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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. skalkman

    The SD-3's have a verry warm signature so pure silver would probably be "the best" though it's up to you if you like it or not. Listen to them and pick out what you would like to have changed and go from there.
  2. nazrin313
    +1 for Pure Silver...Gone is the warm signature and now its soo natural and beautiful
  3. andyDiamond
    Great,thank you folks!
    Will twag v2 gold be okay? It has 1% gold, and I don't think it can affect negatively.
  4. skalkman

    Sure, if you are willing to spend that much on a cable.
  5. andyDiamond
    So, finally got my sd3. What can I say...
    I do like them. They fit like a glove. They look built like tank. I put them in, and forgot about them in 5 minutes (can't ever tell the same about my etymotics)
    Bass is huge but well controlled. Midrange clear and not overshadowed by bass. Treble is laid back in quite relaxing manner.
    Soundstage is wide but not very deep; though instruments are well separated.
    Need more time with these pretties.
  6. nazrin313

    Congrats bro, the sd3 are great!!! My go to iems for edm.. Even the 1plus2 cant touch it with edm..
  7. Cannikin
    I can report that the Comply TSX-400 Comfort Plus tips work very well with the SD3s. I'm very impressed with the 3-dimensional soundstage these earphones create. Truly spectacular IEMs!
  8. Migou67
    I'm looking for some impressions about pairing the SD3 with the X5 or DX90 DAP, good basse without EQ ? Someone have try ?
  9. seaninbrisbane
    Hi everyone - would somebody be able to confirm that my new cable has been inserted the correct way?  Thanks,  Sean
    white dot/white dot
    black dot / red dot
  10. skalkman
    Looks fine by me.
  11. lookingforIEMs

    Hey...... I paired a demo with my X5..... In short....... WOW! These just transport you to a different place. Vocals are just SO sweet while having a completely black background. Soundstage is top tier too. Bass......... man that bass!

  12. nazrin313
    SD3 + X5??? WOW some people are sooo lucky they can demo everything hhahaha
  13. Migou67
    Thanks a lot for your feedback [​IMG]
    The X5 is already my prefered DAP over the DX90, because the USB DAC functionality, no more reason to retain my order [​IMG]
  14. lookingforIEMs

    Hahaha....... I HAVE X5. SD3 was demo. They did have the X5 for demo too haha :wink:

    Naz, why don't you come on down to Singapore......... You'll love it here but your wallet won't haha haha :)
  15. nazrin313
    Lol, I always come to singapore, as a matter of fact I go there once every 2 years for the past 15 years..I know the place quite well...#
    I know what you mean about my wallet, dangerous place hahah... Even Changi is dangerous, had to transit changi for 2 hours (a few years back), ended buying a SGD6000 Omega watch hahaha
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