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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. modulor
    Yeah, I'd say the SD3 has been really phenomenal for rock/metal genres right out of my DX50, but also excellent for pretty much everything else I throw at it.  Eventually after some more time with them and more comparison with my other IEMs I'll write up a detailed impression.  After trying the SD3 I really want to either audition or pick up the SD2 to see how it fares in contrast with some genres, but so far I am super pleased by the SD3 with all my music [​IMG] It's quite engaging and warm/lush, though I feel like the SD2 could be better for acoustic/vocal tracks and could be an upgrade to my BA200.  Based purely on the build and fit of the SD3 though, that would make me want the SD2 if it's enough of a contrast...then again I've not tried any EQ yet.
  2. rookie2009

    Thanks dude,your advice is too late though lol... I ordered the sd2 only a short while ago,so next week i will have that imcoming along with my ibasso dx90 from the postman :)... if the sd2 isnt to my liking,i will just try to sell it on here and then buy the sd3!!
  3. modulor
    Nice!  I'm sure you'll love it [​IMG] Based on what I've read, if you find yourself wanting more bass presence, warmth and a bit more spacious soundstage after hearing the SD2, then it'd be worth the upgrade.  I've read there is some sort of trade in program too, so you should be able to send the SD2 back for credit towards the SD3 (someone correct me if I'm wrong).  The SD2 is generally praised for it's higher tonal accuracy but they're said to be technical equals with different signatures.
  4. rookie2009
    Hope so,has anyone got any aftermarket cables for their stagedivers? Just wanna be prepared for when the stock cable starts doing the incredible hulk lol
  5. Music225
    Save you the trouble , I have done my search on that
    Cheapest I can find
    rookie2009 likes this.
  6. davidcotton
    Where did you buy it from? If it was thomann they have a pretty good returns.
  7. rookie2009

    Nope I just got them from amp3,worked out a little bit cheaper in the end..was told if there are any issues i cant send it back to them in 7 days,im not a bass fan so am sure sd2 will be fine
  8. modulor
    I'm pretty sure these are the same, too - I have a black cable from InEar and it looks identical to this one.
    [​IMG] Do report back with your impressions, especially with the DX90!
  9. Music225
    I'm sure it is , suggested by otojoyiem.com themselves when I asked if they had any black cable to replace in the first place
    As you can see they also have some deals on some demos . You can contact them to learn more about those product . Since they are an authorized retailer of InEar , I think those are legit, as well as a good deal . Still, don't blame me if it's not [​IMG]
    Because a local shop informs me that they are going to import directly from InEar soon , I'm not interested in    ^    any more :D
  10. seaninbrisbane
    Hi - I have a pair of StageDiver 3 IEMs - could anyone tell me which way the removable cable should be inserted?  I don't wan't to stuff up the polarity.  I emailed the manufacturer, but didn't hear back.
  11. nazrin313

    Do u have the stock cables? If so, the dots should face outwards or top when donning the monitors
  12. seaninbrisbane
    Thanks for replying - I have the stock cables, but still a bit confused.  I have attached a photograph with L and R shown - so the blue dot goes to the far left, and the red dot goes to the far right hole?
    blue + other pin             /             other pin + red
  13. nazrin313
    Yes, you got it...take another pic after installation for confirmation
    seaninbrisbane likes this.
  14. davidcotton
    So are the stagedivers the standard two pin connector then for cables?  If so I wonder how the new cable from cosmic would fair :-
    Now I know that amp3 have a 7 day return I may well order one (finally) next week to try out over the bank holiday. 
  15. nazrin313
    yeap, standard 2 pin westone connectors...so that should work.
    You ready to get the SDs davidcotton?
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