAST service too. His prices are better than anyone else too. Highly recommended!
  4. Cannikin

    I certainly recommend the SD3 + X5 combo. For the money, I think you will find the pairing very difficult to beat. The SD3s have amazing sound stage and glorious bass - hard-hitting but never muddy or overwhelming. Just brilliant.
  5. nazrin313

    No problems buddy, thats what we do in head fi.. Help each other out... And?? Impressions and pics pleaaaaase
  6. dacari
    Thinking about getting the SD-2 since I am not a basshead, but every time I read comparisons with the RE-400 I am a bit concerned about this, the Hifiman RE-400 sounds really thin for me.
    The SD-3 seems will have too much bass for me, for reference the amount of bass of UM3x is more than enough for me.
    Since the Westones just dissapears into my ears, I shouldn't be bothered about confort issues with the Stagedivers, I think.
  7. modulor
    From what I've read the SD-2 seems like it offers improvements on a good bit of RE-400's attributes, but still they're not far off in terms of just sound at this level.  Build-wise and fit, the StageDivers are truly a marvel of the universal world and win hands down, plus they isolate quite well.  I suspect the SD-3 would be a bit bass heavy for you, as I think overall presence is a bit above the UM3X (from memory).  Actually, it may be to much for myself I'm finding, also having an RE-400 and BA200 for reference.  I find myself preferring the overall presentation of the BA200 most of the time lately, but I'm giving the SD-3 a bit more time to sink in before I make up my mind because it is impressive.  At this point there is consideration to just cave and go for a custom that is similar in signature to the BA200 (I have a few in mind) and be done with it [​IMG] 
    I feel like the UM3X is going to be hard to upgrade from, but I suspect the SD-2 would be more suitable of the two.  I will say that both StageDivers are likely going to sound noticeably more 'spacious' in sound stage and less intimate than the more mid-forward RE-400 and UM3X, which may or may not be to your liking.
  8. dacari
    Thank you, in fact a bit more spacious and airy will be a nice upgrade from my UM3x.
    For me, the fit and comfort is almost equal to sound quality, for example I really like my ER-4PT/S (amped with E18) but I can only wear them for a while, that's shame, I assume the SD-2 won't have the crystal highs of Etymotic but a good seal, fit and comfort will be interesting for me.
  9. rookie2009
    I got an sd2 a few weeks back,one thing the sd2 wont be,is fatiguing in anyway..at least not to my ear anyway. I actually wish there was a bit more sparkle in the top end of the iem, also I had a noble 4 previously and a set of tf10s, from memory they both had better highs,slightly more extension,certainly in the case of the n4.
    Fit (which was a worry for me and put me off purchasing for a while) and isolation wise they are perhaps the best Ive achieved in a universal iem, just experiment with what tips you have,most of us in this thread seem to favour the ortofon tips..
    The sd2 trumps them both however in its bass and sub bass control.. Im not a basshead so thats why I went for the sd2,it sounds very nice with classical or any kind of electro music and there is certainly enough bass for me,for rock and metal which I enjoy I would rather the mids a bit more forward and better extension after 11k.. I would worry about trying the sd3 for fear of it knocking the fillings out of my teeth with rumble [​IMG]
    Overall I still haven't decided if Im going to keep the sd2 as Im not so sure if its ideal for my taste in music.. Hope that helps somewhat in your decision [​IMG] 
  10. Gitbags
    If your not a fan of big bass then the sd-3 wont be for you. Without eqing I can't listen to mine for prolonged periods, due to the bass. (They put my HD-25 ii to shame)
    Don't get me wrong the bass is clear and fast, there's just to much of it for me. But they eq beautifully, I've knocked the bass down a touch and upped the treble and now I cant go to work without them!  
  11. nazrin313

    For the monster bass alone i listen to solely edm on the sd3. And i have to agree with you with eqing.. We can get a nice balanced sound from it.
  12. dacari
    Thank you guys!!
    I think it will be the SD-2, sure I could enjoy the SD-3 for some music or records but the more allrounder little brother will be more useful for me.
    Now, I will start looking for a cable since I can't stand the memory wire. Is there any good cables wire-less?? Seems the Cosmic ears Linum are a good option, are they compatible?
  13. nazrin313
    Best custom cables, high grade pure silver OCC cables, great workmanship and best of all great price.
    Just tell Ted and remove the memory wire..I think he can acommodate anything
  14. Cannikin

     +1 on the above. Ted delivers!
  15. Rumpelstiltskin
    +1. Ted led me through step by step so I understood the terminology before ordering. He wants satisfied customers and is willing to spend the necessary time with you.
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