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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. seaninbrisbane
    Has anyone else removed the memory wire from their cable?  I am getting on much better without!
  2. skalkman
    The dots should always be pointing upwards when the IEM is in your ear.
    seaninbrisbane likes this.
  3. Nestroit
    what is your EQ-Settings with the SD3?
    On the Fiio X5, right now:
    62hz- -2dB
    125hz- -3dB
    250hz- -2dB
    8k - +2dB
    16k - +2dB
  4. seaninbrisbane
    Thanks for the advice - all good now.
  5. davidcotton

    I've been umming and ahhing for ages now.  I've tried customs in the past and they just have not worked for me for whatever reason despite the valiant efforts of a few individuals (CE take a bow).  I do wonder on how the 2 or 3 would fit in my ear (and it's the right that is the problem on universals and customs alike).  After trying customs it seems a retro step back to universals.  Plus at this price point they are not that far off (in headfi terms) of other custom in ear universals (1964 ears v6 for £387 for example) these days so that's why I'm hesitating.  However with the news of the smaller size versions I'm closer to deciding (but again it's between the 2 and the 3)so who knows. I just want something that sounds good, blocks out a lot of noise, has an easy fit and is comfortable for long periods.  I listen to progressive rock and metal (as well as audiobooks and comedies) out of either a ipod classic 7th gen or a sansa clip plus (emergency back up player for when I forget my classic, nothing worse than being stuck at work with no music!).
  6. modulor
    Though I've primarily used my SD-3 with my DX50 with Rockbox, I broke out the trusty Clip+ with Rockbox to sample some tracks.  The Clip+ holds it's own, but I still feel that something like my RE-400 is a better pairing for that DAP as it tends to be a bit warmer.  I think I've just been spoiled with the DX50s capabilities.  The SD-2 may be a better pairing with your DAPs in that regard, but I'll let someone else touch on that since I've not heard the SD-2 yet...both are said to be equally capable.  The SD-3 has some serious low end weight if you want a more lush, engaging sound and are less concerned with a flatter response and accurate tonality.  I enjoy the same types of music and I find the SD-3 works very well for that, especially Progressive [​IMG] The InEars are about as close to customs as I'll probably get, just because of potential fitment issues and versatility...I like to be able to share my experiences.  I was surprised how well they fit into my ears though, and they've been quite comfortable for me - very secure and they provide excellent isolation as a result with the right tips.  Now that I've got it down, getting them in and out is a breeze.  It's very awesome that they were able to release a smaller size for smaller ears.  I suspect if you try one and it was too small or two big, you'd be able to swap for the other size fairly easily.
  7. reiserFS
    Anyone of you guys using a portable amp with the StageDivers? Any comment on the Fiio E12?
  8. nazrin313
    Using this portable rig...and I have to say...
  9. skalkman
    It gives the SD-2:s better extension on the low end and a smoother sonic signature. Quite pleasing. Would love to try it with either the X5 again (since i didn't have the ortofon tips during my turn of the X5 tour) or maybe the DX90.
  10. davidcotton
    Was just wondering if anyone had come to the sd2/3 range via a westone 3 and what they thought the main differences were ?
    The W3 is the bassiest ba iem I have (had the monster turbine and pretty much hated it, the bass was too prominent and swamped the vocals a bit, tried turning up the volume and just gave myself a headache!) fwiw so just trying to get a handle on the differences.
    Mind you I have not tried the w3's with the star tips yet so that could be another route (less £££!) to go as well.
  11. Music225
    Uhm... guys , where is your reviews ? [​IMG]
    Just a little reminder , 'cuz we are really interested
  12. MuZo2

    W3 are very much tip dependant. I had same opinion as you until I received a free tip with some cable.They work perfect with W3. 
  13. modulor
    I'd suggest asking on joker's multi-IEM review thread as he has heard and reviewed both: 
    While I've not heard the W3, I will say the star tips are pretty good overall comfort-wise (both silicone and foam) and I'd suggest trying some other tips on your W3 first.  I use the star tips along with Shure Olives for my BA200 personally and they're good sound-wise too.  Just so it's known, tips can play a major role in FR...I know this is a different model, but you can see how they affect the W4 in this article:
  14. reiserFS
    I will get to it, but I'm currently busy organising a big event that I'm holding this week. Meanwhile, have this.
  15. Music225
    Thanks , good luck with your work !
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