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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Gitbags
    Cheers for the reply. One thing I cant knock the sd3's for is being lively, they're very entertaining. Just a shame the bass is too overbearing. Thank god for rockbox's eq options. [​IMG]
  2. skalkman
    I can hear the noise floor of the E12 with my SD-2:s.
  3. Winter Charm
    This is awesome news! The SD4 will likely be my first big IEM purchase in a while. 
  4. nazrin313
    My wish for the SD4 is to address the lack of treble of the SD3, if this is done...then it will be an 'OMG' iem
  5. Winter Charm
    That's exactly what I'm hoping for. :) 

    Also, does anyone know if the Noble Audio Cable will work with these? 
    (scroll down on this page) 

    It's a $40 quad-braided audio cable, with a two-pin connector. 
  6. nazrin313
    Hpl pure silver occ actually is the best cable for the sd3, opens them right up.. With a lil tweak here and there on foobar eq then its perfect
  7. seaninbrisbane
    Any recommendations for a replacement cable around $50 (preferably without memory wire)?
  8. reiserFS
    Thanks. Very annoying for me, so I'm trying out a C5 instead. 
    Also, does anyone know where I can order some Ortofon tips from? 
  9. skalkman

    Form tips4tips on ebay. You get two sets of every size for ~£7, and i got my order within three days of ordering.
  10. skalkman
    Effect Audio does make a cable that would fit your description. It has a bit of what looks like memory wire but there is no actual steel wire in it so you could just trim that of if you find it to be in the way.
  11. Music225
    or try this pretty from fiio
    some one also mention cables from noble website
    or JH audio , cheapest of them all
    Westone epic cable , cheapest from this website
    or handmade from headphonelounge trusted by many head-fiers

    BTW , you should use the search thread function before asking these kinds of questions , chances are there're already some answers

  12. seaninbrisbane
    Thanks - perfect! (Sorry for causing any disputes)
  13. Music225
    Ha ... ha ... ha ! How's that taste of your own medicine ! You get so much agony and hostility from my simple post then you should take some of the same too
    and he says he doesn't bash people
    Who starts it ? And how does that feel when you are now on the receiving end ? You now see it does absolutely NOT make it any better , right ?
    Do you have it in your hand and try it to say for certain that it is "more or less the same" . See, your suggestion is just as bad as mine . Listing only the little cons of all other people's suggestions really hurt others' feeling , especially when they simply try to help , and also are really ridiculous when your suggestion actually have those cons too .
    Oh dear, it's not about sugarcoating yourself/myself or not . It's how society works , you just don't simply call somebody a díck or disrespect anybody anyhow in general for no good reason at all . One thing for sure , you will never know what you are gonna get back, some walks away , some throws a punch and things get bloody . In this case (the sour side of me) I'm trying to give you some from your own .
    Sorry for not pm-ing you about this , because if your previous comments were pm(s) I would never care to reply . See the difference here - publicity . Now both of us can see clearly that doing this makes both look bad to everyone's eyes . If the mod feels the need to remove these kinds of comments or even ban accounts then do it , I'd be glad. There will be only 2 simple post of mere suggestion left , new and old people will see there was actually no hostility at all .
    Geeez , reading all your previous comments on this thread , eventhough they sound really direct, which I like direct criticism/comments anyway ,  I used to think you are a nice guy  , now I don't
    Moral of the story , you could be anything and everything on the Internet , please don't be an *******
  14. Music225
    One more cable choice I have found a favored review here

    LEAR C2 Stranded SPC Custom Cable

    about 60$ , the special thing is , they claim their coating prevents oxidation , which would be fantastic for anyone still looking for a lasting sparkling silver cable (also available in black)
  15. rookie2009
    I'm confused, I thought this was a Stagediver iem thread and not an eyesight test chart  which Music225 seems intent on turning it into with his editing of quotes/words with varying font sizes..
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